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The 'Show Me' Game

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Inspired by a game on another forum I by chance found in one of my random hunter gatherer searches of the intercunts for theoretical enlightenment... (nah just kidding, I was looking for pics of British flags and big tits)...The 'Show Me' Game goes as follows;


1: The OP (i.e me) posts a picture showing something random...




1a: The OP then asks for someone to "Show me an orange" underneath their own picture...


2: Whoever gets there first, posts a picture of an orange...




2a: The person who posted the orange then asks the same question "Show me Organised Chaos."





And the thing goes, so on and so forth, sunrise, sunset, rinse and repeat.



The pictures that can be posted in response to the requests can also be open to interpretation, so like if someone asked "Show me an Orange" someone else might come along and be a smart arse and post the picture of the Prince of Orange.





So I shall get the ball rolling...




Show me a noble Conservative.

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