Dev Journal #1: LTA Overhauls. Part One.

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    As I might have said in a bunch of threads as well as in the LTA balance one, I'll be making these from time to time.

    Today we're focusing on one of the major areas I'm taking care of: Overhauls.

    What are these?
    Overhauls are multifaction readjustments centered around rebalancing their initial fights and their team strengths. The overhauls I'm taking care of are:

    a) Aura Overhaul:

    - This one will readjust the power of auras across the entire game. Some auras will get much stronger, others weaker, but - with one or two exceptions - all of them will affect only the player who has the aura.

    + This means that certain factions like 4-man Alliance will be considerably weaker as their weaknesses will no longer be covered by an ally's aura.

    + Certain nerfs to auras from the past will be reverted as the auras in question had them applied because of team aspect in the first place.
    + The auras to receive this treatment are:

    • Brilliance Aura
    • Endurance Aura
    • Command Aura
    • Devotion Aura
    • Trueshot Aura
    + The auras to keep their teamwide aspect are:

    • Unholy Aura
    • Plague Aura
    • Thorns Aura
    • Vampiric Aura
    - This will open up some more possibilities to buff or nerf respective players slots as we - as a dev team - will no longer have to take their allies' auras into account.​
    b) Outland Overhaul:

    - This Overhaul focuses on Legion vs DH fight with a potential Illidari incursion. It'll mainly focus on buffing DH, removing its cheese or outright broken abilities, change certain units' price and improve its survival changes by nerfing the most overpowered aspects of Outland Legion, while reworking certain aspects of the fight that currently do not reflect the fantasy of both gameplay and lore in unison.

    - The Burning Legion:
    + Gateways to Twisting Nether are reworked to do the following:

    • For the first 15 mins of the game gates serve only as waypoints for Legion. This is meant to balance DH vs Legion.
    • They can be deactivated and activated by DH, Illidari or Legion. Deactivating through an ability takes 10 seconds and initiates a small voice dialogue the first time it's done.
    • After 15 mins the gates spawn demons every 30s. Illidari and DH get a special demon extra every min if they occupy all 3 gates. Spawning times aren't definite yet, subject to change.
    • Gates cannot be destroyed anymore, only activated or deactivated. Bringing the gate below 500 hp deactivates it.
    • Portal opener can be used to activate the gate and let it act as a 2-way waygate, thus granting more ways of entering Twisting Nether. It will stop its demon spawning function until it's deactivated again.
    • Gates on the Legion's side (Twisting Nether) are always invulnerable to prevent abuse.
    + Kil'jaeden can no longer summon infernals until 15 mins have passed.

    + Legion no longer receives an insane gold reward for Forsaken betrayal.

    • The dreadlords are all granted 2 levels each and earn astral walk research for free.
    • Varimathras remains revivable as long as he's in Outland or Twisting Nether. He'll join Sylvanas if he dies anywhere else.
    + Fel Keepers in Outland have been removed and replaced by Dark Rifts.

    + Kazzak can no longer be recalled by Kil'Jaeden. He can still get out through a gateway.
    + Kazzak cannot leave Outland and Twisting Nether as long as Legion has an ally.
    + Legion can now train special Infernal Contraptions, which can summon Lesser Infernals. Lesser Infernals have 1650 hp and immolation, and last 20s. Limited to 2 Contraptions.
    + Fel Stalkers had their HP improved by 150.
    + Starts with 2 acolytes in Blade's Edge Mountains.
    + Can now summon Dark Rifts via Eredar Summoners. This sacrifices the summoner.
    + All Legion units from the Eredar Summoner's portal had their gold cost reduced by 2.
    + Starting gold increased by 100.
    - Dark Horde: Outland:

    + Starting gold increased by 100.
    + Magtheridon now moves slightly faster. Collision size reduced.
    + Added a CP in the Broken Ones village east of Auchindoun. The CP grants 10g.
    + Added some creeps in said village.
    + Most units had their gold cost reduced by 1-3.
    + Chromatic Drakes (formerly protodrakes) had their gold cost reduced to 50 and build time to 25, but their health has been reduced by 1000 total (this includes Draupne's 500hp nerf). Fel Core carrying form now moves a bit faster.
    + Fel Core AoE damage reduced by 140 total.
    + Magtheridon's fireblast AoE reduced by 75, damage reduced by 75.
    + Death Knight's summon Doomguard ability changes by Draupne have been revised: The doomguards now last 15s and their movement speed has been reduced by 50. Cooldown changed to 100 seconds.
    + Death Knight's Withering Hand damage reduced from 500 (pre-reductions and amplifications) to 300. Now hits 3 targets instead of 2. Damage is further reduced to 200 if Shadow Council activates.
    + Hellfire Citadel's hellfire ability's damage increased by 10. (20 total vs Legion)
    - Dark Horde and Illidari:

    + Black Temple can now train Infernals but only once all 3 Gateways belong to either DH or Illidari.​
    - Illidari:

    + Monetary rewards for Illidari reduced across the board by 100g for each event. In a few cases this removes the gold reward entirely.
    + Added a 150g reward for Illidari for capturing a gate. This can trigger only once for each gate.
    + Illidari now receive a huge 500g bounty for killing Magtheridon. Illidan, Lady Vashj and Kael receive a level as well.
    + Illidari can now capture Hellfire Citadel. If that happens and either Magtheridon is dead or dies, his body will be moved into HC and Illidari will be able to train basic Fel Orcs as long as they hold the citadel. This means they can train Fel Grunts, Fel Spearmen and DH Necrolytes.
    + Hellfire Citadel can now be captured back and forth just like Black Temple.
    + Illidari now start with a stronger army in the Netherstorm.
    + Felblood no longer sacrifice their troops as a gold tribute for Legion. Instead they can sacrifice a unit to open a portal for Legion. These are the same portals as the ones done by Eredar Summoners.

    - This is meant to reshape the Outland fight. Changes are not final, many more things may be readjusted as I deem it fit.​
    This is it for now as otherwise I would spend the next few days writing it. Part Two will be written SoonTM.

    You're free to voice your opinion below. Feedback is also welcome.
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    I agree that you need to take a good hard look at oj.

    Currently Dark Horde is the strongest race by far. Many players cried that legion was going to get nerfed and i agreed full with the changes that Draupne did, since legion is much more balanced compared to the other races now. But in the outland fight he simply doesnt stand a chance against oj if they are both on same skill level. i feel that the siege is the main problem, but it might also be his casters i am unsure. All i know is that something needs to be done.

    Nefarion is by far the best hero in the game and i think he should get a good nerf. Devour magic op, and with brown it just turns into complete cancer. Morgors roar ability on ojs siege can kill most armies in one volley. I would say that good oj's have around 80% winrate if they can get a hold of an ally

    In short nerf oj to the ground
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