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    THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE CoH 2 1v1 Tournament Tournament Standings/Scheduling/Info: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HmMQqrA4H_kCieBqMq8MHFSLhFM2piOqsqsK7OYLzs4/edit?usp=sharing Rules: -Winner of the tournament gets double secret valued membership -Everyone plays each other twice in group stage, victory points will matter even in the case of a loss for qualification purposes. -Pona gets automatic qualification since its 13 people. Tournament group / round robin stage is composed of 3 groups with 4 people each: Group A, Group B, Group C. Best 2 of each group end up qualifying, and the best 3rd out of all 3 groups in terms of score (leading points differential) also qualifies. Quarterfinals are arranged like this: 1- Best out of group A plays against the 2nd best of group C 2- Best out of group B plays against 2nd best in group A. 3- Best out of group C plays against the third best qualified 4- Pona play against 2nd best in group B -Surrender will automatically give all victory points to the opponent (Ex: you surrender at you having 400 tickets left, this gives all 500 points to opponent and you end up with -500 differential automatically from that game alone) -Knockout rounds will be contested in a best out of 3 matches. Coin flip to decide who plays which faction on 3rd match was chosen by everyone who voted, because this generation apparently still lacks a god in their lives. -Observers will be allowed. You can spectate through the game itself or watch an observer’s stream (discord or steam). The game host has to set the observer delay to 3 minutes. -If a player doesn’t make it on time to the match (with a 20 minute wait time, can talk to his opponent to get more time), then he will forfeit the match and 500 points to the opponent (-500 to himself). You will be allowed ONE reschedule without penalty for group stage and TWO reschedules for knockout stages. -Abdel clause: Abdel gets to end a match before 5 minute timer if his kid starts crying as soon as he starts seeing him get btfo which forces him to afk. No results are given and match has to be replayed after as soon as he's available again. This can only be used ONCE in the entire tournament. -Map will be decided through a pool of 3 maps, one of the players must randomize the map using https://www.randomresult.com/pick.php (really fucking simple to use, just put the 3 numbers and it picks itself basically) or they can agree to a map before game begins: 1-Crossroads 2-Kholodny Ferna 3-Bayeux Cohmbatants Abdel After losing control of Diplo Gaming realm due to defeat at the hands of the mortal kombat character Kabal, he promised to shape events to fulfill his own vision of Diplo by eliminating every fagdick involved in the schism, except himself. Convinced of this plan, he used his power to read other people’s intentions and stole every soul weak-willed available, bestowing his powers upon them, mainly a colored name to fabricate a sense of value out of thin air, just like Allah is fabricated. Only willing to spare nitro booster’s lives, his goal was to seek immortality through forums that require monthly payments. Diplomunion has felt quite claustrophobic with elements of a cabin fever phenomenon, leading Abdel to show some niggardly behavior every now and then. Winning this tournament could be the breath of fresh air needed to unload the stress and finally give an actual reason to make his son cry. Archangel91 The elder gods were fully aware of the potential danger of allowing former wc3 player Archangel into the tournament, who’s at risk of getting absolutely pummeled by everyone through every hole in his body and automatically being the free win lifeline of the tournament. After being trained in the arts of company of heroes for a very short period of time, he secretly seeks to avenge the whipping and battering received from Pusan and prove to himself and others that he is not the worst CoH 2 player on the roster, with the objective of getting at least one win in a match. Cell The tournament organizer seeking to avenge the damage caused by Jimmy’s one-day tournaments and Spankfurt’s laissez-faire match scheduling, he took the reins in a desire to create his own failure. Ended up convincing people to participate in the most annoying way possible by throwing a spear into everyone’s buttholes. After witnessing the disintegration of long-time diploers and seeing his nation collapse under it’s own weight, the saltiness has rubbed all over him and become even mouthier than before as a result. One small leadership mistake is enough to get flashbacks of his dad beating him. Entering in CoH 2 at the same time as a few other Greecish gangers, the learning process consisted of 50 hours of getting dismembered in every game in a desperate endeavor to reach a decent level, with the goal of not being completely useless in every game, a goal yet to be proven. Whenever a game gets too tough, the mask is removed and a worms filled skull is revealed to try to scare the opponent into a surrender. Derdan Ex-banjoer and TERF feminist Derdan makes an unwelcome return to the gaming scene after going missing in action for years due to the amount of bullying he received from former teammates. In hopes of finding men to court, he finds out instead diplo was still filled with trannies, bear-type bodies, men pretending to be gamer girls and actual gamer girls. He sees this desolate wasteland and resolves to take a break from campaigning for Pete Buttplug to join the tournament. A veteran of company of heroes since the game came