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Apr 28, 2017 at 2:01 AM
Apr 25, 2008
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The age of Zalthor is over. Apr 16, 2017

EagleMan was last seen:
Apr 28, 2017 at 2:01 AM
    1. cell_destroyer
      It's nine o clock on a Saturday...
      The regular crowd logs in
      There's an old Jim sitting next to me
      Making love with nuts on his chin

      He says "Eagle can you host me a greece
      I'm not really sure how it goes
      But it's sad and it's sweet
      And i blew it complete
      When i wore a younger man's clothes.."

      La la la, lirida.. Lala, lirida.. lada..
      1. cell_destroyer
        Ruin us a game you're the Eagle Man
        Ruin us a game tonight
        Well we're all in the mood for an enthropy
        And you've got us feeling all spite

        Now jim at the bar is a friend of mine
        He gets me my drinks for free
        And he's quick with a joke or to light up your smoke
        But there's some girl that he'd rather be with
        Apr 23, 2017 at 7:34 PM
      2. cell_destroyer
        He says "Cell, i believe this is killing me"
        As a smile ran away from his face
        "Well, i'm sure that i could be a fuckboy
        If i could get out of this place"

        Ruin us a game you're the Eagle Man
        Ruin us a game tonight
        Well we're all in the mood for an enthropy
        And you've got us feeling all spite
        Apr 23, 2017 at 7:35 PM
    2. cell_destroyer
      The Age of EagleMen is over. The time of the Orc has come.
      1. Hannibal likes this.
    3. EagleMan
      The age of Zalthor is over.
    4. The_Phalanx
      It occurs to me that you have never once given out a rating.
      1. EagleMan
        I have accidentally, or only for temporary purposes then I delete them. Still a very rare event regardless.
        Apr 15, 2017
    5. EagleMan
      how did Steak misspell "rating" when the word has been right there?
    6. cell_destroyer
      Leaving you on the note
      That knowledge is to know the ledge
      Before you fall over the edge
      Into the devils so called "CIVILIZATION"
      Or into despair of ignorance
      The difference between that ledge and that edge
      Is that that ledge is the tip of the edge
      And that edge is the border between life and death
      1. cell_destroyer
        That's all we have left..
        Shoot skills out your brains before you have breaths
        DOM DOM competitor
        Be the reverend and also the Greece editor!
        Etcetera!, come better-ta! to heat your black ass up like a sweater-ta!
        To shoot you.. to the mystical magical EagleMan in motion - God!
        Apr 10, 2017
      2. cell_destroyer
        Blends into my skin like lotion
        Do this thing all day on the daily swing styles like Barnum and Bailey
        Dom Dom drops the bomb bomb keeping it calm calm..
        Register now
        Knowledge Knowledge People.. Peace!
        Apr 10, 2017
    7. EagleMan
      One more day before I do any Diplo related work
      1. War4life
        make me admin when

        i wish to delete forum
        Apr 9, 2017
    8. EagleMan
      and Steak too, I guess they were made for each other. Time to divorce and reup Abdel
      1. ABDeL likes this.
    9. EagleMan
      wow look at Abdel, his is the only upside down avatar, what a weirdo
      1. ABDeL likes this.
    10. cell_destroyer
      In the kitchen....
      Flip a bird, flip a bird, flip a bird
      In the kitchen...

