Legacy Update #1: Kel'thuzad, Lichlord of the Damned.

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    As I mentioned in this thread, there will be a new design pattern for all heroes. Liadrin will be a precursor and a total of 17 Faction Leaders will join her to pave the way for the rest of the roster. Today we're talking about none other than Kel'thu-freaking-zad.

    In current LTA Kel'thuzad acts primarily as the guardian of The Book of Medivh, protecting it from the claws of Nathrezim, while supporting his undead minions and necromantic brothers. While the former seems appropriate, the latter is disrespectful towards his fantasy as a merciless lichlord brimming with powers of ice and darkness. As such, he has been remade. Noth will take over the role of Cult's supportive hero.

    Kel'thuzad will not lose his ability to reincarnate into a corporeal form. The ghost form will gain +1 str/lvl which results in a 15% health increase.

    Here's the skillset:

    Attack Range: Ranged (600)

    Role: Disabler, Nuker, Support.
    Starting Health: 550 (post-stats) (does not include Book of Medivh)
    Starting Armour: 3
    Starting Mana: 450 (post-stats)(does not include Book of Medivh)
    Starting Damage: 36-40 (post-stats)
    Starting Attack Speed: 1.5 (4 attacks over 6 seconds)
    Level 1 Strength + Gain: 18 + 1.5
    Level 1 Agility + Gain: 15 + 1
    Level 1 Intelligence + Gain: 30 + 2.2 [PRIMARY]

    [​IMG] [D] [INNATE] [AURA] The Decree of the Scourge. Radius: 800 AoE.

    Kel'thuzad is the creator of Scourge's most important commandments. His mere presence "inspires" the nearby cultists to perform acts thought impossible by others. Increases movement speed by 10% and mana regen by 1.75 per second. Replaces Exhume Corpses.

    [​IMG] [Q] Frost Nova - 130/150/170/190 mana cost. 10s cooldown. Radius: 200 AoE. Cast Range: 800. DAMAGE TYPE: Magical

    Kel'thuzad chills the chosen target to the bone, dealing 50/75/100/125 damage to the target and slowing it by 25/30/35/40% for 2s. The air around the target also gets chilled, causing enemies within 200 AoE around the target to take 100/100/125/125 damage +50% of Kel'thuzad's Intelligence and become slowed as well.
    Average DPS to a single unit: 11.5 (lvl 1)/19.2 (lvl 3)/24.25 (lvl 5)/27.25 (lvl 7) (does not take magic resistance or amplification into account) (assuming you take it at levels 1/3/5/7)
    What changed?: Stronger slow, lower nova frequency, slightly higher damage, intelligence scaling.

    [​IMG] [W] Binding Chains - 110/140/170/200 mana cost. 25/20/17.5/15s cooldown. Radius: 225/250/275/300 AoE. Cast range: 550 DAMAGE TYPE: Magical

    Kel'thuzad freezes opponents within the area, rooting them in place and bringing them closer to his Master's fold. Enemies within 225/250/275/300 AoE will be rooted for 2/2.5/3/3.5 seconds and take 30/36/45/50 damage per second, for a total of 60/90/135/175 damage. Duration is halved against Heroes and Elite Units. Replaces Wise Council.

    [​IMG] [E] Dark Ritual - 0 mana cost. 60/50/40/30s cooldown. Radius: Single target for activation, 400 AoE for shockwave. Cast Range: 350. DAMAGE TYPE: Magical

    Kel'thuzad taps into the chosen friendly undead creature's shadowy energies. Restores 25/50/75/100% of creature's current health as mana and 3.75/7.5/11.25/15% of its current health as hit points for Kel'thuzad and releases a burst of shadow energy out of its corpse, dealing 80/110/140/175 + 100% of Kel'thuzad's Intelligence as damage to enemies and silencing for 3/4/5/6 seconds. Duration is halved vs Heroes and Elite Units.
    Average DPS to a single unit: 1.833 (lvl 1)/2.88 (lvl 3)/4.525 (lvl 5)/7.00 (lvl 7) (does not take magic resistance or amplification into account) (assuming you take it at levels 1/3/5/7)
    What changed?: Stronger mana restoration, added health restoration, higher cooldown, added positioning-based disable + a somewhat significant nuke.

    [​IMG] [R] [ULTIMATE] [CHANNELED] Death & Decay - Duration doubled. Damage rescaled to remain the same. (This means each tick will be half as effective compared to current KT)

    Thoughts? Opinions? Suggestions? The pimplo...err the Lichlord of the Damned is eager to listen to all of them, but if he doesn't like them...

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