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Revamping the Middle Eastern Theatre

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It is time to change the Middle Eastern theatre. When Poot and I first made that theatre tbh, it was more a kind of an add in. We didn't pay particular attention to geography, nor the actual history of the war there to accurately reflect happenings.


I think we can agree generally that the front there currently sucks. Orange is all about massing deathballs and becomes a ridiculous gold machine late game. Ont he other hand, Green has virtually no chance of succees for the most part, even 1v1. The best it can do is attempt to stall. So, I am going to propose you a number of changes that are line with historical happenings, but will undoubtedly make the front a better, more enjoyable experience.


For starters, I basically used this map as a model more or less - https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4414/36971892846_7125cecc5a_o.jpg.

I am going to post screenshots throughout the thread outlining changes, but its hard for me toa ccurately continue the euphrates/tigris with screenshots, so you should try to use this map to continue it appropriately with properly (you'll see what I mean).


Now, the basic idea is as follows; teal will be given Canada, Canada will lose its factory, Canada will also lose its howitzers, and in my opinion you should remove the towns in Canada, and also adjust down the gold halifax gives because IMO west front balance is fairly good and i dont want teal to get more OP at the get-go. Additionally, orange should lose USA. USA should go to France in 1917, but obviously not in the form of two additional factories - i would suggest only one additional factory, with the rax, and a corresponding income adjustment. USA is basically hardly used by orange now anyways, and often just serves to pop cap him. I would suggest also basically eliminating most cities/towns on there, but adding a bunch of trade docks (thinking like six - seven) to provide an actual representative boon to all allied nations as the USA did through trade in WW1, but also allowing centrals to have value in blockading navy or sneaking u-boats out to snipe trade ships.


Orange will be given Kuwait (which I will highlight where via screenshots). Kuwait will have one factory, one barracks. Techoff's alternative suggestion is to have a waygate that goes from port said to kuwait, but IMO this will ruin the conception of the Front. The idea is that Green will have a centralized force but have to worry about landings, etc. Orange meanwhile has two potential fronts he can choose to push from. I think this kind of 1v1 will add a new dynamic to the game that we haven't actually experienced before.


Of course you all will say... well now green has ANOTHER front to deal with? How will he do this? My goal is to make the Ottoman coast far less landable (but still substantially so), but also to nerf Orange's OPness late game by taking away America, and substantially changing (if not removing the Arab revolt all together, honestly - it is a horrible mechanic and bad gameplay). The problem as I see it currently is that both these nations are WAY too oversaturated with income. I think generally, income is over-inflated in ISh and a general trend of reduction in incomes as a principle is what we should aim. Green has a starting income of 510. Orange has a starting income of 315. I would like to aim to bring Green's income in line with orange with this change, with both nations hovering around ~350. Maybe Green can be given a little bit more income to compensate for the fact he will have to trench more generally, so perhaps sometrhing like a ~325 375 split for orange/green. Now let me get into specifics for Green


Ottoman Changes

First, Scutari is to be removed as a capital. It's nonsensical that it is a capital and we have attached such impotance to it for so long. The fact of the matter is that Istanbul is the economic hub of the OE, and we have made the decision to give that to pink. Scutari as a capital simply opens green up to total destruction because of the vulnerability of the capital. Thus, scutari will be given town or city status, and Ankara should be added as a capital with infrastructure moved there. Green no longer has to worry about getting D-day dropped right on his capital, and on the whole this shortens his supply lines a bit to all of his fronts.


Second, the caucus front is to be changed to properly reflect what the actual borders were, i.e a widening of the border between red and green.


Third, Beirut is to be removed as a capital, given city status and moved to its appropriate location along with the trade port. Damascus is also to be moved to its appropriate location, with factory and barracks from Beirut placed there.


Fourth, Baghdad is to be added, and this will set the stage of the 'Mesopotamian' front, which was historicalyl one of the most important fronts in the Middle eastern theatre. Baghdad should just have a singular barracks placed there. OE total barracks will be 4 to compensate for the fact that Orange will now have 3 barracks in the front. Move units here from where Beirut would've existed, and potentially add one howitzer there. We want to keep the howitzer count fairly parallel on the fronts.


