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    Just wanted to say, after 6 hours of work, and finishing now at 4am in the morning, i finally passed awlr to 1.29 editor. Good night
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    Well done @Lordsebas ,thanks for all your work man, we appreciate it!
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    Well done Lordsebas. I hope that all those triggers were done correctly. Would be a shame if there's now a bunch of bugs popping up all over the triggers.
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    (All numbers can change) In 2.05, the dwarves will have a new system later in the game. First of all, you can unlock the Halls of Explorers for 350 gold and 250 lumber Once you do, you get explorers without healing wards. In the Hall of explorers, you can build 6 units that are limited to 1 each, the Expeditions leaders. They are a mountain king, semi-elite heavy melee unit. There is one for 6 points in the map: Alterac Valley, Dun Morogh, Storm peaks, Southern Barren, Witnersrping, howling Fjords. When you build 1 of the leaders, every player gets the following message: "The Dwarves of Khaz Modan have started an expedition to the (Insert point here). If they succeed, they will unlock powerful upgrades." Once Yellow bring the expedition leader to the matching point, he can build an excavation site on it. The site will generate X which enables Yellow to ressearch advanced tech, unlock advanced unit, tiers, etc. It is not determined yet if each excavation will unlock something unique or if they just make the teching process faster. The upgrades will include: healing wards for explorers, Additional melee and defense ups, Unlocking Thaurissan, widlhammer or other heroes + base, etc... Why did i design this system: I want the dwarve player to make use of the Defensive aspect of the race and the fortificatino mastery. So now The yellow player will have to defend some points and have more of a reason to go for defensive strategies and upgrades.
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    u do realize that ur replying to a banned user?
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