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Ramadan Gaming Event (5/3-5/5)

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Greetings fellow Diploers. It is with great honor and privilege that I can announce our second gaming event of 2019, this time leading up to the Muslim holy month of Ramadan. This one will be focused on Warcraft 3, Company of heroes 2, and Heroes of the Storm. If you have any ideas or suggestions for any of these games, or would like to be a community officer for one of our events, please contact me or @The_Phalanx


5/3 Friday Warcraft 3:
Community Officer: (@War4life, or @cell_destroyer ??)


Footmen vs Grunts




Genesis of Empires 1

War of the 12 kingdoms

Rise of China


Risk Devo

Canned bread

Boreal Conflict

Elimination Tournament

Hungry, Hungry Felhounds

Rise of Ellesetia


5/4 Saturday Company of Heroes 2:




5/5 Sunday Heroes of the Storm:


@Abdel 10pm to 12am. 

@Trockenmatt Heroes Draft 6pm to 8:30pm

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