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Coming of the Horde 23.1 Released!

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Download it here:




23.1 Changelog

- Fixed a bug with Kurdran.
- Darius can no longer knockback Towers.
- Increased the armor increase of Dueler's Blade from 8 to 10 seconds.
- Reduced the cooldown of Dueler's Blade from 60 to 45 seconds.
- Increased the base stats of Darius Crowley.
- Increased the armor of Blackhand's Bodyguards from 3/5/7/9 to 7/9/11/13.
- Increased the health of of Blackhand's Bodyguards by 10 per level.
- Increased the base healing of Blackhand's Bodyguards from 4 to 6 per second.
- Increased the armor of Turok's Spirit from 7/9/11 to 9/13/17.
- Increased the base healing of Turok's Spirit to 8/10/12 per second.
- Increased the healing of Griselda's Urukal's Essence to 1/2/3/4% of her maximum life + 10% of her agility.
- Increased the critical strike and evasion of Timber Wolves from 25% and 0% to 35% and 45% respectively.
- Increased the AOE of Gelbin's Sentry Gun slightly.

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