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Nov 7, 2017
Mar 12, 2011
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May 29, 1993 (Age: 24)


The Sane, 24

Map Maker

Waiting Jan 5, 2014

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Nov 7, 2017
    1. Yousef
      1. Sukramo
        " Neltharion was chosen by the Old Gods to be their ultimate tool of destruction and their corruption eventually spread to the entire dragonflight."
        N'Zoth did this as C'thun was sleeping, Yogg was locked up and Y'sharaj was dead.
        Apr 5, 2017
      2. Sukramo
        The Old God forces of N'Zoth work as a team with the Black Dragonflight during Dragon Soul raid. Said corruption and control extends to Nefarian and by exptention--->The Dark Horde.

        420 character limit makes this a bad place to discuss lore.
        Apr 5, 2017
    2. TB500
      Happy Birthday
    3. CNiper
      Hey Sukramo,

      I've moved Genesis into the Minor Section category as you said it was no longer being edited. I would love if you could take some time and create a showcase for the map! I personally enjoy playing it!

      If you ever want to start editing it again, please let me know and I can move the section back.

    4. SteakOnSpear
      "Rhemar seems to understand the feelings of the victim better than old editors who were more more savage and bloodthisty." Hahaha this cracked me up
    5. Sukramo
      1. CaptainAwful
        For what my friend?
        Jul 6, 2014
    6. Headmaster
      Hey Suk i am sorry i hate so much on your.
      but when i read your text is sound like and insult.
      but i agree with you alot of the time.
      but i whould have said the things in a more
      (noob friendly way)

      -Be well
    7. Sukramo
      Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, Queen Aszhara is back in Town.
    8. Darklycan51
    9. Sukramo
      You said 30-1h. It was hosted 61 min later. It was too late.
    10. Darklycan51
      Lol you didn't even try it, you're afraid to try it because you will see it's better than AE right?
    11. Sukramo
      By now it is too late.
    12. Darklycan51
      Well it's now uploaded under the name of Azeroth Wars SE A1 test it if you wish you may get a surprise or 2.
    13. Darklycan51
      Suk in some minutes (30 to 1 hour) i will be uploading AZEROTH WARS NEW LEGACY Alpha 1 to makemehost :-) just wanting you to know so you can test it and see it youself with your eyes all the shit i had to do.
    14. Darklycan51
      Now that you're at the dark side come to the NL forums (?)
    15. Darklycan51
      Because i'm doing pretty much everything they must have done in like 3 years, you know war3 won't die in like 5 more years so why not support a project that will end up giving warcraft 3 some more extra days, also with hive showing azothan support we may get a lot more of aw players.
    16. Sukramo
      Why would I support further division of an already half dead community?
    17. Darklycan51
      I love how you complain about AW for 3 years and when someone steps up and remakes basically half of azeroth wars you don't even like/comment/or at least suggest anything for it and just ignore it :<, i can't take your criticism anymore
    18. Darklycan51
    19. Darklycan51
      Sukra what do you think of this Idea i have for teal:
      Between masteries he can choose one of these two things:
      Either gets to build a defiled fountain
      or a summoner.

      Requires: Mastery
      cost : 50 gold
      Has a 45 second cd ability that allows you to summon 18 units from anywhere to the summoner.

      you can unsummon it and make another one where you choose.

      what do you say? it can help with the demon portal's thingy.
    20. Darklycan51
      Hey, could you send me a pm with things you consider in need of improvements from version 1.67b (which i'm using as a base) i don't remember that version very well and could get some help in improvements (about units and such)
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    May 29, 1993 (Age: 24)
    Supreme editor in charge of Azeroth Wars Genesis.


    "New opinions are always suspected, and usually opposed without any other reason but because they are not already common" - John Locke
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