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  1. In-Development LoC - Rise of Ellesai

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    Current Version: 1.15 Current State: Beta Map Genre: Diplomacy/Altered RTS Game Features Rise of Ellesai is a diplomacy style maps combining aspects of Empire, Europa, and Europa Before Rome along with its own unique systems. The game features five different forces that make up the States of Ellesai and each state has two unique forces -- the Capital City and the Military. Capital City forces are tasked with conquering the fewer but wealthier Towns and Cities that dot the swamps of Ellesai. Furthermore, the State Capitals are the centers of Diplomacy and thus it is the Capital City players who control the ability to create Alliances or sign Non-aggression pacts. The armies of the Capital City are made up the professional soldiers of the city along with of retinues of elite troops and overall tend to use newer warfare technologies. Military forces are tasked with conquering of the greater but relatively poorer Castles scattered throughout Ellesai. These castles have been built along borders and in places of interest and thus form natural barriers against invasion when properly built up and supported. While the Capital Cities are tasked with Diplomacy, it is the job of the Militaries to entrench the surrounding lands through the use of the Castles and Border Forts. The armies of the Militiaries are made up of the more common levy units but also may bring forth powerful specialist native to their states. The States of Ellesai - The State of Walrussia Walrussia is reknown...
  2. Rise of China Remix 2.0

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    NOTICE: There are hacked versions of Rise of China called "RiseOfChina2.0BFINAL" and "RiseOfChina2.0BOfficial" hosted on MMH, and it was made by some hupanzee named Jarus. It contains cheats for himself and his friends. THE OFFICIAL VERSION AS OF NOW IS "RiseofChina2.1A" About: Rise of China Remix 2.1 What am I supposed to be doing? You need to conquer South East Asia in order to build a vast empire. Coincidentally you need a vast empire to conquer South East Asia. What nations can I play as? The list of nations goes as follows: >India >Malaysia >Burma >Vietnam >Tibet >Xinjiang >Chengdu >Guangzhou >Hangzhou >Mongolia >Shanghai >Qingdao >Beijing >Korea >Indonesia* >Philippines* >Japan* * '-sea' mode must be enabled by the host (red) How does the counter system work? Essentially there are four main units that will constitute the basis of your army. As pictured below from left to right with their corresponding prerequisite. Infantry, Calvary, Archer and Soldier. Now the combat hierarchy between them goes like this; >Infantry (Melee) counters Archer (Ranged) >Archer (Ranged) counters Soldier (Ranged) >Soldier (Ranged) counters Calvary (Melee) >Calvary (Melee) counters Infantry (Melee) As you can see, these four counters are logically interdependent as a basic concept, with this in mind, it's foolish to leave any army absent of one or more of these types. Militant pictured bottom right. The Militant is the most basic unit in the game, and requires nothing but...
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  3. Azeroth Reimagined

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    In short Azeroth A World Reborn is a Grand Strategy Sandbox RPG set in a alternate Azeroth together with a alternate Outland map. Featuring customizable factions, beautiful advance environments and custom Heroes. The Grand Strategy Sandbox RPG of this game come from the fact that you spawn into this world with in a randomly selected location with no clue about your surrounding other than the layout. You are immediately faced with the choice of picking your faction, which in turns gives you a shit ton of choices later on how you want the faction to play like. On your first play-through you may end up as the Mage-Empire of controlling the North Kingdoms or the you may end up as the Dwarven-Giant Vikings from the Land of the South Seas with different units available for you. Now that you shit your pants about the amount of failures you can do within the first minute of gameplay you now can explore your surroundings and build your first base, if your lucky you may find a player nearby who wants you as their ally, or you could be unlucky to find a trio of pros ready to gank your sorry ass. The lands you will explore in this game is not the regular static zones you find in other game, the land actually affects your units in positive or negative ways. You enter a zone which is snowy and cold, this could mean that your soldiers freezes and have a lower movement speed than normal or you may enter a desert which due to lower amount of food and water makes your units...
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  4. Fall of Quel'Thalas

