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Azeroth Wars 2.12a Changelog

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Azeroth Wars 2.12 Changelog




  • Several instances have been moved to make it possible to reduce the map limits. Now the map is smaller in width, and the water west of kalimdor has been reduced significantly.
  • Changed the level factor in the hero xp formula from 205 to 200. Basically what this means is that a little less exp is required to level up, especially at very higher levels.
    • The formula was: (exp required for the previous level) + (current level) * 205.
    • Now it's: (exp required for the previous level) + (current level) * 200.
    • Here is the current chart for the exp required for each level: 

      Lvl 2: 400

      Lvl 3: 1000

      Lvl 4: 1800

      Lvl 5: 2800

      Lvl 6: 4000

      Lvl 7: 5400

      Lvl 8: 7000

      Lvl 9: 8800

      Lvl 10: 10800

      Lvl 11: 13000

      Lvl 12: 15400

      Lvl 13: 18000

      Lvl 14: 20800

      Lvl 15: 23800

      Lvl 16: 27000

      Lvl 17: 30400

      Lvl 18: 34000

      Lvl 19: 37800

      Lvl 20: 41800

  • Call determine level formula changed from ( 400 + (seconds elapsed) * 4 ) * factor to ( 1000 + (seconds elapsed) * 5 ) * factor. Factor is 1 for most heroes, 1.2 for some heroes like Archimonde , Illidan. Maximum exp possible with the formula changed from 8000 to 22400. (level 9 to level 15)
    • This means that any hero that spawns because of an event will now spawn at a higher level than before.
  • Scroll of teleportation aoe reduced from 1300 to 1000. (vanilla is 800) Number of units teleported from 130 to 96 (8 control groups) same for Drek'thar book.
  • Attempted fix for second chance keeping heroes from their past faction.
  • Broodmother spiderlings no longer give bounties.
  • All flamestrikes based spells removed because of desyncs concerns, this includes: Kael flamestrike, Anasterian and Thaurissan ultimate and Archimonde Nether Strike.
  • C'thun path attempted fix to being available to other players once it has been taken.




Ebon Blade


  • Ebon Blade priest now in R position and hotkey to not conflict with shades.





  • Blue Berserker hit points reduced from 1075 to 975.
  • orc cavalry hit point reduced from 1200 to 1075.
  • removed 1 Berseker from alterac, 2 succubus and 1 voidwalker.
  • Malganis hit points from 1325 to 1275. armor from 11 to 9. Inferno cooldown from 120 sec to 240 and duration from 180 to 35.
  • Archimonde nether strike changed to Meteor strike (old kil jaeden W).
  • Fixed Legion not being able to build altars.





  • Thaurissan ultimate replaced by Firestorm (Magtheridon current ult).




  • Hydromancers water elemental hit points from 600 to 950. Damage from 14 to 17. Armor from 1 to 2 and changed from medium to heavy.
  • Added the following units to Dalaran start: 1 hydromancer and 1 battlemage near silverspine, 2 battlemages and 2 hydromancers near the southshore and 1 kirin tor near the arcane teleporter in the dungeons.
  • Antonidas has his old utlimate (frostfall) due to lag/desyncs concerns.





  • Anasterian now has the same ult as kael (temporarly), Phoenix.






  • Kael flamestrike changed to Anasterian arcane burst.


Thrall Horde

  • Warrior ascendance mastery now gives Grunts 15 bonus damage, gives them 250 bonus hit points and 20 movement speed.
  • Kodo war drums tooltip now correctly indicates it buffs attack of all unit, not just ranged.


The New Horde


  • gazlowe now has the same priority as other heroes



Warsong Clan

  • Kodo war drums tooltip now correctly indicates it buffs attack of all unit, not just ranged.





Sentinels Unleashed


  • Maiev, Moon Priestess Amara and Naisha now correctly spawn when taking Sentinels Unleashed.



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