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Azeroth Wars LR - 2.09 Changelog

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Azeroth Wars LR 2.09 Changelog


Faction Colors Changes


With 2.09, i have changed the colors of many faction according to their campaign and lore colors. Here are some of the justifications for them:


Scourge - Purple.
Legion - Peanut (Brown)
Fel Horde - Green
Lordaeron - Light Blue.
Dwarves - Yellow
Dalaran - Gray.
Quel'thalas - Teal.
Thrall Horde - Red.
Warsong Clan - Orange.
Sentinels - Turquoise (Dark Teal)
Stormwind - Dark Green
Druids - Navy  (Blue)


Furthermore, some of the special factions have special colors:
    Scarlet Crusade - Maroon
    Blood Elves / Rise from the Ashes - Red
    C’thun - Wheat

Also some heroes have custom colors according to campaign (on top of the Dreadlords):

    Uther - Light Blue
Kael - Red
Illidan (naga) - Purple
Arthas - Blue


New ally commands:
-ally scourge
-ally legion
-ally lordaeron
-ally dwarves
-ally dalaran
-ally high elves
-ally frostwolf
-ally warsong
-ally sentinels
-ally stormwind
-ally druids






  • At turn 25, all players who don't currently have an allied unlock special events


              1.  The Old God event. You start anew as the Old God C’Thun.

                2. Rise from the Ashes only if the High Elves player left or went naga. You start as the new Quel'thalas under the leadership of Lor'themar           Theron.



  • These events are only available for 1 player to activate and will not transfer anything but the players upgrades.
  • You can only research 1 path in the game. So if you go Naga, Scarlet Crusade, etc, you don’t have access to C’thun or others paths.
  • Re-terrained the whole Ahn’Qiraj area. Added a new inner area where C’Thun is with the 25 gold control point. Added a new 15 gold control point in the outer area.
  • Normal units don’t drop items that aren’t supposed to drop anymore.
  • Some creep changes in Silithus, nerubians replaced by Arachnatids.




  • Wind Walk for Sylvanas cooldown from 10 to 25 seconds.
  • Lich King spell shield removed, spell immunity added instead. Lich king movement speed from 220 to 160.
  • Lich King Ultimate moved to D spell. Having 3 min cooldown and resurrecting 100 corpses.
  • Lich King new ultimate is now an enormous area of effect that slows the attack speed of units in that zone by 10000. Also reduces their movement speed tremendously. It lasts 12/18/24 seconds on units and 6/9/12 on heroes.
  • Lady Deathwhisper Evocation removed, replaced by brilliance aura.
  • Zombies attack speed nerfed by half, from 1.35 to 2.70.
  • Kel’thuzad Revenants now use the hp upgrades. (both)
  • Skeleton archer hp reduced by 50.
  • Masteries rework, they are now:
    -Frost Mastery
    Improves Wyrms, Sapphiron, Lich's and Skeleton Mages by 300 range and attack speed by 15%. Also improves Frost Breath and give Chilling Aura to your Death Knights, which slows nearby enemy movement speed by 20%.
    -Necromantic Mastery
    -Improves the magical potency of your Necromancers casters, Buffing their Raise Dead ability by 1 level. The Third level summons 1 more skeleton warrior, but make your Skeletons last only 21 second. Also make your Skeletons magic immune and grants your Necromancers the Bone Giant ability.
    -Plague Engineering Mastery
    -Doubles the amount of damage that Disease Cloud deals to enemy units and increases the area from 176 to 250, Unlocks Deep Bites spell for Abominations and also allows you to train an additional 2 Meat Wagons. Furthermore, increases the movement speed of: Zombies, Abominations and Meat wagons by 35. Finally, unlocks the Plague Titan unit, you can only train 2 and they raise zombies from corpses around them with no cooldown.





  • Archimonde Splash area nerfed from: Small damage area: 250 to 200, medium damage area 150 to 100 and full damage area from 50 to 35.
  • Archimonde Base damage from 20 to 60.

Fel Horde


  • Wind Walk for Rend cooldown from 10 to 25 seconds.
  • Now if you pick the Blackrock tier, you gain the Bladelords elite as a separate unit on top of your elite!
  • Blackrock tier black Dragon attack range from 400 to 800, Base damage from 61 to 122, they now have resistant skin. They also can attack trees now. Renamed to Ancient Black Dragon.  Their attack speed is nerfed from 1.9 to 3.15.
  • Blackrock tier also now gives your Black Drakes incinerate and make you able to train 8 instead of 6. Also increases their range by 200.