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    Fall of Quel'Thalas is a strategy map that utilizes an old income system from Azeroth Wars Strategy of main bases granting gold. The map takes us back in time to the conflict between the High Elves and the Scourge right after Lordaeron's Fall. The map is split to be a fight of 6 vs 4 (Elves vs Scourge) + 2 AI players (one on each side). The AI is supposed to stimulate the offense / defense of Undead / Elven forces and grant the game some minimal tempo. Income system: Base-based over time. On-kill bounty and income buildings for Scourge and Forsaken. Spell hotkey system used: QWERDF. Revivable heroes: Yes. Unrevivable heroes: Yes. Events: Yes. Wildcards: Yes. Naval Combat: Yes. Aerial Combat: Yes. Quel'Thalas Elven Team consists of 6 players + 1 AI to stimulate the battlefield. Each of them controls a major area and has a different set of tasks to do. Farstriders Silvermoon City Forces of Silvermoon [AI] Sunstrider Dynasty Forest's Watch Ranger Corps Troll Hunters The Plague of Undeath - The Scourge Undead Team consists of 4 players + 1 AI to stimulate the battlefield. Each of them features a unique race and different set of tasks. All undead players can activate a special trigger: if they kill one of Windrunner Sisters, they'll transform her into a wretched Dark Ranger bound to Arthas' will. Dark Rangers can be released by unleashing their souls represented by an item. The Scourge The Wretched Nathrezim of Tichondrius Nerubians of Anub'Rekhan Forces of...
  5. Hero Push

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    Hero Push 3.53 Public Version. Hotkeys: QWER ASDF YXCV - based on German KB. CMDs: -cam xxxx (3000 is preset) -afk (1 full control, 2 movement) Setup: 2v2v2v2. 1 Hero & autospawning units 20% is controlable. Red & Blue Vs Teal & Purple Vs Yellow & Orange Vs Green & Pink 1 Team in each corner of the map, battles in bases and on the 4(8) lines. At the start there will be a vote of All Random Heroes + 1 -repick or Singel Draft 1(2) of 4 randomed no repicks. Heroes start with 3 Items: (3)Scroll of Town Portal (Instant TP to your base for hero only) Enhanced Amulet +5stats & Boots of Speed+40 After you have your heroes your first objective is to kill your Hartog Worshipper (The starting creep). You start at Tier 0 with militas. Tier 1 (T1) cost 1000 Tier 2 (T2) cost 1350 T3 2250 T4 4000 T5 10.000 On T5 you can also open the Sky Portal 7000 for a racial air unit. You can pick one of the 8 races and swap to another race on the same tier as your currently on: Human (Y) Racial upgrade: Sofistication: 5dmg, 1armor. Orc (X) Racial upgrade: Berserker Strenght: 5dmg, 80health. Night Elf (C) Racial upgrade: Improved Range: 5dmg, 25range. Undead (V) Racial upgrade: Frenzy: 7% attackspeed, 15movement. Naga (F) Racial upgrade: Deep Sea Magic: 70mana, mana-reg. Demon (D) Racial upgrade: Blood Thirst: 3dmg, 3%attackspeed, 5movement, 30health. Blood Elves (S) Racial upgrade: Sunwell Essence: 4dmg, 40health, 40mana. Beasts (A) Racial upgrade: Beastly Rage: 4dmg, 4%attackspeed,...
  6. The War of Worlds

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    From the dark sides of the universe, dimensional rifts come back and forth. The balance was kept until these became larger and larger. Worlds started to connect together more and more often the time was passing. Multiple war cries emerge from each of every separate universe, which would become one. The greatest war of the history just started, and you are one of these warlords ready to fight to thrive during this harsh time, to defend your home world ... or simply dominate all beings !!! Now commander, destroy your foes, forge alliances, steal other worlds's knowledge, exalt the might of your legacy, and finally be triumphant of what it'll be called... The war of Worlds General ► 12 Players ► 10 Playable "Worlds", each have their own color ► 300 of food for army (epic battle without to be too laggy) (can be edited IG) ► Simplified Gameplay, but more brutal at macro-management ► Gameplay axed on Booming, like Age of empire II ► Free for all at default, alliances can be enabeled ► Spectate Commands ► Control Points optional mode ► Death match optional mode Gameplay There's the different aspects of the map ► Worlds : Up to 10, these completely different tech trees allow you to explore very numerous strategies of each. They have strengths, weaknesses and unique abilities. ► Portal : At the start of the game, you can pick anywhere to spawn with your wisp. Once your portal built, pick a world. Then, you get starting units and buildings to be ready (10 workers, 2 income/food...
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