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Legends of the Second War - Changelog & Download

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View the changelog, download links and import credits here. That link will also contain the changelog for any unreleased version. This thread will be bumped with a post containing the version changelog and download for any new version released.


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2.01a - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/299564/

Changed the color of Lordaeron from Snow to Light Blue

Changed the color of the Bleeding Hollow Clan from Light Blue to Green

Changed the duration of summoned Sea Elementals (via Hydromancer) from 60s to 40s

Changed the limit of Dragonriders from 12 to 4

Changed the limit of Troll Batriders from 12 to 6

Changed the limit of Dragonhawk Riders from 12 to 6

Changed the limit of Red Dragons from 4 to 3

Added invulnerable rocks to Alterac detailing when Alterac will join, also serves to limit how far in Alterac can be camped

The Cleric’s Neutralize ability can now affect enemy summons, dealing 200 damage to them

Cleaned up under the hood techtree stuff, may possibly generate a few bugs

Changed lumber cost of Goblin Sapper from 75 to 150

Changed cooldown of Place Goblin Land mine from 120 to 180s

Changed health of Goblin Zeppelin from 1000 to 800

Gave the Chaplain the Arcanist custom icon (both share the same model)

Changed cast range of Consecrate from 600 to 700

Changed cast range of Holy Armor from 650 to 700

Changed Holy Armor armor boost from 8 to 3 and made it so it increases HP regen by 5/s

Changed Warmage attack range from 600 to 650

Fixed Orgrim Harbor not providing 100g a turn / reduced Twilight’s Hammer base income by 100

Updated Chaplain/Cleric upgrade tooltips

Removed Holy Light from Terenas for a Healing Wave ability, reordered abilities so the heal is on E like other chain heals

Updated the tooltip and created a custom buff for the Lordaeron Crown and ability; values unaffected

Lordaeron can now construct Gilneas-type Gyrocopters, limit 8. One placed at Caer Darrow

Updated buff icon and tooltip for Redemption aura

Gave 2 Frigates and 1 Juggernaut for Blackrock on his eastern port (had only Transport Ships before)

Changed damage cap for Orgrim/Aiden Shockwaves from no limit to 2000 + 500 per level

Removed Warmages from Lordaeron and added Hydromancers

Removed Mastery upgrade from Dalaran, which improved Crushing Wave damage cap by 300 and Healing Wave heal by 15. Crushing Wave now does base 900 max damage (from 600) and Chain Heal does its level 2 upgrade as its base.

Fixed Fire Maiden upgrade position (only was an issue after researching Hydromancers)

Reduced Arcanist HP increase from caster upgrades from 100 to 40 to match other caster upgrades

Most Horde casters have base 425 or 450 HP; Arcanist HP changed from 390 to 425, Priest from 325 to 425, Fire Maiden from 350 to 425, Sorceress from 350 to 425, Chaplain from 370 to 425, Hydromancer from 405 to 425, Crystal Maiden from 435 to 550

Changed Flying Sheep Polymorph mana cost from 75 to 50 and cast range from 500 to 700 and cooldown from 10s to 5s

Changed Scroll of Resurrection gold cost from 400 to 1000

Changed Scroll of Animate Dead cost from 400 to 800, changed stock maximum from 2 to 1, and raised units are no longer invulnerable

Fixed Stormreaver Clan not being able to build Watch Towers

Changed Elven Swordsman gold cost from 90 to 115 gold

Changed Troll Warrior gold cost from 175 to 150 gold

Fixed Dwarves not being able to construct Gryphon Aviaries

Changed Rifleman Buckshot cooldown from 12 to 20s

Added a Dwarf Mage unit that has a basic weak Heal and Abolish Magic and attacks faster and for more damage than other basic Alliance casters except for the Warmage

Fixed Keg Spray not working and swapped its position with the W spell, Wildhammer Fury

Disabled leaver income redistribution for now until I implement a system for a team to activate it at will

Adding pathing blockers to Thandol Span that won’t affect ship crossing but reduces substantially their accessible attack range on the land bridge

Income will increase every 4 minutes instead of 5 and will stop increasing at 20 minutes instead of 30 minutes, with 1 tier of income increase removed. So income ramps up faster but caps out lower and sooner.

