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Azeroth Wars 2.13 Changelog

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  • Surrender is now unavailable. If you have lost all your capitals, it becomes available (but they need to be destroyed by a non-allied player).
  • Melee attack now does 50% damage to fortified armor, down from 70%.
  • Hero attack now does 70% to fortified armor, up from 50%.
  • Team buttons are now unavailable until turn 26.
  • Removed Thunderclap from Ramzes the horror that caused lag.
  • Added Rock Chunks in the Pathway from Thunderbluff to Desolace.


  • Second Chance do not have a requirement of turn 26 anymore. Instead they become available to surrendered players 3 mins after the duel of the second chance's continent is over. If the duel is interrupted, they will never become available spawn.


  • Fixed a bug where the second observer camera didn't zoom out.
  • The Ahn'Qiraj inner gate (portal) is now invulnerable.
  • Attempted fix to C'thun research being still available if someone picks him
  • Fixed a freeze lag created by electric strike and Elune gaze (thanks to richardik!)
  • Fixed the item duplication glitched.


  • Implemented Defeat rewards for every faction.
    • If you eliminate all the capitals of one of your early enemies, you get a reward, they will be cataloged in the faction sections.
    • Rewards are given to a whole team, so if Legion destroys the Sunwell, Scourge also gets his reward.







  • Scholomance hit points from 3500 to 5000.
  • Lady deathwhisper frost armor from 3 to 8 armor bonus. Duration from 45 to 60 seconds.
  • Bone giant base damage from 60 to 40.
  • Bone giant spell mana cost from 175 to 250.
  • Frozen Mastery attack range bonus to Wyrms and Sapphiroth nerfed from 300 to 200.
  • Plague Mastery now gives a bonus 100 hitpoints to the following units: Abominations, Zombies and Meat Wagons.
  • Zombies health nerfed by 75 from 750 to 675.
  • Abominations health reduced by 50 from 1125 to 1075.
  • 2 towers have been removed from the back of Scholomance. The Tomb of Relics has been moved to the top left corner.
  • Removed Ancient Qualification from Plague Cauldrons, making them attackable by air.


  • The early game reward for destroying Lordaeron 3 capitals is: Arthas as a Death Knight
  • The reward for destroying Dalaran capital is: Obsidian Statue limit from 2 to 4.
  • The reward for capturing Quel'thalas capital is: The ability to transform Kel'thuzad into a lich and a new caster, Undead priest, Trainable at the Temple of the damned.
    • Undead priest have the following abilities
      • Regeneration (rejuvenation only hp)
      • dispel magic
      • Inner fire


Ebon Blade


  • If Acherus falls, Ebon blade is eliminated and all the units go neutral victim.





  • Added the Legion Nexus (10k Hp capital of Legion with strong defensive spell)and 2 builders in Frozen throne for legion.
  • The Legion Nexus is now the only capital of the Burning Legion for the Early duel.
  • Re added Burning Shrine from Alterac for Legion.
  • Removed Burning Citadel from Alterac.
  • Orc Cavalry base damage reduced from 21 to 19. Hit points from 1075 to 1025. Cost from 24 to 23.
  • Berserker hit points from 975 to 900, cost from 22 to 21.
  • Succubus Q is now Paralising Gaze, E is now Mind Flay.
  • Nether Drake gold cost from 32 to 26. Build time from 12 to 10 seconds.
  • The following buildings have been added for Legion inside the Scholomance: A Burning Citadel and a Void Summoning Spire.
  • Infernal Contraptions now have Homing Missiles , their collision size is reduced from 15 to 14 and their Hit points are buffed from 600 to 700.
  • Fixed an issue where Fel Guards would be affected by Doom mastery and gain Fortified armor.


