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    So come and say hello, bitch. Edit : Bors, I forgot about the beautiful pictures you made for my signature. You're so fucking amazing and sexy, touch me there.
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    The child board for AWLR launched! http://urbase.net/bbs/forumdisplay.php?fid=48 We have two people translating the map now, one translating lore related scripts and I am will translate gameplay related strings like tooltips, unit names, etc.
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    STOP posting ambiguous stuff! I hate that shit, its almost as bad as spoiling!
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    Nah, I'm a Skype fan and I consider everything else to be terrible :D Also I always found Skype easy to use, I don't see how someone could have problems. What do you mean sign you? You just signed yourself up, you add me on Skype if possible, if not I'll send you the map over E-mail and you'll be notified of testing times beforehand.
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    Thank y'all for the warm welcome. I'm sorry to report that I'm no longer as flame crazy as I once was, but I'm sure I'll get some shit talking in here and there. Regardless, niggas better recognize the GOTE. Y'all make my balls tingle with some special sauce. <3
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    RIP in pieces Oberyn. Miss u bbygrl
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    I lost it when Hound got told that Lysa is dead and Arya just started laughing hysterically. You mean face blowing? Hue hue
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    Andrew was racist on this forum before it was cool. Viscount and Nowhereman are simply copycats.
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    The Official Forum Post of Warhammer: The Old World Conflict as created by MolestedChild. For those who are unaware, Warhammer: Old World Conflict is a risk-esque game with city control points set in the Warhammer World. The following race choices are available for playing in-game: Empire of Man Knights of Brettonia Wood Elves of Loren Dwarves of Karaz-A-Karak Kislevite Empire High Elves of Ulthuan Warhosts of Chaos Dark Elves of Naggaroth Skaven Under-Empire Ironhide Orcs and Goblins Vampire Counts of Sylvania Crooked Moon Night Goblins Kingdoms of Nehekhara Beastmen Tribes. Recent Edits: Version: G4. Kislev: Ungol horse archer: bigger ballistic skill, +10g Nerfed Tordimir's "Summon Gryphon Legion" to require level 3 Nerfed Orion's "Call Hunting Dogs" to require level 3 Nerfed Kurt's "Summon Reiksguard's Finest" to require level 3 Added Kreml Guard, Mounted Druzhina, Sibyrian Hunters, frostfiends, Priest of Ursun, Great Armoured War Bear and Kvassnic to Kislev Skaven Night Runners, Gutter Runners, bugman's rangers, Dark elf Shades, High Elf Shadow warriors, Wood Elf scouts and Waywatchers are now permanently invisible and slightly move slower Ellyrian Reavers, Ungol Horse Archers, Orc Warboss on Wyvern and harpies now can detect. Dark Elf Corsairs and Night goblin Netters can now Ensnare non-hero, non-mounted, non-monster units Crypt Horrors, Thanquol's Bonecrusher and Clan Moulder path Rat Ogres can now go to underground area Damage on cannons buffed, Damage on catapults nerfed Bear pits moved to tier 3 Tamed Urskin can destroy trees. Great cannon moved to tier 2 Brigand cost now 75g Free company cost now 85g Increased cd on command squad replenishment interval for wood elves. Durthu's Treesinging cost 30 mana now. Version: G5 modified vision for Skaven units Seaguard looses stealth. Dark elf assassin, Skaven assassin, ranged versions of stealth units all gain permanent invisibility and are slowed down Ogre Maneaters have now brawl level 4 Replaced broken ability with Wall of ice on ice mages Added Spellbook to Katarina and Malekith added item shops to Dark Elf Version: G6 Fixed and nerfed Fury of the Forest on Athel Loren Mages Glade Guard are now +10g (145) Melee Bugman's Rangers are now permanently invisible Poison items are more powerful now Plague Flail is off-hand now Nerfed flamers/warpfires damage Dwarf Flame cannon splash now affects only non mechanical units Squigg hoppers and blood dragon knights can now detect Wights can now attack trees Wall of ice fixed added item shops to wood elf added a few items to dark elf buffed attack speed of black knight and black grail knight This Forum will be updated as Versions are released. Bugs, Glitches, Balance Issues, Problems are to be directed here as well. The most recent copy of the Map will be posted here in the original post or on Epicwar.com.
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    The problem is you won't actually see much special ammo being used. When you load ammo, the gun begins its reloading timer. If you exit the gun before it's finished, it defaults back to standard ammo and you have to re-enter and re-select before it finishes if you want your burst rounds or charged rounds or whatevs. If the gunner is moving between guns, he's either A: not loading ammo, rendering his class a drain on the entire crew, or B: not shooting when the pilot gives him a window, rendering his class a drain on the entire crew. At best they'll be commended for seeming to sit on the guns a lot, and if the ship happens to win then they ride the coattails of praise. But an engineer with a buff tool would have done their job better, faster, and more efficiently while adding to the ship's security. Guaranteed. Also: "My gun is on fire! Help!"
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    Please not another teamspeak v Skype discussion. I have both, that works to. xD
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    Granted, and we should admit there was some discord among us wether to attack or not :p. I wouldnt go so far as to say they never had a chance though, at times it sure felt like the plague was withering us to dust.
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    Prince Oberyn Martell... :/ I loved this guy and he got totally eye fucked. And now Tyrion dies... god game of thrones kills always the good
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    What the actual fuck what the fuck the fuck fuck I LOVED YOU OBERYN!
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    So far from what I have read here, I completly agree with Nalesean, I don't understand why you are saying that team work have been bad on our side. We have been communicating very activily on teamspeak and we know what we are capable of. When blue was doomdroping Stratholme I just said I can do it focus on red. So next please stop saying that we had bad teamwork when were defending everything without eveing being together. Also the thing with defending Stratholme and not going on Scholomance. Don't forget that it's not hard to defend Scholomance for quite a long amount of time and red reaserch the Plague mastery so attacking Scholomance would have been suicide, if blue would have destroyed Stratholem they could have set up their new base there. My reinforcements would be cut off and we would have the possibility of loosing Arthas. Don't forget that NA is only rising when they are defending their lands. When we destroyed the plague, doomdrop and push on Scholo we were pretty much getting stronger and stronger. I think you are in a different thread.
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    I believe that many players from BotR would be willibg to join rhis, i will ask them and give you names ;) also we probably could use teamspeak instead of skype, its easier to manage ;)
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    I just had a really good night with my squad in the pool, was really impressed with their effort and they enjoyed it... Now I'm chillin in the club bar havin a coldie, using the free wifi to check diplo....and Andrew is back....could this night get any better?
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    You know you can count on me babe.
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    I can try but as XyousefX said, I can do it in single player. Any bugs I find, I can report it in private message to you Rhemar :) But wanna know something, how you sign us in the "Testing Team"?
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    who said you had to be a dad I do stuff like that all the time. hue hue
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