out, Derdan has finally a chance to be one of the top players in a landscape filled with fish out of water. After being endlessly mocked due to his poor showings in banjo, he vows revenge to show everyone involved that this was not satisfactory behavior. Dragon (not dragonleader) Pona’s twin brother from another mother, both living the life of one, speaking at the same time with the same words and suffering from the same kind of brain hypoxia. Representing warhaven, he's the only one that doesn't seem to be going through puberty and has within himself the power of the 1000 children in the community, being pona's strongest lieutenant. He joined the tournament after he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse, playing in the same tournament as pona and become a direct cheerleader for him or help him vanquish diploers who have better writing skills than him, which ends up being everyone but lawyer jimmy. dreamerdude Phalanx’s stuntman double who will perform as the stand-in for his absence in the tournament, dreamer promises to delete the COH 2 section as a tribute to his friend’s past actions. Gained notoriety as a COH 2 streamer, who’s commentary was so efficient he could almost make sense out of Jimmy’s conscript infantry movement. Having 2500 hours of COH 2 under his belt, he’s capable of drinking molotov cocktails before he throws them and spitting the fire out. He’s the prime candidate to take the title and abdel's wife after he's done stomping everyone else due to the thousands of years of experience accumulated in his body. Kylethejew Having been spoofed by multiple people before, his identity and origin are unknown, his name being recognized as a prolific game ruiner across every genre of warcraft 3 games with instant suicides of his army early and making ice clones to appear in different games that wouldn't do anything and disconnect within a minute. Whether it wasn’t actually him or perhaps aging has calmed down his attempts to troll games into premature endings, he has become one of the strongest contenders for the title due to his hundreds of hours on coh 2, as well as taking advantage of his playing time better than pusan who's too busy spamming rocket launchers. He enters the tournament in an attempt to try to protect his brother NumuKang from crime lord Pusan’s deadly influence and clearing his name once and for all. Numudan As the chosen one e-warrior, his identity is a mystery to everyone, even himself, leading many to suspect that his conception was the work of autism midichlorians. Hailing from Sweden, Numudan has had to grow up in one of the most cucked nations on Earthrealm, becoming a product of his environment. Referred to as Numutard or Numucuck, he was the hardest working monk in his gaming house temple, spending ⅔ of his life force honing his skills. He ended up migrating to wc3 to show how outrageously overrated trench was in ww1 ish, bicycle kicking him off the east front and conquering the hearts of everyone along the way through his youtube replays, as well as getting his nipples rock hard whenever there was microing involved in a game. Company of Heroes 2 being the latest addition to his list of 24/7 games, he enters the tournament as an excuse to get even more playing time. Spankfurt Banished from Earthrealm after he attempted to melt to death an entire division of sub-saharan african tribes with his spit acid due to after-effects of watching the first episode of Star Trek Discovery, he found shelter in Diplomunionrealm when Abdel promised him endless internet power and a royal position as his masturbating right hand. Brought into the company of heroes dimension thanks to the charity of soy candlemaker Burden, it is yet unknown how he will perform in the tournament without his surrogate daddy around and not being able to shout “PROTECT MY EMPLACEMENTS” to his teammates. Also known for never being able to perform on a wet cold rainy wednesday night in Stoke, he enters the tournament after taking a vow of revenge on anyone who claims he became 5’9 after losing his hair. Pewt / Raiden Warcraft 3 legend Poot used to be a young prodigy and rising star but his career was derailed after he met the B movie star known as Trench, who showed him how hopeless the human race was. This lead to him missing for half a decade on any kind of gaming and practice, due to his complete disgust for the community. Arriving with a pepperoni pizza slice in one hand and his mouse on the other, along with balding in his head and wrinkles in his balls, he gives off the Woody Harrelson in Kingpin vibe, with a few claiming he still has the magic while others claim he’s washed up due to no practice games. He enters the tournament to protect his family’s legacy as the gods of RTS and to show that talent is more important than hard work. Ponasozis Hailing from some literal who country, this warrior's age is somewhere between 10 and 55 and his mental age somewhere between 1 and 10. It is rumoured he spoke once during the schism 3 hour voice chat, sounding like a crushed nutsack rapidly deflating itself and being auto-tuned to sound as high as possible, even capable of surpassing Michael Jackson’s HEEE HEEEE. On the run after he sold his multi function massage couch ended up tickling a member of the Lithuanian cartel’s scrotum and whispering to his ear “i want your heresy inside of me” while he was having a nap, pona has been travelling to different countries with his father’s money, avoiding the inevitable bloodbath if he is found. While on the run, he managed to become emperor of Warhaven, which was made official once he received his burger king crown. He is