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Explaining the Faction Selector Mode

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When the Faction Selector mode is enabled players will be able to use the Faction Selectors to gain control of one of the faction buildings around the edge. The entire map is made neutral hostile and player buildings and units are removed.




Using the Faction Selector to gain control of one of the Faction Buildings.



These are the same buildings used to Faction Swap (Which is still available in this mode). Using the ‘Become this Faction’ ability will give you that faction.





After players have selected their faction they will get their faction’s heroes and several things to help find a new home in Azeroth.

-A very durable transport.

-1000 Gold.

-Each hero will get a Scroll of Mass Teleportation, a Worker Summon Item (Essence of the Proletariat), and a Tower item.


The Pax is a 5 minute grace period where players are allied and are prevented from attacking each other (but not creeps). This time should be used to expand as much as possible and establish a base in a safe location. Using your Transport and Scroll of Mass Teleportation you have quite a bit of mobility for that time to find a safe home.




Here you can see 12 players have selected a faction.



For testing purposes I reloaded 3 separate times to test selecting all 35 factions going clockwise around the square of Faction buildings.


In the first test Archimonde’s swap had a bug that the multiboard labeled him as ‘Deadlords’ between the first and 3rd reloads I fixed the bug so the multiboard correctly labeled him as Archimonde.


A separate file has been uploaded to makemehost with (FS) at the end of it which will automatically enable Faction Selector mode.

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