  • If Dalaran or High Elves leaves, you gain access to your paths.
  • Bishop of the silver hand Inner fire from 20% damage bonus to 50%.
  • Lordaeron gains 200 gold when troll attack happens
  • Scarlet Battlemage and Silverhand cleric now need normal caster upgrades to access their W and E spells.
  • Scarlet Battlemage attack now ranged, doesn’t use attack and defense upgrade. Also changed their abilities: Q is now Spirit Link, W is Spell Steal and E is feedback.
  • Fixed a bug where Mograine attack didn’t register and did 0 damage.
  • Fixed a bug where Garithos spawned level 1.
  • Masteries have been reworked, here are the new ones:
    -Unlock the Blunderbuss Rifleman unit to train in your Blacksmith, a short ranged aoe attack unit.
    -Increases the attack of your Elites, Footmen and Silver Hand Squires by 8. Also gives Squires and Footmen the Light's Protection ability. Enables you to train 2 more Elites.
    -Upgrades your Footmans to Veteran Footmans. They have Charge, Combat Experience and Perfect Defend. They also have increased stats.



  • The Hall of Explorer can’t be attacked by air now.


  • If High Elves or Lordaeron leaves, you gain access to your Paths
  • Dalaran gains 200 gold when troll attack happens
  • Added a new Dalaran tower inside the City.
  • The capital building of Dalaran is now invulnerable as long as the 3 Elite Dalaran towers are alive.



  • Anasterian name changed to Lor'themar Theron.
  • If Lordaeron or Dalaran leaves, you gain access to Quel’Thalas mobilisation.
  • You are still allied to your remaining ally, you unlock Grand Magister Rommath and Lor'themar Theron.
  • You unlock all Blood Elves units and Sunwell Guardians.
  • Wind Walk for Sylvanas cooldown from 10 to 25 seconds.
  • Troll Invasion buffed a bit, last 1 min longer and has more units. Also fixed theattack paths of the Trolls.
  • If Sylvanas dies to Scourge or Legion, she is now replaced by Halduron Brightwing. He is an identical hero to her (for now).
  • Blood Elves Mastery now costs the same as all others.



  • Dragon turtle damage -10.
  • Fixed snap dragon not being able to attack ship and other mechanical units
  • Tidal Guardian hit points from 500 to 875, and improved tidal guardian from 800 to 1075.
  • Myrmidon collision size from 22 to 17
  • Added a new super tower next to the Temple of Azshara and 2 new improved Tidal Guardian.
  • The whole Naga race is now tied to the Temple of Azshara, so if the player loses it, all their units go neutral.
  • Temple of Azshara is invulnerable as long as those 3 towers are alive.
  • Akama now has True Sight.

Thrall Horde



  • Unstable Concoction now upgrades with attack upgrades.
  • Troll Batrider gold cost from 20 to 14.
  • Fixed a tooltip for the catapult.
  • Cairne Strength gain from 3.7 to 4.2.
  • Vol’jin regeneration buffed from 0.25 to 3.
  • Thrall base hp from 100 to 200


Warsong Clan



  • Wind Walk for Grom cooldown from 10 to 25 seconds.
  • 3Moved the Hotkey for Bladestorm to W.



  • Wind Walk for Shandris cooldown from 10 to 25 seconds.
  • Trapper don't use attack and defense upgrades anymore
  • Both the upgrade building and the Hippogryph/glaive thrower building are now 1 and the same, Hunter’s Hall.
  • Changed some hotkeys and location for buildings in the wisp. Ancient of Wars is now E, Temple of elune is now D.
  • Also changed the visual of the caster building.
  • New masteries:

         -Wind Mastery

            Gives all your casters, barrack units and hippogryphs windwalk (10 seconds, 45 sec cooldown), -5% hp and 1% hp regeneration per second.
        -Lost Heritage Mastery

          Unlocks 12 Redeemed Highborne unit. Ranged amphibious unit with forked lightning and manashield. Also gives all your casters and Tyrande mana by 200, hit point by 100 and damage by 10.
       -Aerial Mastery

       Unlocks 4 Hippogryph Rider Captain, they have a speed aura, a silencing single target spell and bouncing glaive. Also upgrade your hippogryph limit to  8 and gives them 200 bonus hp.





  • Arcane Mastery magic resistance to all units from 30% to 15%.
  • Skirmishers do not have poison attack anymore.
  • Varian base hp from 150 to 50. Strength per level from 2.2 to 1.95.
  • Stromgarde Portal now works both ways.





