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    @CNiper @EagleMan Due to the fact my eyes bleed every time I try to read his posts I am volunteering for monitoring and moderating of djsailbeat's posts (Shit seriously needs some judicious application of the return key) This is for the good of diplokind and the prevention of eye cancer
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    So hey everybody. After seeing that Twitch streams can be embed on Diplo I suggested on the admin suggestion board to have a thread where we can see who's online and streaming, while we can watch on Diplomunion. Maybe if the admins can manage to archieve that, we can also have a little live stream sideboard like this one on Teamliquid at the right side of the page. Link Do you guys think we have got enough people who'd stream their games?
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    "No, I just dress better than you". ;)
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    Bruh, setting this up is a bitch. Should be up soon though. [MEDIA=twitch]channel=banebladeluv[/MEDIA]
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    Pretty sure you meant to use this:
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