Fifth - there will be a lot of re-terraining you have to do, in these screenshots I've shown how I think you should add mountains to reduce landable coast and give Green an easier time, while still punishing greens who are not prudent and who do not trench appropriately. Additionally, there will be a lot of bordera djustment to reflect the historically un-controlled arabian tribes that Green didnt have control over.


Sixth - in terms of city distribution, Green as a whole needs to have income concentrated mainly in turkey and the Levantine coast, with things being far more sparse in Mesopotamia generally. At the moment green has most of his income concentrated basically outside of there which is ttotally nonsensical.


Orange Changes

Basically just add Kuwait as a city, and maybe a few corresponding towns and we will see where that goes. It should be decently defensible, we may have to make up mountain ranges to add a little defence rather than just have an open field.


as for arab revo, since the traditional location it'll take place will now be taken over by Kuwait, remove it. I don't know what we want to do with it but I think at most it should be like an extra 25 infantry or something that maybe spawns by kuwait/in kuwait if Kuwait still stands. It should not be what it is right now, especially if we are designing the front to be low income /scarce units.


To that end, I suggest moving some of the starting egyptian army to Kuwait, meaning like ~8 inf and an Mg, with two howitzers and some trenches as necessary. I think though that I would not like to see a pre-defined border there but rather allow for the opportunity for some open warfare to potentially take place.


Album of changes;



edit; i can get this fucking thing to work, it keeps assigning a media tag, when I just want to link the album. Fucking SHIT-TIER FORUM PLATFORM.

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Assuming 6v6...


Canada given to Teal - keep Canada's factories and howitzers. (Represent British colonial industry, need for a strong navy, length of bringing total power to bear)

the income from each British town/city. (Balances western front while keeping Canada vital to the war effort)

USA given to Blue - (Supplement French troops as is historical during American entry)

I agree with keeping USA a major trade power, but only trade with major powers,
including Centrals
. Probably at most need 5 trade ports: teal, blue, brown, DG, and red. Trade should also be kept during neutral USA, and of course during entry stop trading with the Centrals.

USA barracks. (Western Europe is getting a buff with American entry, make them work for it. Macro play is part of the game)


1. Ankara capital is a good thing, and move towns/cities to the coast and central Turkey. Keep Arabia/Syria sparse. (Reflect historically and promote defensibility)

2. Widening Caucasus border is fine, add trenches.

3. Damascus (farther from the front)

4. One barracks in Ankara, one in Damascus, one in Baghdad.

5. keep coastline, stop adding mountains where there are none.

Instead, increase transport cost and lower carrying capacity. Make landings costly and difficult to pull off. This will mirror the logistics and manpower actually needed for an effective landing. Since income is moved to Turkey proper, the landings that do occur in Syria will not matter as much. Landings to Turkey will be more easily defensible since Ankara is the new capital. Orange players will have to weigh between troops on landings or pushing Palestine/Iraq.

6. see 1.

- Upon Bulgaria entry, give Constantinople and surroundings to Green. (Buffs otto chances after two years of orange aggression)



1. Kuwait will be an interesting addition, and supplements the loss income from the Americas for orange. Kuwait/Iraq border trenched is necessary.

One barracks in Egypt, one in Kuwait.

2. keep Arab revolt, but only give cavalry. # depending on your balance of the Middle East.

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I'm drawing a blank, anyone know why this is happening?



The issue is that lowering the ground doesn't turn some random areas into water. I'm having a poor experience trying to google the issue. Trying to terrain parts of Turkey and the Middle East and this issue is popping up everywhere. It's probably something obvious I'm forgetting at the moment.

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I did a little testing on the editor. It's because you have two layers: One for water and one for land, and your "water" layer is on top of your "land" layer.

Both layers can have land or water, it's just on different planes.


One solution is to use only one layer ( how, I don't know. Might need to restart the whole section of terrain lul)

The second solution might be to raise the ground on the lower layer to go over the top layer.


Good luck

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Perhaps instead of Arab revolt we have Australian reinforcements if Orange still controls egypt/Suez canal after a certain time.


Then there can be a Gallipoli 2.0

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When will I be unbanned from the Discord?


Anyways for ME, I'm currently not expanding the map or adding Kuwait, maybe when I do the 14 man, though I'm reworking capitals and doing Scutari to Ankara. Canada is currently demoted. Other terrain work is in progress.

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