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    @CNiper @EagleMan Due to the fact my eyes bleed every time I try to read his posts I am volunteering for monitoring and moderating of djsailbeat's posts (Shit seriously needs some judicious application of the return key) This is for the good of diplokind and the prevention of eye cancer
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    So hey everybody. After seeing that Twitch streams can be embed on Diplo I suggested on the admin suggestion board to have a thread where we can see who's online and streaming, while we can watch on Diplomunion. Maybe if the admins can manage to archieve that, we can also have a little live stream sideboard like this one on Teamliquid at the right side of the page. Link Do you guys think we have got enough people who'd stream their games?
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    "No, I just dress better than you". ;)
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    Bruh, setting this up is a bitch. Should be up soon though. [MEDIA=twitch]channel=banebladeluv[/MEDIA]
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    SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! SHUT UP!!! GLORIOUS TIER 1.88G MASTER RACE!!! ENT MASTER RACE!!! (actually I started from 1.87 but whatever, since 1.88g master race).
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    Pretty sure you meant to use this:
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    Hello everyone! I can report that the last version was hosted a whooping 111 times before it was replaced! Needless to say, this is a new record. Thanks to some great feedback, i've been able to pinpoint a few bugs which have been fixed this version. Specifically, there was one bug related to timer recycling which would cause all kinds of weird shit - hopefully the map will be much more stable now. This version primarily aims to solve the way people have been exploiting the council ceasefire in order to make it harder for players to declare war on them. Players are now also allowed to write off debts, which has been frequently requested - although this comes with an unrest penalty which corresponds to roughly 0.35% of the debt - so writing off a debt of 4000 m$ will give you a temporary unrest penalty of +14 percentage units. I calculated that if the EU were to absolve Greece's debt (317 billion euro, or roughly 350 billion dollars), it would increase EU's unrest level by 1225 percentage units. That's... pretty bad. Just don't bring up old excuses about nazis and WW2 war reparations, or Angela Merkel will bring her orbital laser satellite to the negotiations. Another cool new feature is the option to specify the cost of leasing out tech. The cost is given in m$/min, so it might look greater than it is - just remember that 60m$/min equals +1/sec (duh). In the future, i will also make it so that you can specify the exchange rate of oil/iron in trade contracts, as well as the interest rate for loans. Now have fun releasing the zombie virus and forcing your allies to buy the vaccine from you at an unreasonable price! For the next version, i will redesign the missile system to be a little less derp. My hope is that missiles will no longer jump around, and also have more realistic paths. Until then, you'll have to settle with what you have. Changelog: The voting dialog is now split into three, to make it easier for new players to understand. Added the option to absolve the debts of players who have loaned from you. However, giving away taxpayer money for free like this will upset your population. Debts are now removed if the player you've loaned from is defeated or leaves the game. Fixed a bug which caused the wrong player to be displayed as the one loaning money to you. Players whom your council has issued a war/ceasefire order on will now be displayed in the player list when you want to declare war/peace with someone, but their names will be greyed out, and clicking them will display the reason why that player can't be selected. Council ceasefires and war orders will now expire after 5 minutes, to prevent abuse. When recapturing the capitol of one of your allies, you will now be asked if you wish to return it to him. Fixed a possible cause of desync related to research. Decreased the interval at which the sunken city will be spawned. It now has a 20% chance of spawning every 3 minutes. This means that on average, the city spawns 15 minutes into the game. The airplane system has now been refined and should work better overall. Fixed an issue with improper timer recycling which would cause numerous different bugs related to timers, such as the cinematic mode not ending, the mothership not crashing, disasters not expiring, etc. It is now possible to select the exchange rate for your lease agreements. This means you can finally be a smart businessman, selling the zombie vaccine expensively to your desperate allies during a zombie outbreak. Freshly trained units now use the "attack move" order when moving to their rally point, rather than just "move". It is now possible to properly disband your alliances by using the "request peace" option on them (thanks Pinzu). Increased the attack speed of destroyers and trident submarines.
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