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Building Azzy Defenses

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Discussion thread with information, screenshots and tips on how to build an efficient defense.


Azeroth War's top 3 best defensive factions are Fel Horde, Dwarves and Druids. Each one of them have a completely different style of defense with their own strengths and weaknesses that makes them hard to compare.


Fel Horde


This is a faction with large armies, powerful AoE abilities and strong melee units which makes you want to have open field-style defenses. Your large armies need to easily move around. As a result, blocking the path with buildings isn't useful. Don't block the paths, you need good paths for your units. In your defenses you build a bunch of Fortresses for AoE heal. Your towers should be 33% Watch Tower and 67% Boulder Tower.

Fel blood mastery, Fel Death Knights, demon portal and those powerful Eredar lord spellcasters are useful tech to choose for defense.

No matter what you do, keep at least 1 demihero, 1 Fel Overlord, 1 Queen of Suffering, 1 Eredar Warlock, 1 Black drake and 6 Fel Death Knights in your most important defense. They're needed for growing the army bigger and their auras + AoE abilities. Black drake is there for invisibility detection. The demihero in your defense is needed for using items like healing ward and healing scroll. The rest of your elite squad can move out and be used elsewhere.


Fel Horde is the strongest faction when you're going to defend a big open empty area.
Areas good for Fel Horde: Hellfire Peninsula, Shadowmoon Valley, Wetlands, Dragonblight, Tanaris

Weaknesses: All the buildings have low armor & low hp because there's no Orc tech for that. Makes it easy for them to be destroyed by abilities and catapults. Since you're basically fighting on "fair open ground" it's very difficult for Fel Horde to hold a defense against an army that's stronger than them.

This style of defense also requires a lot of resources. Building a 100 unit army minimum + buildings like Fortresses and Towers are really expensive.
Building defense behind a gate, chokepoint or treewall is something Fel Horde is average at. They're not top tier in utilizing areas where only a small number of melee units can attack.




You build several Tree of Eternity, many Improved Ancient Protector and a few Moon Wells.

Moon Wells are really useful on Druids since they have no instant heals. When a Moon Well is finished they start with full 500 mana. Useful for keeping your heroes alive and sustained with mana.

Tree of Eternity is a strong building. It got 5hp regen per second, gets 4 armor per upgrade and can eventually move at "slow" movement speed. There are many normal units that have "slow" movement speed. It got summon Treants which cast on trees creates treants. Their duration is 100 seconds and you have a cooldown of 20 seconds which means you can actually have 5 groups of treant summons from one Tree of Eternity.

However, there's almost no part of the map with enough trees. Their second ability "Regrow Trees" is just a huge AoE seed of regrowth spell which means it also restores 50 mana to the Tree of Eternity after it is casted. So basically, you transform the whole forest into treants and then you reload your ammo by casting regrow trees, restoring it all and your mana. However, "Regrow Trees" got a 120 seconds cooldown, so you have to take turns with which Tree of Eternity casts it. It's a bad idea to have all your Eternity selected and press Regrow Trees. All of them will cast it at the same time which means you'll be out of trees for at least a minute.

Improved Ancient Protector is the best tower in the game. It starts out bad with 0 armor but when you've teched both Nature's Blessing and a few dmg & armor upgrades they become the best for their cost. At 8/8 upgrades + natures blessing the tower have 30 armor and 1150 hp. The cost of an Ancient Protector is 23g 120w and Improved tower costs 4g 40w. This makes Improved Ancient Protectors the cheapest towers and the strongest towers.

It's time to unveil some forgotten knowledge. So Druids got 3 different masteries named Feral, Balance and Bonding. The bonding mastery was considered garbage and they added extra things so that it gives Chimeras and Faerie Dragons new abilities. Well, what's been forgotten was that Bonding mastery was originally intended as a tree-themed mastery. People just think it gives 200 health to Chimeras, Faerie Dragons, Dryads and Wisps but that's not all. All your ancient buildings and your treants also get +200 health which is great to have when you're playing defensive Druids.