ready to represent Warhaven and his entourage of armed children in the COH 2 tournament, a game he has mastered with his hundreds of hours and specializing in babalities. Pusan A mercenary, thug, extortionist who doesn’t hesitate to mute, kick or delete people through his eye laser to achieve his goals at the slightest hint of annoyance. Professing to be a leader of a large part of the community and promising to build a common haven for them for the 2070 Paradigm Shift, in rality he couldn’t even build a coffee table in minecraft. Despite his history of blowing up discords in anger at seeing MDE World Peace cancelled, he has managed to get away with it and become root admin once again. His isolationist methods make Abdel look like a highschool teenager at the lunch casino. Being a long-time player of CoH 2, he found another chance to abuse every strategy in the book against new players for the game, such as spamming snipers and rocket launchers, but now he sees his position in danger after all the training they have received, so he joins the tournament with his goal in mind of keeping everyone else down and distracting his mind from all the fires around him. Trench / Jimmy A new game, a new Jimmy Cage debut. Warcraft 3 superstar Trench arrives into CoH 2 with the most powerful PC in existance and cash flowing out of his pockets, making millions of dollars to make up for his broke grammar bank. Ever since his failed attempt at being a professional gamer, Jim has tried to master a variety of different games without any successful results, being borderline abortive in most of them. In effect, he has become somewhat of a mockery for only having one trick he could use in every game: his shadow kick. With the winning of this tournament he discovers a new purpose for his existence, he becomes competent at a game to atone for all his past sins and end his agony of having to message the banjo discord for a game after every defeat. And remember... Be aggressive, BE-E aggressive BE-E-A-G-G-A-R-E-E-S-S-I-V-E
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    It could be worse, he could feel ambushed.
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    A few WiP memes just to keep our hearts warm. Credits to @qwerty83.
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    Hello, everyone. After much consideration, I have decided to pursue the one compromise that makes no one happy. As always, I would like to re-affirm that I am strongly pro-memes, but I merely think we should meme responsibly. I hope this thread will allow us to give way to our meme production. Enjoy. Credits to @Arvedui. #MemeThread2020
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    How could Trump destroy Bernie? Trump is a coward, he hides behind his Twitter to talk to the world instead of to the press and constantly runs off to his campaign rallies for positive reinforcement. He lets in very little contradiction to his world. You get Trump on stage with someone who's actually willing to go toe-to-toe and I think the result could be very embarrassing for Trump. I could see Sanders bullying Trump. If a politician isn't playing on "classical" rules like Clinton did and Biden might, and Trump isn't engaging with fellow Republicans like in the primary, I think Trump is actually very exposed on stage. He's barely had to be tested at all in that sort of environment, I mean even against Clinton he was reduced to blubbering no puppet no puppet.
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    If the twitch nerd known as Pusan is around he can stream Alternatively, you can observe directly through the game itself in "Spectate games" if they're on your friends list you can find it very easy Also i stream some games through discord if you're there, are you on discord?
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    Hello, Reforged is coming and I'm back. I want to say Hello!
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    Welcome back Lasse
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    Welcome back, dad.
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    "You are a pretender." "My camp is more in tune." I think it would be hilarious if you could get a the above with an insert drunk avatar pic. Bors 4 2020
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    I miss when Bors didn't threaten to rape people.
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    What it looks like when Feanor calls others boomer: There's already one at www.Diplo.gg
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    How do I have considerably less to lose and not care about the community as much Fuck you t'sao cao I hope Bors raids your liquor stash tonight
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    Unless you've been having some private conversations on the side with people to catch you up, there's no way you can have any idea what's going on, lol. Why don't you join discord? Honestly, with the time you spend on the Forums, I think you'd actually enjoy just chatting.
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    The staff is already quite reflective of this in that it's comprised pretty much of people who didn't cause the schism
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    Then come and post more. You missed @Baledwyr going full beer barrel in the discord.
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    Some Alliance vs Horde ones. As always, a good Orc is a dead Orc. Credits to myself. Credits to @Julian.
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    We've spoken since. We have our differences though.
