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    But are you not already stuck on an island with avi?
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    Jesus fucking Christ, get a life and stop posting retarded threads.
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    Perk and Macemaul and what a merry company we will be. Until we run out of food... I think we should eat Mace first, Per and I are obviously worth more alive. Not to mention that Mace will be delicious, I'd like to omnomnom that one. The island and ocean Is nice and cool, So juicy-sweet! Our only wish, To catch a Mace, So juicy-sweet!
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    Cao because he can make the earth spit up bounty by flexing his manlieness, Avi because his sense of humour will keep us in good spirits. I'd kill Inferous and I'd bring Anubis just so I could watch Cao bash his face into a barnacle covered rock.
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    Feanor and Spam. Spam is physically fit and someone I admire, while I just genuinely like Feanor. I'd probably kill Rainman the second he calls me a "commie", then keep swimming until I can't swim no more.
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    SolarFlashlight, because she's got good birthing hips and would be able to produce strong offspring to continue the DiploColony. Bors, because I'd like to see how he goes without alcohol over a long period. I'd kill Inferous and then hang myself from a tree.
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    So Jesus' word only applies in Heaven. I'll go tell all the Christians the good news.
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    In a few years time, I can see a few of you becoming GWM. You just need a wake up call, or a race war, which ever comes first.
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    I'd take NerZhulen. Problem officerz?
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    Mass spam punji pits. Ferment coconut liquor. Reward the one who lives with the honor of being my slave.
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    FUCK YOU FRANCE FUCK YOU MMMMGOallllllllllllllllllllll
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    I'd choose Viscount and Yeboh for their hunting prowess and knowledge of agriculture. Maybe Feanor so he can make some form of vodka. People I would hate to be stuck with...mhm..Sponge and Empress, Empress only made this list because he posted on this page and would most likely preach Jesus to me.
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    Rainman, this is why we can't have nice things.
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    The thought crosses my mind sometime that he's a mental hospital patient with Internet access.
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    No, I mean you aren't en entertaining drunkard. Binge drinking is an art, and I only drink with the Michelangelos and the Da Vinci's of the scene.
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    Jesus asks us to give not only from our excess but also from what we believe we need. After all, remember the parable of the poor widow giving her money being greater than a rich person giving a lot of money.
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    Then Christians would be practicing morality without dogma and the world would be a better place.
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    They are both at an age were anything could happen. Draco does have a rather interesting relationship with Voldermort. [video=youtube;6rAzjEDIyEI] Its as much a stretch as Draco, a pure blood, getting into a relationship with Hermione, a mudblood. Not to mention that they are in 'opposing' houses.
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    ... She's saying the management. Not everyone in the military is out on the lines fighting. There are people above them that manage that stuff. Perfect analogy: You: Workers are killing themselves. Blurde: It's the company's fault, amongst other factors. You: You cannot blame the workers. That is what you just said.
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    Red for philosophy talks and to have someone to sing with. LIFE WITHOUT MUSIC IS NO LIFE And Mono for company. And, assuming we have ganja, to get stoned with. I'll do the cooking (everyone who lives with me usually ends up gaining at least 20lbs. And they all blame my cooking) and you guys can do the hunting. But there will be no colonization. >:[
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    It was pretty obvious that he meant the Lich King. He seems to know quite a lot about the lore, one small mishap shouldn't warrant this nitpicking. So, Naxxramas as base in Azjol Nerub? I could see that happening. Is there like footage or images of what these underground nerubian citadels look like?
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    I'm surprised I'm so popular on this thread. My picks woulkd be very hard, for this, and I would have to draw people if it meant total survival, ie: not trying to re-produce a colony, not wanting any form of modern entertainment. Decieding 2 people is tough for me on this, but it'd come down to: Yeb, Bane, Eagle, Rainman, maybe BBall. I'd fucking kill the following people if on the island with me: Abdel (for not being White) Cniper (for being a faggot) Feanor (for being a child molester)
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    Oh yes Bild, come to New York we'll show you feelings you didn't know existed. If Albany and Syracuse have anything in common it's pretty great unique bar/drinking scenes.
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    I pick backpack girl as my second one. Thank you Feanor.
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    I'd make out with tent on an island.
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    You didn't wait long to prove my point, did you?
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    I would defiantly pick Viscount, he could be my mentor form every thing from basic survival to horseback riding. Rainman, Nodle and Anubis could come to, Rainman got a iron will, Nodle for good company and with his ninja black belt skills we could beat Anubis socialist ass to death with clubs and use his flesh as bait for wild animals. I don't think i would suicide if i was stuck with any one from diplo, not even Hentai..
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    In order to ensure my safety I'd bring along Red so he can protect me from the dangers of the wild with his lion's roar and lion's mane, whilst also bringing Blurde so she can make me feel beautiful as she dominates my anus. As for suicide...I guess Darkly and the rest of the LR Slavs since I don't really hold any strong negative feelings towards any of the denizens of Diplo.
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    I might delete your babies. Anyway, I emailed this chick who I'm attracted to. and now if I could take it back I would (mostly due to being a pussy), but its too late. Far too late for now anyway.
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    I'd pick none of you bitches by choice but if I had to I'd go Avitus and my good old brother Eon. I'd say feanor but he'd probably try and rape me. As for kill I'd never kill myself. But I'd sure as hell try and kill them. Eh no idea
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    How can I put this nicely... I stalk you Monday through Thursday, and sometimes on Saturday.
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    I would take Viscount and one of the local commies. In order of preference: feanor, emperor_jackal and leprechaun. The commie will be there only for the purpose of doing what the authorities (me and vis) will tell him to do and because he is a good commie, he will do it. Also, if we ever need to test some new plants and food on him to see if they are healthy or toxic, he's the one. Viscount for the above stated reasons. I am pretty good in the wild. don't eat a lot and can do a pretty mean stew. As for being stranded with any other ppl from diplo on the island wouldn't be any problem to me.
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    Invictus is inspirational, but in that bland meant-to-be inspirational way. It's as heavy-handed as a WW2 propaganda poster.
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    She's alt chick hot if that makes sense. So yes, damned hot. To be fair I like her for her personality and taste in music mostly though.
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    I'd go with Eagle because I think we're pretty similar and would get along great IRL. Like, I could conquer a nation, and have him rule it for me. In addition to him I'm not sure, probably Spam or Elya. Spam's got lots of friend qualities and Elya girlfriend ones... or Paisley. Ye. I'd kill him first, but monotony. And yeah, Gilneans. I'd feel so sorry for him and try to take care of him until he became an unsustainable fat blob and I killed myself.
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