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W:TW 3.2a Changelog/Download

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Warcraft Total War 3.2a is now available for hosting on makemehost! Warcraft Total War 24 is available for download on epicwar!



File Name: WarcraftTW3.2a(12)


Download: Warcraft Total War 3.2a Download Link


WTW 24 Download: Warcraft Total War (24) 3.2a Download Link


Google Doc: Warcraft Total War 3.2a Changelog





General Updates


A 24 player file will be released in parallel with all future patches! For more info see:

Warcraft D Total War 24


The Win Trigger’s first use has been updated to now give the player Deathwing! In addition researching the Veteran upgrades and using the actual win trigger now has on screen text.











Updates for player factions.



-Elites for every faction have been overhauled. Their third ability is available when the player has 200 kills and their fourth ability is available after 400 kills. Because their previous spells were placeholders I didn’t list all the before/after of the elites. Keeping track of the before/after of the 70 elites would be too tedious but it will likely be included with the individual Faction Threads. Suffice to say the elites all borrowed from a very small pool of spells. Now many of them have spells that are unique to that faction.



Here is a screenshot of the Silithid Ravager showing the kill requirements for the 3rd and 4th ability.




*Note: I may drop it from 200/400 to 150/300.*



Images used for Hero Icons







Hour of Twilight


-Reduced the quest rewards.



Faction Selector


-Players are now given a special Scroll of Teleportation that has no Sell value.


-Players now receive the 1000 starting gold they are supposed to.




Editor’s Notes:


This patch brings quite a few major things (WTW24, elite overhaul, win trigger updates) and somewhat signals the beginning of the focus on ‘Faction Exclusive’ content. Terrain is finally in an acceptable state and all these fancy systems and game modes becoming heavily debugged. The Eye of Sauron is now fixed on Faction work which starts with the Elite overhaul. Some faction work was done with heroes but that will be covered in their individual threads and continued for the next patch. I will also be working on Faction specific events/quests and events/quests players that are to be contested.



For 24 player I will likely be setting up a ‘host’ function that will allow the host to choose different parameters such as team size or max number of allies. Setting up a 12 vs 12 mode for example would be very easy.

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