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MakeMeHost posts its epitaph

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RIP 2010 - 2018

The 1.30.2 patch enabled everyone to host without the struggles of port forwarding or connection issues but at the same time disabled hostbots on official realms.

While I think this is generally a good thing, Blizz could have left it to the people to decide if they want to continue using the bots. Bots kept the game active and created great custom game communities for the past decade, when there were almost no patches and the game was practically abandoned by its developers.

Farewell brothers, thanks for all the good times we had...



Maize · BloodyGuY · B4rt0 · aRt)Y

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MMH had a great purpose, but nothing lasts forever.

It's better to let go and embrace the future.

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They had a Linkin Park song playing when I posted this, anyone remember what it was?

22 hours ago, Talinn said:

I thought this came online in like 2012-2013.

It's probably just the earliest form of the service for them, not necessarily when it came into being as it was in its modern form. The domain at least was registered in 2010.

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