      Said I'm here for money making, I've done lost 'bout all my patience
      Beat almost all my cases, thought I'd covered up all my bases
      Bitches try to play you to some how, some way you figure it out
      You fuck with Jay Z's bitch from back in the day
      You might end up with reasonable doubt
      You fuck with grimey bitches
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      2. cell_destroyer
        Just when a nigga thought it couldn't get worse
        The hearse reversed; scooped my cuz up after grandma left Earth
        That recent shit, I was a young and bummy piece of shit, cursed
        No decent kicks cause mom kept enough of that snow to ski in her purse
        No father, Jux passed me my first gun, revolver
        With the serial carved up, Real showed me my first jump, I'm a barber
        Shaving the crack, after weighing the crack
        Mar 4, 2017
      3. cell_destroyer
        An then placing the crack in 12 12's
        I ain't play with the crack, I was making up stacks
        All day I just sat in the kitchen... bringing it back
        Now I'm tryna do my thing with this rap
        Mar 4, 2017
      4. cell_destroyer
        Hope this works, trying to flip words so my homies
        Ain't gotta flip birds On the curb
        Then black on a yellow belly coward homie feel like Pittsburgh
        Lord I thank you, for making me able to find my way through
        If not I be back at my momma's table in the kitchen...
        Mar 4, 2017
    11. EagleMan
      mmm I have a use for you Diplo
    12. cell_destroyer
      Post traumatic stress, I wear it as a family crest
      I murder at its best, words that'll manifest causing cardiac arrest
      Budapest to Marrakesh, my slang Bangladesh
      My gang’s Clarence X, I'm life after death, the last Levine X
      Lettin' every other rapper know they better wear a vest
      I'm pulling in two hundred thousand for appearances
      I wrote a song about it, here it is, yo
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      2. cell_destroyer
        When it came time for the pictures in the yearbook
        I was up in Paris like an American werewolf
        Years later, yo I'm an American hero verse evil like
        Deerhoof, if I let the bear woof
        They don't recognize me when I'm shopping up in Berdgdorf
        They just know I'm flier than the motherfucking airport
        Therefore they say I'm a sartorial gear whore, yeah
        Jan 19, 2017
      3. cell_destroyer
        Underground, underrated, y'all keep digging for answers, like the route to cancer
        I keep turning Preemo beats into chemo treatments, I keep wiggin' like a oop to Andrew
        I'm clumsy when I shoot, oops, I bet your crew'll scrambled
        I don't write for limelight, I shine the rhyme light down then I'll produce a scandal
        Jan 19, 2017
      4. cell_destroyer
        Getting closer to that real money like Gayle King (That's Oprah's friend)
        I think of nightmares that'll ruining your dreams
        And I just went shopping in China, yeah I flew with the team
        Fuck a translator, I speak fluent, cha-ching
        Y'all holding shit down with that selfie stick
        I'm fly in some shit out of Harvey Nichols and Selfridges
        Jan 19, 2017
    13. cell_destroyer
      I'm handlin' you frauds
      These wounded ass niggas, I rap circles around 'em
      I'm bandages and gauze
      Crooked trap 'round clowns, this rap circus surrounds 'em
      But I'm havin' a menage
      Fuckin' with the rap game, and the trap game
      I'm managin' my odds
      Man these rappers out here reachin', your arms are too short
      Take the boxing gloves off, hand 'em to the gods
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      2. cell_destroyer
        These niggas might play cray, try slay me
        Off my mic vacay, call it right, it's mayday
        Right footed melee, strapped a light AK
        Every bar get in the face like Ice JJ
        Do it for Em, my squad do it for Bundles
        Could've been copped the Phantom, bought the Benz bein' humble
        Still, the nickel plate is known to get 'em situated
        It's return fire, even when Joey initiate it
        Jan 10, 2017
      3. cell_destroyer
        How I feel about these rap niggas? Fuck 'em all
        Drake rhyme about these bitches, I just fuck 'em all
        A hundred guns, jeans big enough to tuck 'em all
        Banana clips, fully automatic, you can't duck 'em all
        Cause when it's gats involved, bodies'll fall
        From the sky, could really be rainin' cats and dogs
        Jan 10, 2017
      4. cell_destroyer
        It's Joey, nicer than any rapper you rockin' to
        Call a spade a spade, nigga try to follow suit
        I'm trying to murder the microphone
        Bring it back to life, I murder that microphone
        Too many big dogs, not enough barkin' yet
        (That was part uno, this is part two though)
        Jan 10, 2017
    14. Burden
      Long live god emperor Eagleman
    15. TheVinylRaider
      Aguilucho you need to release a new version of ISH now for new year when everyone will have vacation, just a couple of minor changes to fool the masses. They'l think its a new product and ISH will be hyped once again.
      1. EagleMan
        I don't have the unprotected versions, only Poot
        Dec 29, 2016
    16. cell_destroyer
      Since breast-feeding, my flesh-eating flows had the
      best leading rappers' chests beating, fast
      Best dash, leave and lit your head, when I spit it's said like you're being hit with lead
      Pipes with spikes that'll rip to shreds
      You and your men Jack can sit back
      From the impact like I was sitting strapped when napalm buried your skin, cat
      1. View previous comments...
      2. cell_destroyer
        I aim raps like I aim gats to the head
        Where said to make a lame cat's brains splat, leavin' remains on the train track
        I'mma stalk your boys, travel like a Tomahawk
        Eat'em so bad, you'll think it's Dahmer's fort the way they find the corpse
        And wild lames get migraines like the sun of hot flames, they bought frames tinted or their eye drains
        Dec 1, 2016
      3. cell_destroyer
        Speakers blow and the beat, it flows
        Start reachin' those peeps at shows, making each of my foes decompose
        Thoughts of anger, those in my torture chamber, I abort with hangers
        Brave Eaglemen get bitch-smacked
        I click-clack, spit fast shit at your six-pack make your ribs crack and cave in (yeah)
        This is Percee P, every verse with me's like Murder in the First Degree, disperse and flee!
        Dec 1, 2016
      4. TheVinylRaider
        Why is cell's profile blocked?
        Dec 29, 2016
    17. cell_destroyer
      Lyrical murderer, blame Rakim
      I'm a sniper shooting my way into your lame top 10
      Pistol at your head if I ain't next to Eminem
      Then I bust in your face like I'm fucking Lil' Kim
      Niggas better pray to the lyrical lord
      That I fall off like the umbilical cord before I fill up the morgue
      This is how a killer record
      With the double-edged triple syllable sword, I'm iller than or-
      dinary, see I'm a literary genius
      1. cell_destroyer
        This is lyrical murder
        Me and every track have a physical merger
        When I stab it in the chest I'mma bit of a curver
        So it bleeds to death, like the middle of a unfinished burger
        Or sometimes I wrap my hand around his throat
        Cause he think his kick is slick or his little snare is dope
        Shoot the bass in the face but sometimes I carry a rope
        To hang the piano keys when they hitting every note
        Nov 24, 2016
    18. cell_destroyer
      Banjoball, greece, world war one games
      Drinking beer, kicking ass and taking down names
      With the top-down, get around, shooting the line
      Summer is here and jimmy's feeling fine

