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Introduction to Serbia

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Color: Yellow

Difficulty: Novice - Adept - Master

Entry: July 1914

Initial contested fronts: 2, one North of capital Belgrade, one Western border mountain pass

Starting troop positions:

  • Belgrade infantry regiments, 2 machine gunners, 1 medic, 4 mortars, and 2 howitzers.
  • regiments spread across southern Serbia
  • 2 howitzers at western mountain pass
  • regiments within trenches at Albania coast, western mountain pass, and North of Belgrade.

General campaign:

  • With all Belgrade regiments trench North of Belgrade.
  • With all southern regiments trench western mountain pass.
  • Concentration of howitzer use is recommended, to gain an advantage and stall for additional time; spread of use is also possible though requires split attention across two fronts.
  • A successful campaign is to delay the Austrian(Gray) and Hungarians(Light blue) until June 1916, whereupon you will gain many regiments for free. Italy will enter May 1915, relieving some pressure from the Austrians.

Specific offensives:

  • North - facing a weaker Hungary player, concentration of howitzer fire can push/stall which will buffer for quite some time as the region is vast and generally light blue is one of the weaker Central factions. The western mountain pass can be comparatively more easily defended with fewer trenches. Concentration of fire power will also limit Austrian advance. Upon Italy entry, it is likely Austria will not be able to continue her continued aggression and must focus northward instead.
  • West - facing a weaker Austrian player, concentration of howitzer fire can threaten Sarajevo and 1 Austrian infantry barracks. It is more difficult to push out in this direction, but if successful can put Austria at a great disadvantage when Italy joins the war. Hungary can be stalled with massive trenching and regiment bait and switch.

Special considerations:

  • Serbia is given Portugal in March 1916, Romania and Northern Greece in August 1916, and Southern Greece in July 1917.
  • Bulgaria enters the war against the Allies in October 1915 with a massive army. Be wary of this date and set up defenses accordingly if need be.

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