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Warcraft: Total War 3.11a Changelog

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3.11a is now available on Makemehost! Game Mode exclusive version have been uploaded as well: Battle for Azeroth: Alliance vs Horde (AvH) and a Faction Selector mode file has been uploaded with the tag (FS). The Filename is:




Game Mode Exclusive files:




Download Link: http://www.makemehost.com/ShareMaps/WarcraftTW3.11a.w3x



A new Minimap image has been added, inspired by the global map view. :)



Warcraft: Total War 3.11 Changelog





-Fixed gap in Lordaeron Capital Walls.

-Made Stormwind bridge wider.



Updates for player factions.

-Nerfed Hero Groups a little. Heroes now gain .8 damage per primary attribute down from 1. Demi’s base damage went to 25 down from 30. And, Elites damage went to 20 down from 30. Probably about 80ish melee damage off the Hero group as a whole.

-Nerfed Elite War Stomp Stun Range (350 > 250)

-Fixed Faction Roar tooltip values.

-Fixed Cairne Bronzebeard.

-Fixed Anduin not aging in Stormwind.



Updates for contested content such as Mercenaries, Troll Empires, Dragon Aspects, Elemental Lords, Old Gods, etc.

-Nerfed Mercenary Dragons (2200 > 1800 HP)

-Nerfed Gates (5000 > 3000 HP)

-Fixed Dragonheart Tooltips

-Fixed Black Temple Gate.


Game Modes


-Added Auxiliary production, Temples, and Farm to the Hour of Twilight factions (C’thun, Yogg, and Dark Iron/Elemental Lords).



-Fixed Kezan <> Kul Tiras Carrying Winds not being removed.

-Fixed Instances not removed (Naxx/Dalaran/Nathreza)



Faction Selector Mode has been completed. See the related thread for more details.




Editor’s Notes: Just as 3.10, which took soo long, brought a much needed update to the Eastern Kingdoms Terrain (among other things), 3.11 brought a much need update to the dynamic game modes. Bringing the Faction Selector Mode up to speed was the big focus in preparation for a 24 player mode. Hour of Twilight and Alliance vs. Horde also recieved a lot of bug fixing and with so much of the map now largely debugged I’m planning on focusing on Factions for the entirety of 3.12 and beyond. The Faction Swap and selector system is suppose to change up play styles but because heroes and elites currently have a small pool of spells to draw from the differences between factions do not vary greatly.


To remedy this, Heroes will have a bigger pool of base spells and potentially all 115+ heroes having a ‘unique’ ultimate, that's the goal at least. I have also thought about moving most stun based spells to the Weapon each hero has. Elites and Casters for each faction need more spell choices and will make use of the Exhaustion system to encourage tactical choices on the battlefield. Stay tuned! :)

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