      But jimmy can't read
      Summer is over and he's gone to seed
      Jimmy can't read
      He never learned nothin' that he'll ever need
      1. cell_destroyer
        Well, jimmy can dance and jimmy can love
        Jimmy can push and jimmy can shove
        Jimmy can hang out; jimmy can talk tough
        Jjimmy can get down and jimmy can throw up

        But jimmy can't read
        He never learned nothin that he'll ever need
        Well, is it teacher's fault oh no!
        Is it eagle's fault? oh no!
        Is it diplo's fault? oh no!
        Well is it johnny's fault? ohhhhh nooooo!
        Nov 6, 2016
    19. cell_destroyer
      Let it rain, let it rain, to be put it pain
      With nothin' to gain under the Wrath of Kane
      Cause you can't maintain, I drained every brain
      To leave a stain plain to remain in my lane
      Or path or road, until the next episode
      Let the B-I-G, D-A-double-D-Y explode
      Just like a bomb in Vietnam, so hit the alarm
      Or be funky like a underarm
      1. View previous comments...
      2. cell_destroyer
        I'm just that ruthless, to leave ya toothless
        Cause you're useless, makin up excuses, excuses
        So never touch, tap, tangle or tamper
        A fearless fly foe'll get slapped with a Pamper
        Cause I can dig in your face like root canal
        But I'mma chill, won't even dispute you now
        Actin wild just ain't my style
        Cause only the live will be movin the crowd but see
        Oct 30, 2016
      3. cell_destroyer
        Quiet as kept, not like a star to you
        But I can roast an MC like a barbecue
        In the Dead Zone, you shouldn't have left home
        Steppin' to the man, now get the head flown
        I bring the terror, horror, there's no tomorrow
        Child you shouldn't even bother
        To press up, and get broken like a Lee nail
        So let me school ya plus scoop your female
        Oct 30, 2016
      4. cell_destroyer
        Just like a jiggalo but I'm much bigger though
        I'm like a hitman, pullin the trigger slow
        And smooth to the groove with lyrics that soothe
        And improve with every move, that's why you've
        Been enhanced by the mentally divine
        So play football, and let's go the nine
        And for you to diss me, will be very risky
        Cause I make this be, as strong as whiskey
        Oct 30, 2016
    20. cell_destroyer
      I'm wearing a.. fur pyjamas
      I ride.. a hot potata
      It's tickling... my fancy
      Speak up! I can't hear you

      Here on this mountaintop, woahoho
      I got some wild, wild life
      I got some news to tell you, woahoho
      About some wild, wild life
      Here come the doctor in charge, woahoho
      She's got some wild, wild life
      Ain't that the way you like it? woahoho
      Living wild, wild life
      1. cell_destroyer
        I wrestle...with your conscience
        You wrestle... with your partner
        Sittin' on a window sill, but he
        Spends his time behind closed doors!

        Check out mr businessman, oh oh oh
        He bought some wild, wild life
        On the way to the stock exchange, oh oh oh
        He got some wild, wild life!
        Break it up when he opens the door, oh oh oh
        He's doing wild, wild life
        I knoooow that's the way eagle likes it, oh oh oh
        Living wild, wild
        Oct 8, 2016
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