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Diplomunion invades NIGHTBANE-TBC!

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Greetings members of Diplomunion

A world of fire and brimstone awaits our mightiest heroes beyond the great portal in Nightbane, a private TBC remastered World of Warcraft server being released on November 30th under management of Sunwell.pl. . We'd absolutely love if more people joined the core group of colonists who aim to plant the <Diplomunion> banner FOR THE HORDE in Outland. 

Discord ID - Race - Raiding Spec & Class - Role - Profession

  1. @Abdel  - Orc/Undead - Prot Warrior - Tank - Skinning/Mining
  2. @Krotos - - Blood Elf - 
  3. @Ordo - Meme Orc- Warlock
  4. @Mace - Rogue
  5. @Amber - Blood Elf - Holy Paladin - Healer - Mining/Jewelcrafting
  6. @Mace - Undead - Rogue
  7. @Arthos - Orc - Shaman
  8. @Talinn - Troll - Disc Priest
  9. @BillyMays  - Undead - Priest - Healer
  10. @CNiper  -

How to join?

  1. Join the Discord chat and let me know what class/race you plan to roll
  2. Register on sunwell.pl's website: https://sunwell.pl/register
  3. Download the TBC client here: https://download.sunwell.pl/Sunwell.pl-World-of-Warcraft-Win-TBC.torrent
  4. Install any addons you'd like before launch on November 30th. 

Why should I join?

A lot of core Diploers are playing and its a great way to meet new people or spend more time with people you already know. This is also a TBC remaster so some quality of life improvements, such as graphics, have been added to the game. 

Additionally with WoW remaster around the corner, this will help give you a taste of what to expect in terms of time commitment and grinding so you can gauge how much fun you will have with WoW Remastered. Vanilla was a lot more grindy and less rewarding when it came to gear than Burning Crusade, so if you end up not liking TBC but planned on playing Vanilla, playing with us would end up saving you a ton of money and will help keep your nostalgic memories intact. 

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On 11/16/2018 at 12:52 AM, Baledwyr said:

Does it still require you to buy the base retail subscription?

This is a private server so its 100% free. 

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58 minutes ago, Baledwyr said:

I'm in. 

In like last time or actually in? xD

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