24/7 Charity Livestream Via Realm Gaming!

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    Its going to be a scary month, Diplo.

    We've partnered up with Realm Gaming - they're a bunch of red blooded Americans who are trying to build a great new streaming community centered around Blizzard games and E-Sports.


    RealmHatch, the mastermind of the operation, would like to personally invite us to a special charity event this Friday. Every donation received during the course of the stream will go to Mission 22 - an organization that seeks to change the chilling statistic that 22 veterans commit suicide a day in the United States. Mission 22 is dedicated to assisting every veteran develop the tools they need to thrive & reintegrate in the civilian world.

    "Adventurers Beware! Realm’s Hallow’s End continues on Friday October 21st with a 24 hour stream featuring our terrific partner, Mission 22. Join us all night for spooktacular prizes, dancing skeletons, and gameplay that will fuel your nightmares for years. Like, Outlast level creepy.

    We will be giving away awesome Mission 22 gear, a BlizzCon virtual ticket, and gaming gift cards throughout the event, so make sure you hop in chat and say hi! Or erh...boo.

    The event starts Friday October 21 at 8pm EST and will kick off with a huge giveaway! Be there or be square."

    As mentioned, they'll be prizes! And for such a good cause, I hope to see some Diplo'ers there.

    If you have any questions feel free to log onto the discord and tag @ RealmHatch to reach him!

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    That's pretty cool.
    I won't be home tomorrow, unfortunately, otherwise I would have tried to attend.
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    I may have an exercise, but I'll try and show
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