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    Introducing @moyack and Wc3modding.info as our latest new affiliate! WC3Modding.info is the place where making your favorite games over the WC3 engine can be possible, with the support of a cordial and warm community. Here you will find resources that will help you develop your projects in an effective and agile way. In addition, you can show your projects, share your ideas or simply contribute with resources to establish links with this never ending growing community. Webpage: https://wc3modding.info/ Discord: https://discordapp.com/invite/GnBkkrn Resources: - Maps: https://wc3modding.info/warcraft-iii-maps/ Models: https://wc3modding.info/warcraft-iii-models/ Skins: https://wc3modding.info/warcraft-iii-skins/ Spells / Systems: https://wc3modding.info/warcraft-iii-icons/ Tools: https://wc3modding.info/wc3-editing-tools/ Tutorials: https://wc3modding.info/tutorial-zone/ I did a quick browse of wc3modding.info and they appear to cater primarily to the mapmaking community's needs, whether it comes to art assets and programming needs. Please take a moment to check out their content and make their members feel welcome on Diplo.
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    I totally agree with what @M3rkabo said. I too personally browse 90% of the time from phone. It is more conveniant since no matter where I am, I can access it and it is easier.
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    Make sure mobile design is intuitive, I’d wager over half of the users and browsers are mobile like myself
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    I really like the forum feed on the discord, personally. I use discord to do a large amount of my socialising these days, so I end up checking it more than anything else- it allows me to see what's being discussed at a given time, get the gist of responses and drop in with specific links. I've been working a lot this last week so I haven't immersed myself as much, but it's neat and it's helping me settle back into checking the forum daily. Also since I'm slow at browsing on a phone, it doubly helps to browse specific topics that are being discussed at a given time. I do compose most of my replies on my PC, however.
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    Thanks @Abdel for reforging this affiliation. This site shares many of the aspects in motivation about gaming, mapping and modding WC3. And with this in mind I'm more than convinced that we can build a great work to gather the Wc3 community with the upcoming updates of this beloved Blizzard game. HUGS!!!!
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