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Map Objectives & Other Updates

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The Help Building has been split with the Map Objective related abilities being split off to a building called ‘Map Objectives’. This not only makes those more noticable but also helps unbloat the Help Building.









Terenas RP Dialog




Previously to get Lich King you just needed to bring DK Arthas to the Frozen Throne. Now you must visit Terenas first! Other requirements may be added but Lich King isn’t an OP boost like in other maps.







Updates for contested content such as Mercenaries, Troll Empires, Dragon Aspects, Elemental Lords, Old Gods, etc.




Engineering has been updated. Instead of each of the bases being able to build a unique worker workers may now be upgraded. The Limit of 4 is just to prevent noobs from wasting their gold. The unique buildings now have the requirement of the base to be built. This not only makes it more transparent for players but also easier to update. I would like to merge the Dwarven Cannon Towers and make it where capturing Ironforge, Aeries Peak, or Shadowforge increases the limit for a Max of 3 but that not a priority till I start running out of space.












Game Modes




The New Hour of Twilight Pick!



Each Player has a Cultist. Voting for HoT Pick will enable the use of their abilities.








The game mode tech requirement also allows me to keep the cultists available to the player so they can still see the tooltips and learn about the mode if in a normal game.



Other HoT Fixes


-Deathwing can attack air...


-Quest’s were fixed up. Less Experience/Gold, shouldn’t give double messages, etc. etc.


-Hour of Twilights ending changed from Deathwing’s Global immolation (Crashes the map) to all Ancient Evil Players getting unlimited gold, all allied towers/barracks die, all ally units set to 50% health. Old God Players set to 200% Handicap. More stuff to make those players OP to come.

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