New Rugby rule changes.

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    Greetings diploers, it is I ChickenNoodles. A member of UoS(upreme) I have to you since I remember some of ya'll like Rugby and since UoS(upreme) is full of slavs, germans and scandanavians you can imagine there is a lack of discussion on the topic.
    Now the new rugby rule changes, absolute nonsense in my opinion. For those who haven't seen them. If you tackle someone around the waist but it ends up around the neck you can get sent off and or penalised. Which is ridiculous, If you swing an arm around the neck it is very dangerous and is a straight yellow card. It'/ about the impact not where it ends. It is far from dangerous if you tackle around the waist and ends up at the neck. Last night Ulster vs Dragons PRO 12 league, Ulster has 2 players yellow carded and both were not yellow cards, the commentators even dissagreed with the Ref. One was a try saving tackle and with the nonsense new tackling rule, Ulster had a player sent off for 10 mins and Dragons got a penalty try. This costed them a match they could have and would have won.
    Rugby is a man sport, it's not soft, it's hard hitting sore and at times dangerous. With these new rules inplemented, it's hardly rugby anymore.
    Thought? Opinions? I remember tnere was a sport section for this but I couldn't find it so I just presumed this was a place to put it.
    -ChickenNoodles, UoS(upreme)TM
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    Is this league or union?
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