Bonding Mastery makes Treants hp go from 1035 --> 1235 which makes them survive one more dispell AoE. Improved Ancient Protectors hp from 1150 to 1350.

I know this because I made the design 6 years ago. I made the original Bonding mastery, Treant stats, "slow" moving ancients, ancients being affected by armor & damage upgrades and the spell rotation on Tree of Eternity. When you combine all of that Druids become a top tier faction for building defenses.

Druids are the strongest faction when defending an area with a lot of trees.
Areas good for Druids: Ashenvale, Feralas, Mount Hyjal, Hinterlands, Strangletorn Vale, Quel'Thalas + Zul'Aman, Twilight Highlands and Grizzly Hills.


Weaknesses: You only have strong defenses if your base is in a densely forested area. Druids are average at defending with a gate as all gates don't have a lot of trees inside the walls. Druids don't have any long range siege units either and are therefore vulnerable to that.

If your opponent have a lot of dispell abilities then the mass treant summons won't be so effective. 12 spellcasters are enough to remove treants coming from 1-5 Tree of Eternity. If you have 6+ Tree of Eternity in your defenses then the opponent will need 24 spellcasters with dispell.

It is a legitimate strategy to go 100% into trees vs Horde. If you win with the strategy, you'll have the problem of being stuck on Kalimdor. If your army consists of Trees of Eternity, Treants and Improved Ancient protectors moving around the landscape then you'll have problems leaving Kalimdor. The ancients can't be teleported or placed inside boats so when you invade you have to build a new ancient army for each continent. As a result, I've not been able to have a global win with the tree strategy, only won on Kalimdor with it. It's too slow and too expensive to have to build a new army for each continent.





Usually considered the best faction for building defenses. I think Dwarves are only the best faction if they picked Fortification Mastery. Otherwise they're just on par with Druids and Fel Horde.

The second best tower in the game are Sentinel Towers. They're the same as an Improved Watch Tower but you can make them for the cost of 26g 160w. This is cheap. An Improved Watch Tower, Guard Tower, Guardian Tower etc costs ~50g 160w. A Sentinel tower costs half the goldprice in comparison. A fully upgraded Sentinel tower have 2000 health and 9 armor.

The best way to build defenses as Dwarves is to build several Taverns, 1 Dwarven Keep Tower per defensive location, 50-50 split between Cannon Towers and Sentinel Towers. The Taverns provide strong healing to 12 units per Tavern. When you combine a healing ward with the tavern heal, you've got such good sustain for your army that they will live through some AoE abilities. However, Taverns start with 0 mana so you got to let them regen it up first.

You only build 1 Dwarven Keep Tower per defense because they're not so valueable. They're basically a fast-attacking Cannon Tower without any AoE splash and are able to attack air units. That's all. Building 1 Dwarven Keep Tower with 4 riflemen costs 164 gold. You can build 6-7 Sentinel Towers for the same cost or 3 normal Cannon Towers. When you compare DPS, 3 Cannon Towers or 6 Sentinel Towers does far more DPS than 1 Dwarven Keep Tower deals. You build 1 dwarven keep tower for 2 reasons. First reason is the 5% command aura for your units and the second reason is because they cause psychological fear in players. When a veteran player sees a big-dick tower it triggers Vietnam flashbacks to when the Dwarven Keep Towers actually had DPS. Dwarven Keep Towers look a lot scarier than they are because they're big, high hp, much armor and got a command aura.

Dwarves have Improved Masonry upgrades and they've got a building-exclusive devotion aura coming from their Castle. A Castle after Fortification Mastery gives an +8 armor aura to all buildings in a large AoE. Whenever you build a defense, you must have at least have a Keep nearby providing extra armor to your buildings. So a Sentinel Tower + Dwarven Masonry got 17 armor and 2000 hp. That means 6 enemy catapults have to attack one tower in 3-4 waves before it is destroyed. If you do the math, it basically takes 10-12 seconds to destroy dwarven tower with 6 catapults. 

