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    Well it seems there is no discernible way to select a server so yeah, that's a thing. Button mashing prevails
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    Red unless milo u want to change u know becuz i am all about dat BASE ABOUT DAT BASE ABOUT DAT BASE ABOUT DAT BURNING BASE
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    Preferably saturday night is ideal for me BUT FUCK YES, DARK GREEN SON. Because you know I'm all about that Varian, 'Bout that Varian, fuck Kazzak I'm all 'bout that Varian, 'bout that Varian, killing blackrock I'm all 'bout that Varian, 'bout that Varian, defend darkshire I'm all 'bout that Varian, 'bout that Varian, fuck your slows
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    Did someone mention dicks?
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    This is happening all over the West. It is nothing more than destruction of the West, plain and simple. All those who support and defend multiculturalism and all the rest of the PC agenda are essentially killing themselves. I hope they all get some of that multicultural loving from some of those third worlders they love, anally and repeatedly, and perhaps then they'll start to understand what living in Kenya is all about!
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    Risen needs to be scrapped/reworked for red. first off, 2 of risens casters have cripple as an ability, red loses all forms of healing, loses bloodlust, inner fire and spirit link, and loses an ability on paladins. in exchange he gets cripple (which is ok, but 2 casters dont need it) chain lightning, and raise dead. chain lightning is definitely worse than chain heals. (also, make argent more accessable. its almost impossible to retrieve the ashbringer after losing mograine.)
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