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Debate Question 2


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Well I am shook by these slanderous remarks from Walrus and I can think of many reasons why I am better.


First off all in relation to Jimmy I orchestrated the Jimmy Two Turns Meme and I am fully endorsed by Bigman Tyrone himself. Also a Walrus has no friends I mean look at his profile pic every time the Walrus army "RISE UP!" has happened oh wait it's never came, shame, shame, shame. But a wolf works in a pack and a pack are friends tackling goals together having fun. 


Secondly does Walrus even play games, I mean that's what the aim of Diplo is to play games, he doesn't even have over 100 on steam God what a failure! I also bet he hasn't even pre-ordered the Halo: The Master Chief Collection like me.


Finally the main reason, with me you get fast and timely responses to any question or queries that I can answer, provided i'm not in a ditch somewhere waiting for the enemy to attack, with walrus his old fleshy husk will be oil by the time he responds, Surrender4life who even is that guy?

Never forget the back stabs, sorry wait front stabs 2019.



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Leadership is easily criticized but few take up it's mantel and fewer know the background administrative duties that running a community takes, during my three and a bit years here iv'e yet to see you active on this Discord consistently let alone helping people out here because you don't have the minerals to do anything concrete hence why you have so many aliases, Jimmy Two Turns after two days of Tribune we wont see you again!

First of all Jimbo I challenge you to find my last Brexit post seeing as how you never participate in those discussions, another fault to the growing list. The term put your money where your mouth is can also be applied here, there is no price to high for memes that i'm willing to pay and I didn't see your name on the list of patron supporters which dates back several years, so not only do you not add any monetary value you can't even have the common courtesy to consistently show up to the Discord and be active there.

 I am the great manifesto publisher, the catalyst of the schism, Geth Reborn and the spastic destroyer.


The only accolade you have is from ME, Jimmy, Fucking, Two, Turns.

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