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Discussion in 'The Thinking Cap' started by EagleMan, Mar 8, 2010.

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    All rules apply here, but are generally held to stricter standards (such as flaming or spamming). Bans will be handed out for the same posts much quicker than if one had posted said posts elsewhere, possibly without warning as well. If a moderator warns you and threatens to ban you, I will take his word for it and ban you, especially if the evidence is no longer present because the conversations had to be deleted to keep the thread on topic. It is unwise to make a moderator take this course of action as an Administrator will no longer have the source material to consider in my judgments if the moderator asks for a ban, and their word will be taken over yours. Take this into consideration. If posts are deleted without any note being made by a moderator, do not make a fuss about it. Send a message to the moderator you believe responsible and discuss it privately. Making a scene about it doesn't help you at all, and will likely get you banned if you complain excessively considering the circumstances of the Thinking Cap.

    On the matter of content in the section, if you get into a fact based argument, it is advisable to have reputable sources. Wikipedia can be a source, but it's usually only trusted if it has an in-page reference that links to the original source from where Wikipedia derived its information. Other wise you have no way to prove it through that Wikipedia link alone. If you end up in a debate where you find yourself lacking the source you may personally know to be true, but are unable to locate, do not act like this is "good enough" for the person. Just admit you don't have the source, it does not mean you concede defeat but that you have simply run into a roadblock and that you cannot on any reliably factual basis continue the argument any further. An advisable course of action at this point would be to try to discredit the previous persons sources; if you truly want to keep arguing it but do not wish to sound ignorant for arguing without evidence.

    Posting opinion links or any variation to try to disprove someone else is not a good way to justify/prove/etc. your argument, especially if it concerns an unquantifiable topic such as religion.

    Otherwise please make thoughtful posts, and not useless commentary that amounts to white noise. For reference I will collect a few samples as they appear (I'll be proud if they don't) to more easily give those playing pretend-stupid a good idea of what I mean.

    One also must communicate in clear English, due to the fact that these discussions will usually require a high level of English.

    If a post is thoughtful but has some unwanted commentary in it (some people make real/faux commentary so that they can insert their own flames or spam at the end of the post, so that the whole post won't be deleted), it will be edited to remove said content. Do not be alarmed if you see an "Edited by" message while a moderator could be engaged in debate with a member or another moderator (we are not perfect). They are not editing their arguments so that they may sound correct when they respond afterwards.

    If you can't understand what I mean without having it posted to you in a bullet format then you shouldn't post in this section.

    Please take into account the subsections if you have more specific needs and don't feel the atmosphere of the Thinking Cap is correct for it:

    If you have any questions or confusion about these rules feel free to Private Message me, the text may be confusing and it may make sense to me in my mind but it doesn't to you. It's better to question me about it and learn what I mean that way, then learn what I mean through deleted posts or a ban.

    Just because a standard is not mentioned in this post does not mean you won't be held to it. If you're smart enough to know a loophole I consider you smart enough to know that I mean it when I say I will punish you for your transgression regardless.

    Lastly do not be frightened or scared by this post if it sounds too harsh. This mostly applies to repeat offenders. Everyone learns sometimes, we won't penalize you for learning here. If you are a repeat offender you will be quite conscious of it and will know if a ban is coming. If you are a "newb" and I delete your posts I will first quote it and talk to you in Private Message format about it. Of course this doesn't apply to more general rules such as nudity or other auto-bannable offenses however. Any form of nudity, even if one tries to present it as a legitimate topic, will be automatically banned to make this clear. One does not need to post images or link to sites containing such images to make their point clear.

    The forum rules are located here.
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    Mar 9, 2010
    In summary to what Eagle said - please keep responses thoughtful. Comments like "This is dumb", or "This is smart" need to be backed up with why or why not. Keep the debate as civilized as possible. Posting this as a reminder as we just had to delete quite a few posts - this is still the Thinking Cap. Thanks.
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