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Admiral Lurch

Player Expectations

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Experience Gain


Experience: The player will be awarded 100 points of experience per session of appropriate difficulty that he or she attends. Players who attend sessions of a lower difficulty than suggested for their character will receive less experience. Players who attend sessions of a higher difficulty than suggested for their level will receive more experience. The suggested level and experience rewards are as follows;


A session level equal to or either one level above or one level below that of the player character's level grants 1o points of experience.


Session levels further below the player character's level will award the following experience; 2 levels below grants 50 experience, 3 levels below grants 25 experience, 4 levels below grants 0 experience. Players will not be allowed to join sessions of levels further below 4 than their player character's level.


Session levels further above the player character's level will award the following experience; 2 levels above will grant 150 experience, 3 levels above grants 200 experience, 4 levels above grants 300 experience, 5 levels above grants 400 experience.


For Example: A level 5 character will receive 100 experience points for session of level 4, 5, and 6. That same character would receive 50 experience points for a session of level 3. Furthermore, the same character would receive 400 experience for a session of level 10.


Level Ups: Every 400 points of experience a player receives will trigger a level up. Any experience gained past 400 carries over towards the next level up.


Starting Level: New players characters will be starting at level 3. Players who are creating a new character because they retired their previous character or because their previous character die can create a character of level 3 or a character level half of their previous character's level -- whichever is higher.


Player Behavior


Alcohol: People are allowed to drink during the game, but they will be expected to not get intoxicated. Everyone should be in a ready and alert mental state for the game.


Narcotics: we would prefer drug usable before and during the game to be kept to a minimal. Again, everyone should be in a ready and alert mental state for the game.


Device Distractions/Player Attention: We’re going to be using Roll20 so the DM obviously can’t rule out people using their phones or their computers to keep them busy when they’re not actively doing something. However, we’re all adults here and we expect everyone to be paying attention and be ready to go when something comes up and their character needs to react. If problems arise from attentiveness, players who are already and ready will given bonuses and players who aren’t may be given malices, especially in the behavior becomes egregious.


Disruptive Topics: Civil debate on topics will be allowed during downtime, but any conversation that affects either player mood or the flow of the game will be terminated.


Player Absences: Considering the player driven nature of this, the DMs will be keeping track of players who are absent. Players who have three absences in short enough time span will be asked to stop signing up for sessions until their schedules clear up.


Game Behavior


Unannounced Dice Rolls: Unless we specifically ask you, you shouldn’t be rolling a generic D20. Roll20 should be handling all dice rolls through your character sheet.


Player vs Player Dice Rolls: Typical opposed rolls that serve to enhance roleplay are fine, but situations that need to be resolved by player roleplay and not players enforcing their skills upon people are not fine. For example, a Perception check to see someone using Sleight of Hand to steal something is fine. Using Persuasion - Insight opposition to get a player to act in a way contrary to what the player wishes to do is not fine.


Player vs Player: Tension and arguments between player characters are allowed as long as they don’t stem from actual player interactions and also as long as the players can differentiate themselves and their characters. Though player tension and arguments will be allowed they should be handled peacefully and should not result in negative actions against players. We’re not ruling out Player vs Player combat but there needs to be a good reason for the Player vs Player actions to occur.


Expect illegal actions to be met by the full force of the law. The severity and frequency of these actions will dictate the strength of the response. Do not expect to be able to get off the hook for typical “lolrandom” behavior.


Player Character Secrets: Player Characters will be treated as people in their own rights and will thus be allowed to keep information from other party members. However, any and all secrets need to be shared with the DMs. A forum area will be provided for players to post their secrets to help make sure all DMs are aware. Furthermore, the DMs may decide for any reason not to allow certain secrets.


Player Expectations: The actual sessions run by DMs will be more combat focused than any of your typical campaigns run by the DMs involved. However, plenty of roleplaying opportunities will be provided within the sessions, and more importantly, on the forums.


Player Agency: The DMs will not be actively trying to limit player agency. If anything, DMs will be encouraging player agency. However, the DMs reserve the right to take over when it is the appropriate action.

Player Discomfort: If something comes up that creates an uncomfortable situation for a player or players, either on topics already discussed during the Session 0 or brand new topics, then a discussion about will be had after the session. The end goal is for everyone to be having a good time roleplaying and anything that reduces that will be addressed.


Do not expect for DMs to engage in roleplay in sexual scenarios. The standard illegal sexual shenanigans will be prohibited and all other types of similar encounters will fade to black.


Game Balance and Fairness: We expect players to avoid actively trying to break the game. Builds that are deemed too powerful or broken will be reviewed and changed if necessary. This campaign is meant to be on the harder side and as such do not expected for punches to be pulled.


Rules Debate: If a debate happens about rules, then the DM will make a quick ruling to keep the game moving. Any discussion about rules will be held after the session. If for whatever reason the discussion doesn’t happen after the session the rules were questioned, then they’ll be held before the start of the next session.


Spotlight Sharing: There will be parts of the campaign that will end up spotlighting certain characters. During this, the other players will need to be respectful of the spotlight. We will be doing the best to make sure that spotlight is shared equally by all players.


Meta-Knowledge: Characters are expected to be familiar with the world at large, but specific knowledge will be handled by knowledge rolls.


Min-Max’ing: We want players to create fun and enjoyable characters. However, I want players to avoid overly min-maxing so that they do not overly trivialize encounters. Preferably, the players should maintain similar levels of power so that if encounter difficulty needs to go up it doesn’t hamstring players who are happen to behind on the power curve.


Character Party Fit: We’re not going to dictate what kind of character you can create, but you need to have a reason to be within this mercenary company.


Murderhobos: We expect players to try and join in the roleplay. This will be a campaign that involves more combat than normal, but players should still have motivations and reasons for being in the party and should express themselves when necessary.


Player Character Creation


Races: All first party races are fine accept for Centaurs, Minotaurs, and Yuan-ti.


Creation Stats: 20d6 dice pool, drop the lowest, mix and match as needed. If half of the dice result in 1s or 2s then a re-roll is allowed


Alignment: No chaotic evil.


Classes: No restrictions.

Campaign Details


Character Start: Characters will start at level 3 with appropriate wealth by level for a 3rd level adventurer.


Campaign Length: Infinite?


Critical Success: Critical Hits will follow the standard confirmation rules but Nat20s will not apply to skill rolls.


Remember to respectful to each other and be willing to openly and clearly communicate.

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