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DiploCom Project: Season 2

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I need to spend a little more time editing these after I read through them on mobile, but thank you! 

ywo1vkI.jpgDiplocom forces had made landfall in Australia. The facility had been located by local resistance forces, and Diplocom would launch a light


Crack troops were readied. Our equipment was lacking, owing to having accidentally sent it on covert operation, but otherwise things looked good. 



The landing put the team within earshot of the ADVENT forces. 


However, being within earshot did nothing to help the ADVENT fireteam patrolling outside the building, whose first indication of trouble was the violent eruption of the tree they had stopped to chat beside. 



Followed immediately by several short and disciplined bursts of assault rifle fire. 




A nearby alien patrol took notice immediately, counterattacking and binding pona with another one of their strange and concerning constructs. 


To add oil to the rapidly erupting fire of this firefight, an enormous alien appeared on the teams scopes, coming in hot from the north east. 


Nodle provided it with the old war crime soup. 



The creature moved on our turn, which panicked nodle and pona. 



So much so that he... Took cover and opened fire at it? Panicked, predicted my orders, call it what you will. 



The team dumped ammunition into it, as it closed closer and closer to the fireteam. 


By the time it finally reached the line, however, it decided to pursue employment elsewhere, opening a psychic portal and retreating. 


The team was bewildered, mildly wounded and somewhat lighter on munitions, but otherwise fine. The mission would go on. 


The team moved to the door, and breached in a clean operation. The facility was strangely deserted, considering the scale of battle that had just occurred. 


Units that Spank had cleared out with his sniper rifle were all that inhabited this place. 


Finally, another patrol from the other side of the base made itself known. 


Burden made gratuitous use of a sword. 


While the rest of the team mopped up the other aliens. 


The charges were planted. 


And the team extracted fully and cleanly, wounded but alive. 


The aliens had unleashed another wunderwaffen on us, but we were not found wanting. 


The thought of losing nodle had put a strange fear in Burden. We have nothing to fear but fear itself, I suppose. 


The non diplo troops assassinated someone with a little help from a couple of diplo operatives. 


The only notable event from that mission was phal punching a woman in the face, kidnapping her, and giving the assassin the middle finger. Oh and ordo was covered in 3rd degree burns when a flame trooper discovered the word of allah. 


Next person to join diplocom is a lieutenant sharpshooter! 

And that leaves us where that last screenshot was. The rookie mission launches soon! Give me your names! Join the army, we need you! 



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Bors has fallen, but I'm sure his brother Baledwyr would gladly take his place.

Also if the Templar is customizable, or if you can get an extra Templar, make me the a Templar and send me forth to psi blade the Xenoes to death. Just free up my current Grenadier for someone else.

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I think I can recruit a new one that's customizable if I kill the warlock. Anyone want to take a veteran grenadier slot? 


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