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24 Player - Host Controls!

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Because 24 player mode allows people to select their factions I have elected to give player 1 host controls!



The Faction Selector Mode in Warcraft Total War has a 5 minute grace period called the Pax in which players are prevented from attacking each other both through being allied (but no vision) and with triggers that actually stop them from attacking each other. The Host functions determine how teams will be when the Pax expires.




When I select team of 2...




Players are notified and the Pax Timer in the Multiboard changes to reflect the size of teams. So Teams of 2 will be Pax(2), teams of 3 be Pax(3), etc. etc.



I wanted to check out the 8 player function so I pressed it and...
















Here is a read out from the -player command (which will be split into players1 and players 2 which does 1-12 and 13-24).





As you can probably tell players are just allied sequentiality. I would also like to point out that diplomacy commands are still available allowing players to form new teams in the event of leavers or if people wanna trade teams if they were unable to get consecutive slots in the game lobby.



The default is current FFA but teams of 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12 can be configured. RP functions can be enabled for all 24 players. *drools* And Full Vision can be toggled. I should be able to put all the team settings into a spell book opening up room on the main unit for god knows what else.



There is a 24 player forum game over at Warlcave for Saturday and while I unfortunately will have to work and am unable to attend I will have this uploaded by then!

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