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Greece Changelog & Download

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The changelog for all versions can be found here.

1.6h download.

1.6g download.

1.6f download.

If you download the linked map to the right folder (on Windows it will be C:\Users\YOURPC\Documents\Warcraft III\Maps\Download) and then have to download the map again in WC3, it is extremely likely you are playing a hacked version. You can also detect hacked versions by seeing mismatches in the file names and the display names, for example, you host a map on MakeMeHost named Greece 1.0c but in WC3 it displays as 1.0b. It is common for hackers to insert cheatpacks into the map and attempt to pass off their version as the real one.

This thread is purposefully locked - new comments will be made only to announce the release of new, official versions. Please create dedicated threads for feedback concerning any changes.


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