  • Mountain Giants transport size from 4 to 2
  • Fandral Night Elf form now has ranged attack and -150 hitpoint.
  • Bear form now gives +450 hp, + 60 damage, 100% Bash, Thick Skin, 3 armor and melee attack.
  • Fandral in ranged form is intelligence primary and gains more intelligent per level, in bear form he becomes Strength primary and his intelligence and strength swap.


Kingdom of Ahn’Qiraj

A new faction has been added, accessible later in the game under the conditions listed in General.


Heroes list

  • C’thun. Agility Hero, can’t use items, has an ultra fast beam attack and fires random projectiles at enemies at different ranges and intervals. He starts with a Staff of Teleportation that is undroppable. Has the following abilities:

        Magic Immunity
          (Q) Silence
          (W) Spawn Tentacles
          (E) Mass Teleport
          ( R) Tranquility



  • The Prophet Skeram. Intelligence ranged hero. Has the following abilities:

          (D) Chilling strike (Cold arrow)
          (Q) Gaze of the Slithering One (Carrion swarm)
           (W) Banish
          (E) Presence of the Unspeakable (Reverse Endurance aura)
          (R ) Mind Destruction (Finger of Death)


  • General Rajaxx. Strength melee hero. Has the following abilities:

           (D) Unholy Plating
           (Q) Shadow Missile (Storm bolt)
            (W) General’s Order (Roar)
            (E) Death Aura (Reverse Devotion aura)
            (R ) Surge of Darkness (Stampede)

  • Moam. Intelligence Range hero.

          (Q) Enveloping Winds. (Shackle)
          (W) Accelerated Vitality (Rejuvenation only hp)
          (E) Brilliance Aura
           (R ) Desert Storm (Small aoe flamestrike)

Units list:


  • Cultist. Builder
  • Faceless one. Footmen unit. Has Charge, Bash and Phase Shift.
  • Silithid Reaver. Range unit. Has web and slowing poison.
  • Giant Scarab. Melee siege unit. Massive hp, hp/regen and can burrow.
  • Silithid Tunneler. Siege Caster. Has a siege attack, gets upgraded by attack upgrades and these abilities:

          -(Q) Boulder Toss (Firebolt)
          -(W) Anti-Magic Shell
          -(E) Earthly Shackles. (Shackle)

  • Faceless Shadow Weaver. Supporting Caster. Has the following abilities:
    (Q) Sentry Ward
    (W) Devour magic
    (E) Bloodlust
  • Tol’Vir Statue. Limited to 6 spellcaster. Has the following abilities:
    (Q) Shadow Storm. (Monsoon)
    (W) Cyclone
    (E) Inner Will. (Inner fire only armor)
  • Faceless Corruptor. Summoner Unit. Has the following abilities:
    Aoe magic attack.
    Spawns a tentacle that attack enemies for 10 second on each attack
    Parasite that last 90 seconds and deals 10 damage per second. On death, it spawns a big tentacle.
  • Silithid Overlord. Heavy melee commander unit. Limited 12. Has the following abilities:
    Command Aura
    Critical Strike
  • Immortal Guardian. Elite Melee unit. Limited 4. Has the following abilities:
    Resistant Skin
    Combat Experience
    Cleaving attack
    (W) Eternal Will (Avatar)
    (Q) Void Tide (Crushing Wave)
  • Silithid Colossus. Elite limited to 6. Have the following abilities:
    Resistant Skin
    (D) Wind Walk
    (Q) Impale
    (W) Locust Swarm
    (E) Bloodbath (vampiric potion)
    Envenomed Darts


Building list. All buildings have a spell that fires spirit missiles that deal 50 damage to a random enemy in range.

  • Ahn’Qiraj Nexus. Main building. Produces Cultist and Silithid Colossus.
  • Black Pyramid. Primary Unit producing building. Trains: Faceless One, Silithid reaver and Giant Scarab. Also has the Web upgrade.
  • Ancient Tomb. Spellcaster building. Trains: Silithid Tunneler, Faceless Shadow Weaver, Tol’vir Statue. Also has the Caster infusion upgrades.
  • Void Portal. Advanced Unit building. Trains: Faceless Corruptor, Silithid Overlord, Immortal Guardian.
  • Pillars of C’thun. House and tower building.
  • Spirit Hall. Research and Lumber drop site.
  • Chamber of Wonders. Item Shop. Has the following items:
    -Orb of corruption
    -Healing Salve
    -Lesser Clarity Potion
    -Summon Workers
    -Potion of Healing
    -Potion of Mana
  • Altar of the Old ones. Hero revive building.
  • Undead shipyard


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