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Risk Reforged: A Fan Letter to the Mapmakers

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Posted (edited)

     Thank you for sticking to the tradition of risk in which all players have a chance to win through diplomacy, fear, and literal risk in who to attack or in what territories to take. Unlike LoTR Strongholds, the most popular risk map in which you are encouraged to buy OP heroes or camp in a fortress, Risk Reforged has equal unit types despite the regions while also being insanely fun and addicting to replay. The only thing I would ever change is the somewhat toxic community in public games, in which I hope is rectified when hundreds more people play once Warcraft III Reforged actually comes out.

     Keep on editing Risk Reforged and don't lose heart!

-13th & Abdel

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Hello! Sorry for late answer!


I'm pleased that you like Risk Reforged.

Indeed, the toxic community was always a problem, we're trying to change this.

In the near future I want to update the map more and post some threads in here.

I also want to release the risk system in a few weeks, to help people creating their own risk maps.


Thanks for the letter, it was nice to read.

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