Legacy Update #3: Magni Bronzebeard, The King of Khaz Modan.

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    The King has arrived. All bow to the High Thane of Ironforge:
    Magni Bronzebeard is the High Thane of Ironforge, the King of Khaz Modan and the leader of the entire dwarven race (save for the scheming Dark Irons). His wisdom and insight allowed the Bronzebeards and the Wildhammers to flourish as a nation and create a powerful kingdom to the south of Lordaeron. He later on sacrificed himself in order to attune himself to Azeroth herself and become her spokesman as well as the first dwarf to reverse the curse of flesh and become an Earthen.

    In LTA Magni is a mix of support and buffs with a disgustingly powerful ultimate. This is going to change and Magni will focus entirely on tanking up, soaking damage and being disruptive. He will no longer buff allies but he'll become harder to kill. He also lost his innate ability, but will gain an item instead.


    Without further ado - here's his skillset:

    Attack Range: Melee (125)

    Role: Tank, Disabler, Anti-Mage.

    - Anti-Mages are heroes, who have abilities, which control the flow of magic in battle. These abilities include silences, spell shields, spell blocks, counterspells and on-spell triggering buffs and debuffs.
    Starting Health: 1200 (post-stats)
    Starting Mana: 270 (post-stats)
    Starting Armour: 4
    Starting Damage: 43-48 (post-stats)
    Starting Attack Speed: 1.5 (4 attacks over 6 seconds)
    Level 1 Strength + Gain: 32 + 2 [PRIMARY]
    Level 1 Agility + Gain: 14 + 1.5
    Level 1 Intelligence + Gain: 18 + 1

    [​IMG] [Q] High Thane's Wrath - 70/90/105/120 mana cost. 25/22/19/15s cooldown. Radius: 350 AoE. Duration: 1.75/2/2.25/2.5s

    Magni releases a warcry that sends enemy units running in fear - enemy units in 350 AoE around him are feared for 1.75/2/2.25/2.5s and will attempt to run away at 75% of their original speed. Magni heals himself for 10 + 0.25/0.5/0.75/1% of his MAX HP for each target affected. Replaces Holy Light.

    [​IMG] [W] Hammers of Ironforge - 40/60/80/100 mana cost. 20s cooldown. Radius: 250 AoE. Buff Duration: 10s. Debuff Duration: 2s.

    Magni shows the might of his craft - for the next 10 seconds Magni's attacks will apply a debuff upon units within 250 AoE of impact, reducing their damage by 10/15/20/25% for 2s. Magni gains 5/10/15/20 armour for the duration of the spell. Replaces Dwarven Might.

    [​IMG] [E] [PASSIVE] Craftsmanship of Khaz Modan - 45/40/30/25s cooldown. Radius: 250/250/275/275. Cast Range: 450. Debuff Duration: 6 seconds. DAMAGE TYPE: Same as the spell's

    Magni's armour is of the highest quality - whenever he is a target of a spell, Magni's armour enchancement activates, dealing the spell's damage to enemy units within 250/250/275/275 AoE around him and silencing the source of the spell for 2/3/4/5s (half duration vs heroes). This cannot trigger more than once every 45/40/30/25 seconds. Replaces Dwarven Armour.

    [​IMG] [R] [ULTIMATE] Lord of the Anvil - 250/350 mana cost. 180/150s cooldown. Radius: 300/400 AoE. Damage type: Magical.

    Magni slams the ground around him, creating a shockwave of pure force. All units - friendly and enemy ones alike - are pushed 600 units away from Magni. For each unit pushed this way Magni deals 7.5/10 and damage to enemy units and 2.5/3.33 to his own. Air units are brought down to the ground instead and do not count towards the damage. Heroes pushed away this way do not take damage but instead cannot cast spells for 3/6 seconds and suffer from -10/-15 armour penalty. Replaces Thunder Roar.

    Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? The High King of Ironforge - @Manetho's most beloved stuntie - is here! Will you appreciate his craft from afar or risk facing the ire of a dwarfkin?
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