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    Presenting the DiploGaming vs Diplomunion PPV which stands for Project Phoenix Viewing. The contest to end the grudge once and for all, a competition between the 2 schismed diplos in the fields of Company of Heroes 2. A match 9 months in the making where both sides agreed to terms after Abdel was promised the only set of keys to his house since the bull came in whenever he wanted to and Bane was promised a bar of soap. The match only involves directors (DM) and community leaders (DG) seeing as they're the "representatives", unfortunately neither have leadership skills. Don't miss it Thursday 10 pm EST TODAY (subject to changes due to dodging). Match anthem: Team Diplomunion Lineup Captain: Abdel / >Breslau Burden Trench] / Jimmy Substitute: Spankfurt Team DiploGaming Lineup Captain: Bane Ser_Fergus Gawain Substitute: Leader -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Match Format: Game of choice is Company of Heroes 2. Best out of 3 matches. The order is a 3v3 (possible 4v4 if subs play) to decide which diplo will implode faster through team toxicity. Then comes a 1v1 between Abdel and Bane so the healing process can continue. In the case of a 1-1 tie, a 2v2 tiebreaker will be played with the best and worst players on each team, based in results from the 3v3 match. Why best and worst? Because: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules: -Incase of a disconnect, it will be a judgement call based on how far the game has progressed and the likelihood that the game was already decided by then. -All factions will be available to every player in each team, this is to avoid having a team playing with their weaker factions. Ignore pona’s crying of “muh game balance”. -Map for 1v1 will be Crossroads -Map for 2v2 will be Vaux Farmlands -Map for 3v3 will be Fields of Winnekedonk -Possible 4v4 map will be Road to Arnhem Taking suggestions for maps aswell -Observers will be allowed. You can spectate through the game itself or watch an observer’s stream (discord or steam). The game host has to set the observer delay to 3 minutes so as to avoid shenanigans of helping a team out. -There will be no waiting limit for a match to begin, no wins will be awarded if a team doesn’t make it because a win should only be counted on the battlefield, however banter privileges will be awarded if a team dodges. -Match has a rematch clause where losing team can give all excuses they want and demand a rematch -Derdan’s a cunt -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here's how the match originated (click on pics to enlarge): Burden: Where the hell is the real diplo, we've been walking for 10 months Spankfurt: Eagle i thought you said this was a shortcut to the coffee machine EagleMan: Proof? Abdel: Well is this a shortcut or not EagleMan: You're a shortcut *ring ring* Abdel: Oh oh, here comes the Cabal Bane: Where's your mommy e-thot? Bane: You know i understand that uh...You had to bring a female in... to change your underwear, stroke your ego.. thumbs up your foodboxes and wipe the coffee away from your bubbling lips.. ... Bane: Rub vaseline all over your hiney and tell you that your diplo is special and diferent from everyone elses EagleMan: He thinks we use vaseline Spankfurt: Eagle get back over here EagleMan: Oh no, i must retreat Abdel: I've had enough of you bane, this ceases right here, right now Bane: Wanna dance abdel? Or do you wanna eat dick Abdel: Come get a taste Bors: Oi !!! Bors: if ye r going to hae a fight, then don't forget the salty's ye snippy bitches Abdel: You dirtbags have been in third place for 5 months Bors: Aye? Well yeh’r about to be in... diplogaming.com... ….. Amber: NOT SO FAST YOU INGRATES TO BE CONTINUED... UNTIL THEN...
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    Who wants to call Iowa? My boring answer is the 538 prediction: Biden, Sanders, Warren, Buttigieg, but maybe the last two about equal. I think now that the primary is finally happening, fans of Sanders/Warren are feeling a need to more strongly commit to one candidate or the other. Biden and Buttgieg by contrast are officially moderates but I think are very different candidates in what they're running on. Slate also argued that part of the campaigning success so far may be his quietness and general lack of flash - with sleepy Joe being an advantage, not a negative. Basically the gist is that people are so tired of Trump this or that all the time and they desperately want a return to a Presidency where they can just tune out instead of having to worry about senile Twitter ramblings that upset trade or foreign policy. Biden isn't a drama machine and with the glow of Obama, that might just be enough for most people. For contrast some Dems may not like a Sanders presidency because it would then alternatively mean the conservative media crying about Sanders 24/7, Sanders this/that in every topic, helped along by his own more charged rhetoric.
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    After years of ridicule, Bors has finally realized the only way he can get a threesome is through rape.
