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Trisian's Benefactors (Verilio Baledwyr)

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Trisian walked back and forth in his tiny hut. A few folks have complained one too many times about blowing up several workshops. Hell, they may even suspect him of something. He didn't want to be imfamous, or, at least, more known then the Sharptusk Tiger Company is in regards to them setting forests on fire. Trisian had destroyed four large workshops in Ulmmarch, exploded from the inside from his experiments with bombs. His "insurance" was not quite as happy either to have a man-- er, half elf such as Trisian under their care.

"I... I need my own workshop," he'd say to Pookie the goblin inside the small hut. "Yes, yes... with a workshop, I can even have you three work in it!" He said it with glee, looking at Snugie and Herkle as well. He then nodded, "No, not a sweatshop, just a workshop... a... research lab." He looked up, then to his hands. He recently started his training as a cleric of the Forge to further his research into explosive weaponry and the such. "But... who? Nevarth is out of the question, and Anders was flat out robbed and became a hermit for lords know how long... Ah, that... that man!"

Trisian took out his quill and paper, and started to write on the poor wooden table in the hut.

"To the honorable Corporal Verilio Baledwyr, of the house of Baledwyr,

I, Trisian Ronan, formally request you to be my benefactor in opening a workshop and research lab in the vicinity of Ulmmarch to further understand the explosives and firearms used in our recent skirmishes and constant campaign in protecting Ulmmarch from enemies far and wide. I understand that you possess a [REDACTED] rifle and have extensive experience with gunpowder and the such, as well as being a scion of the prestigious house of Baledwyr. This is why I chose to contact you, my honorable Verilio. I expect a small payment of 2,000 gold pieces to kick start an area and construction, although I promise you that such gold will be used to great effect and that you will become famous beyond measure as my benefactor.

From, your compatriot, Cpl. Trisian Ronan"

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