Changed Scroll of Restoration gold cost from 400 to 700

Changed Stone Token gold cost from 450 to 750 but duration from 20s to 60s and armor from Heavy to Fortified

Changed Death Knight Devour Magic mana restore from 75 to 25 per buff consumed

Gryphon Rider now uses Melee tactics for upgrades since it already uses melee attack upgrades (as in melee)

Changed level scaling of Void Arcana from +2 to +4 damage per level

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2.01b - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/300435/

Fixed Orgrim not starting at full mana

Changed Rhonin’s starting Strength from 14 to 16 and Strength per level from 1.4 to 1.6 to not leave him so far behind HP wise late game (previously 950 HP at level 15)

Removed the Mastery upgrade from the Violet Citadel as previously intended

Fixed Priests and Sorceresses not having their attributes upgraded by their upgrades

Fixed the hotkey for Explode on Demolition Barge

Fixed Stormtroopers not upgrading properly

Fixed Horde armor upgrade capping out at 3 levels instead of 5

Fixed Lighthouses not having Magic Sentry and Reveal unlock when upgraded

Fixed Rend’s Bloodbound not being able to target ground units

Fixed Charge availability issue for Burning Blade Blademasters

Fixed leaver messages for Lordaeron/Bleeding Hollow

Changed Death Knight Devour Magic mana per unit from 25 to 45 and summoned unit damage from 200 to 250

Changed Death Knight Death Coil cooldown from 6 to 8 seconds

Changed Arcane Shackles cast range from 600 to 650

Reordered Riflemen tech order from Long Rifles/Buckshot/Full Grain Leather to Full Grain Leather/Long Rifles/Buckshot

Removed Repair from Riflemen

Changed Ranger damage sides per die from 5 to 4 and Cold Arrows damage bonus from 25% to 5%

Catapults can now learn Burning Oil

Blademaster Mirror Image now deal 25% damage instead of 0 and the ability now costs 100 mana from 125. Tooltip fixed.

Fixed Blademaster Wind Walk tooltip

Fixed a display issue with Blademaster Critical Strike tooltip

Blademaster initial mana amount changed from 250 to 200

Changed Mortar Team, Ballistae & Siege Cannon attack range from 1150 to 1000

Changed Dalaran’s hero icon order to match control group order

Fixed Horde units not having their melee/ranged attack damage properly upgraded

Fixed Summon Spirit Bear

Fixed Talisman of Evasion tooltip

Changed Red Dragon limit from 3 to 4

Changed the icon for Resilience

Added neutral Goblin Laboratories to Booty Bay and the Tomb of Sargeras gold mine that can sell Zeppelins, Shredders and cast Reveal for a price

Changed initial camera location of Twilight’s Hammer Clan

Added a custom model for Gazlowe Zeppelins

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2.01c - https://www.epicwar.com/maps/301235/


Changed Kirin Tor Healing wave from 100 to 130 healed and cooldown from 20 to 14s
Changed Summon Fel Beasts to now summon 1 instead of 2
Fixed Death Knight upgrades not upgrading Death Coil on its second tier and the research tooltip being inaccurate
Created an upgrade for Paladins to increase their stats and Holy Light ability, available to research at the Capital Palace and Scarlet Monastery
Fixed Holy Light tooltip being inaccurate (displayed 200 healed when it was 140)
Paladins’ Holy Light can now self-target
Removed basic caster research upgrades from Scarlet Monastery
Gave Paladins a passive Cleave ability, 20% damage
Decreased Anti-Magic Shell (Soothsayer) shield life from 500 to 300
Increased Siphon Mana (Khadgar) cast range from 600 to 800
Replaced the Stormreaver Fortress near the Thandol Span with a Stronghold
Lordaeron Castles can now train Paladins
Gilneas Town Halls can no longer train Marines
Added an Outrider elite unit for Stromgarde; 1 placed at front lines
Trebuchets can no longer be trained at capitals and castles and have had their hotkey/button position modified
Changed Sage Aura graphical appearance
Fixed Gul’dan not having a credits screen icon

Changed Monsoon (Grillok) cast range from 500 level 1 / 300 other levels to 600.
Changed Thunder Clap (Kilrogg) AoE from 250+35 per level to 300 flat.
Changed Flame of Stromgarde cast range and distance from 500 to 600.
Changed Windrunner teleported units from 1 to 14+6 per level.
Changed Lightwave (Uther) damage cap from very low values to 2500+500 per level level.
Changed Carrion Swarm (Teron) damage from 150+50 to 100+50 and damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level.
Changed Arcane Blast (Rhonin) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level.
Changed Flame of Stromgarde (Danath) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level.
Changed Rain of Fire (Nekros) maximum damage per wave from unlimited to 1000+250 per level. (Level 1 would have to hit 50 units to cap out)
Changed Blizzard (Antonidas) maximum damage per wave from 500+200 per level to 1000+250 per level.
Changed Inferno (Khadgar) damage cap from unlimited to 2500+500 per level.

Updated Null Burst (Gul’dan), Shockwave (Aiden/Orgrim), Blizzard (Antonidas), Rain of Fire (Nekros), Lightwave (Uther), Arcane Blast (Rhonin), Inferno (Khadgar) tooltips to indicate max damage.
Updated Void Arcana research tooltip
Updated Arcane Arts button position and fixed lack of hotkey


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