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    I told people Abdel had no spirit for banter, just personal attacks and emotional reactions... In the early 2000s. He had to destroy the community decades later before anyone took me seriously, but it’s nice to see so many waking up. Don’t strain your fingers on the 10 point reply attacking my character.
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    It must be really weird for Feanor to only exist on the forum and be oblivious to anything happening over discord.
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    Ok I've read the last two pages three times now and I still can't follow this. What the fuck are you guys even talking about? Literally everyone involved is coming across as a whiny little bitch, @Abdel, @Lord-Cao-Cao, @Ser_Fergus and @Baledwyr included. Is there some discord-related butthurt that I missed and now don't have the context to understand what's happening here? Or is it that all of your periods are in sync? It's definitely not just what you posted above because they're all clearly butthurt about other stuff too. And wtf is a habibi?
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    This thread is the finest proof that humanity was a mistake and needs to be exterminatus'd immediately. Why is everyone involved acting like a 12 year old, you are all grown men I just want to know when you will start acting like it. I just want to quote abdel for a moment because it sums up this thread well
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    Fool us once, shame on you. Fool us twice, shame on us. I'm not gonna buy it, mate. Also re: Spank Sure, he may have laughed it off. But, uh, Spank has considerably less to lose, doesn't care about the community as much and also wasn't threatened with action in the same way that you did with Bors. Do not lie about this. I saw the logs. Edit: As to why I'm suddenly replying here - It's because of the sheer lunacy of calling Bors a white supremacist. You guys do know I'm an Asian, right? And you know I've been his flatmate for what - The past five years? More, now?
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    THIS. THIS IS WHY I DON'T INVOLVE MYSELF IN DIPLO ANYMORE. What the everloving FUCK is with this constant stream of backstabbing and backbiting!? I only know a little bit about Fergus, but given what he faces, why the FUCK are you pressing him for additional responsibilities!? And after your recent spat with Bors, why the hell would he give you something that he's had a very, very tangible hand in creating - Something that he has put time and yes, lots of money into (which is more than can be said about you) - To someone who clearly doesn't respect him in the slightest!? Do you not know how people work!? Whatever happened to this community being about a bunch of mates having fun together!? Is this your idea of fun?
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    The free speech warrior is offended? What a fucking SJW
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    "White Nationalist porn free speech suicide bomber" I don't appreciate that libel, Abdel. How would you like another court case?
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    Lol. Scroll up my dude. He can't only have thoughts about the community when he uses 'feelings' and 'reputation' (lol) as his shield. These are used under the weakest rationale that I 'insulted' him and ruined his oh so precious reputation. And when I ridicule his weak as fuck rationale its viewed as being 'hostile'. The other drivel you mentioned Bors: You knew we were starting anew because we couldn't depend on the new administration for justice. We lost confidence in Fergus for many reasons that we discussed. You personally wouldn't give up the domain or name after I repeatedly asked you to do so. I wanted to rename the new community Consciencia and the only reason we kept it as Diplo was because you did t want to give it up. Dont act so innocent now my friend, if you think we are filthy you are just filthy as us and you'd still be here with us if you actually read the rules and guidelines you signed up for instead of going white nationalist porn free speech suicide bomber.
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    More chat screenshots. You just can't help it, can you?
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    Rather we should just ABDeL, where you make declarations based on things people explicitly never said, and then never asked to confirm it? Imagine being so afraid of being held to what you said that being quoted for what you *actually said* is an offence, but you’re happy to declare people said things that they didn’t. https://i.imgur.com/lN25QJY.png
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    Fake news. Diplomunion won all 3 matches.
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    I distinctly recall playing Company of Heroes (I forget 1 or 2) and not liking it. It was extremely simplistic, it's portrayal of the Soviet Union teeter-tottered between the offensive and the idiotic, and the gameplay was meh. It seemed to be about halfway between a realistic RTS like Close Combat 3 or Syrian Warfare, and a cartoonish RTS like Starcraft or Warcraft 3, and for me it had the worst of both worlds. There was literally nothing to make me want to play the game.
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    I believe he will make it again
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    Bors you've spent too much time here. Isnt your discord behind on its porn posting quota for the day? Might want to get those numbers up my friend
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    Well, our normal pick-up sessions run about 2 hours a piece and happen pretty much whenever 4 players are available to roll dice, we're also moving towards having pre-scheduled sessions available too, those should run around 4ish hours. And we've got our monthly events that run 4-6 hours, on sunday afternoons.
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