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Azeroth Wars 2.11a Changelog

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Azeroth Wars 2.11a Changelog

  • Illidari is now correctly disabled for all players when 1 player research it.
  • C'thun is now correctly disabled for all players when 1 player research it,
  • Fixed the Multiboard now decreasing control points.
  • Fixed Azgalor spawning at level 1.







  • Added an altar and a shop to the Nether.
  • Infernals now cost 25 up from 15. Also fixed their tooltip.

Fel Horde


  • Zuluhead unlocking is correctly disabled when Fel Horde surrenders.


  • Antonidas is now correctly removed when the Violet CItadel dies.


Thrall Horde


  • Farseers chain lightning bounce from 16 to 8.



  • Huntress armor changed from unarmored to medium.
  • Nightblade hp buffed by 125. Also added 10% evasion.


Kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj


  • C'thun based hp from 7500 to 8500. Life regeneratino from 9 to 15.
  • Corruptors hp from 760 to 975.
  • Immortal Guardians hit point from 1625 to 1725.
  • Silithid Overlord armor from 5 to 9. Hp from 1275 to 1355.
  • Faceless shadow weaver hp from 530 to 630.
  • General Rajaxx base hp from 100 to 250.



  • All myrmidon on the map now use upgrades correctly.
  • No more conflicting hotkeys in the Illidari barracks.
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