  • The reward for destroying Lordaeron 3 capitals is: an additional 15 strength, agility and int to Tichondrius.
  • The reward for destroying Dalaran capital is: The book of Medivh
  • The reward for capturing Quel'thalas capital is: A buff of 20 damage, 20 movement speed and 200 health to your Dreadlord Elites. (doesn't apply to Mal'ganis or Tichondrius)


Fel Horde


  • Teal shop now sells healing scrolls. Teal shop now doesnt sell Scroll of regeneration. They cost 55 gold.
  • Re-added a warmill to Black temple that was deleted when the map size was changed.
  • Teal Death knights now have hero armor and hero damage.


  • The reward for destroying Ironforge capital is: A buff to all Nether Dragon Hatchlings of 450 hit points and 5000 wood.
  • The reward for destroying Stormwind's capital is: a buff to cavalry and raiders of 150 hit points and 25 movement speed.





  • Capital Palace aura now 2 hit point per second flat.
  • Gryphon Knights from 35 to 45 gold. hit points from 1200 to 1050. 
  • Bishop of the Silver Hand cost from 30 to 45 gold.
  • Silver Hand cleric cost from 16 to 18 gold.
  • Scarlet Crusaders from 21 to 23 gold.


  • The reward for destroying the Scourge's capital is: The ability to bring Arthas to the Frozen Throne and gain King Arthas.
  • The reward for destroying the Legion's capital is: Thunder Eagles. Magic attack limited 6 flying unit with True Sight, trainable at the Keeps, Castles and Capitals.




  • Thanes hitpoint from 1250 to 1125.
  • The reward for destroying the Fel Horde 2 capitals is: giving 2 additional trainable Thane, so the limit goes from 6 to 8.
  • Explorers have now higher priority than riflemans.





  • Path of stone and steel bonus 400 mana to Kirin tor is now also applied to Battlemages.


  • The reward for destroying the Scourge capital is: A new unit trainable at the arcane sanctum, Sanctioned Necromancers. They have the same stats and spell as scourge's necromancers.
  • The reward for destroying the Legion capital is: A buff to Earth Golems of 450 hit point and 30 damage.
  • Stone Titan damage from 50 to 95. Collision reduced from 65 to 55.
  • Steel Titan damage from 150 to 250. Attack speed nerfed from 3.5 to 4.5. Collision reduced from 65 to 55.



  • Fixed an issue where you were able to train 8 ballistas. Now the limit is correctly set to 6.
  • Sunwell Life regeneration aura is now a flat 3.


  • The reward for destroying the Scourge capital is: a buff to swordsmen, 4 damage and 150 hit points.
  • The reward for destroying the Legion capital is: A new unit trainable at the arcane Sanctum, Elf  Warlock. They have the same spell as Eredar warlocks (fireball, fireshield and summon minion) but have less hit points.





  • If Tempest Keep falls, Illidari is eliminated and all the units go neutral victim.
  • Naga siren and summoners lumber cost from 20 to 7.
  • Naga myrmidon lumber cost from 50 to 35. Snap Dragno lumber cost from 35 to 20
  • Naga Royal guard lumber cost from 100 to 25.
  • Naga royal guard crushing wave max damage from 500 to 1000.



Thrall Horde


  • Tauren hit points nerfed from 1525 to 1375.
  • Drek'thar model is now bigger. Monsoon has now a 60 second cooldown, up from 40. Monsoon now has an effect on the caster when its being channeled.


  • The reward for destroying the Sentinel capital's is: 2 additional wyvern, so the limit goes from 6 to 8.
  • The reward for destroying the Druids capital is: Drek'thar book.


New horde:


  • Horde Embassy build time from 60 to 30 seconds.

Warsong Clan


  • Stonemaul now has a warmill, an altar and barrack that were deleted when the map boundaries changed.
  • Raiders hp from 835 to 855.
  • Warsong now can't train the following units from the start of the game: Zeppelins and Kodos.
  • Gobling Hardware store, Ogre Barracks and Goblin laboratory build time from 60 to 30 seconds.