Tinkers are the best defensive unit in the game. Their 'Q' "Repair Terrain" can be used to restore trees so that you can continue cutting lumber in the same area forever. The ability can also be used to restore barricades and rocks to create choke points which are advantageous for you. There many rocks, barricades and trees around the Dwarves starting zone that can be used for defensive purposes. Siege Tanks can be used as an improvised gate at choke points. You block the path with a Siege tank and let it soak up any attacks. Behind the tank you got Tinkers healing it.

Dwarves are top tier when defending behind a gate. They got Improved Masonry + Fortification mastery affecting them, Castle devotion aura +8 armor, Tinkers 'W' heal and a lot of ranged units. If you want to, then you can make a very strong bunker in the city zones if they're empty. Gilneas, Dalaran, Ahn'Qiraj and such are really strong areas to build a dwarven bunker. 

A problem for many strong defenses are when your enemy decides to only use their catapults at max 1350 range to destroy your defenses before he attacks. Dwarves have a few ways of dealing with that. First solution is to use Gryphon riders magic damage vs catapults heavy armor. The second solution is to use Tinkers + Engineers to heal the towers and repair them which neutralizes catapult damage. The last solution which I think is the best one is to use Engineers 'Q' Lockdown to stun the catapults for 15 seconds. Lockdown is an ability with 900 cast range.

Dwarves are the strongest faction when defending behind a gate, choke point, barricades and rocks.
Areas good for Dwarves: Khaz Modan, Loch Modan, Twilight Highlands, Wetlands, Stormwind, Burning Steppes, Gilneas, any city

Weaknesses: If you only have the starting zone area then you'll be on a small budget vs an enemy like Fel Horde. It requires a huge amount of efficient resource management and memorized strategic building to pull off a successful defense vs someone who is 3 times stronger than you.

The defenses require high skill and a lot of your attention as you need to manage your units, repair the defenses and destroy catapults while under attack by an army. Dwarves are bad at defending big open areas and have to rely on choke points forcing enemies to only be able to attack with 24 - 60 units at the same time. 

Since Dwarves are really good at building defenses at choke points and gates they're able to build defenses that can hold against much stronger & richer opponents. They do it by preventing an enemy player from being able to attack with his entire army at the same time. In a choke point, there's only space for a few squads of enemies to attack simaltenously. Dwarves are weak against invisible units and backdoor teleports. They don't have magic sentry on their towers. Dwarves are able to make super strong defenses against attackers coming from one specific direction and are often really weak if enemies attack from a different direction.




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You really should play C'thun more if you're interested in defensive factions, Dave.

They're superior to Druids and Dwarves I think. Probably about equal to Fel.

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On 9/20/2019 at 12:51 AM, Talinn said:

You really should play C'thun more if you're interested in defensive factions, Dave.

They're superior to Druids and Dwarves I think. Probably about equal to Fel.

Thanks for the tip. Played them and took a closer look in singleplayer on the faction.


They're only good at defending something with their hero C'thun which is immobile. Ahn'Qiraj is not good at defending anything without their hero squad. C'thun with the whole hero squad + army positioned in a choke point is really strong but if you can't put up strong defenses without your hero squad, then you're not a faction good at defending stuff. Fel Horde, Druids and Dwarves are all able to put up really strong defenses without relying on their hero squads. They're able to go on the offensive while putting up successful defense somewhere else.


All their buildings are terrible. Yes, all their buildings are basically towers, but terrible towers. They fire a 50 damage attack every 2 seconds, that's really low DPS and it does not improve with damage upgrades so it becomes irrelevant vs 8/8 teched armies. They don't have any tanky buildings, all of them have like 1k health and 5 armor.


Their starting position in SIlithus leaves them without a stable wood supply so you can't focus on building big defenses with lots of buildings as it would just make you quickly run out of wood. Druids, Dwarves, Fel Horde have very large sources of wood to collect from, it's vital that they do for building strong defenses.



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