  • The reward for destroying the Sentinel capital's is: A buff to the Orc Champions, 300 hit points and 10 damage. Also, you unlock the ability to train Zeppelins and Kodos.
  • The reward for destroying the Druids capital is: 20k lumber and 3 new ability to Shredders
    • Pocket Factory: Summons 1 Pocket Factory that has 950 hp and lasts 20 seconds. also spawns weak clockwerk goblins.
    • Saw Bombardment: Reverse healing spray that deals 50 damage to enemy for each saw in an aoe.
    • Emergency repairs: Self heals the Shredder for 500 hp.




Sentinels small overhaul:

  • Shadowleaf sentinels are now no longer trainable, they unlock with the Sentinel's unleashed Path.
  • Added a new Elite for the Sentinels, The Priestess of the Moon. Has the following abilities:
    • Q Light of the Goddess. Holy light that heals for 150, and damages undead by the same amount.
    • W Elune's Blessing. Gives a bonus movement speed of 50% to all allies units in an aoe for 6 seconds.
    • E Healing Shield. Cast a shield on an ally that heals nearby units by 30 every second.
    • R Divine Hymn. Resurrects 4 nearby units.
    • D Scout. Summons an invulnerable owl with true sight.
  • Priestess now has a new E ability: Light Burst.
    • Heals all unit in a small aoe for 100 hp.
    • The area of effect is a little bigger than the Chaplain one (130 up from 100).


  • Tyrande moved to Auberdine. The Auberdine elite was moved to Darnassus in her place.
  • Feathermoon stronghold will replace Darnassus Temple of the Moon as the capital to destroy to win the early duel (on top of Auberdine)
  • Feathermoon Stronghold hp from 3500 to 8000.
  • Maiev now correctly appears when Illidari happens and Illidan is currently a sentinel hero.
  • Trapper base damage from 23 to 15.
  • Trapper base health from 510 to 390.
  • Elven Trap cooldown from 15 seconds to 35. Mana cost from 100 to 225. Activation delay from 1 second to 0.5 seconds. Damage in 100 aoe from 100 to 150.  Damage in larger aoe from 25 to 35. Larger aoe from 200 to 300.
  • Nightblades armor from 2 to 3.
  • Archer hit points from 450 to 425, damage from 19-21 to 21-22.
  • Huntress damage from 21-27 to 24-27.
  • Re-added a Sentinel Enclave to Darnassus that was deleted when the map boundaries were moved.


  • The reward for destroying the Frostwolf Clan Capital's is: 2 additional elites, so the limit goes from 6 to 8.
  • The reward for destroying the Warsong Clan capital's is: A 15 bonus to the strength, agility and int of Tyrande.




  • Stormwind Champions Staggering Shout ability requires Fel Horde to be eliminated. Hit points reduced by 200.


  • The reward for destroying the Fel horde is: Unlocking the Staggering Shout ability for the elites and giving them a bonus 200 hit points.




  • Casters revamped:
  • Druid of the Talon now have the following spells:
    • Q Entangling Root
    • W Dispel
    • E Curse of the Wood
  • Curse of the Wood duration from 15 seconds to 45 seconds. Damage per second from 15 to 18. Cooldown from 30 to 15 seconds.
  • Druids of the Growth now have:
    • Q Mark of the wild
    • W Rejuvenation
    • E Revive (old priestess E) (note that Mountain Giants cannot be revived.)


  • Dryads collision size from 14 to 13. Hit points from 560 to 690
  • Mountain giant cost from 30 to 28 gold. Hit points buffed from 1450 to 1625.
  • Furbolg cost from 13 to 11 gold.
  • United Night elves can now train Druid of the Growth instead of Priestess.


  • The reward for destroying the Frostwolf Clan Capital's is: A new unit trainable at the World tree, Tree of Eternities and Tree of Ages, the Primal Guardians. limited to 3, they have the following abilities:
    • Ice Nova
    • Afterimage
    • Frost Armor (8 armor bonus)
  • The reward for destroying the Warsong Clan capital's is:  a new unit trainable at the World Tree, Tree of Eternities and Tree of Ages, the Siege Ancients. Limited to 6, they are a melee unit with the Siege form ability, that renders them immobile and gives them a long range siege attack.



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