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WC3 Tech Tree Restored & Updating Elites

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Warcraft 3 Tech Tree Restored!





An Auxiliary unit production building, a Farm, an Item Shop, and an Altar have all been added to all 35 factions. The Barracks and Auxiliary building each produce 4 units. Some factions have an extra production building largely for aesthetic reasons. The only thing missing is a blacksmith which every player has one of, It is a hero unit so you can’t miss it. A Blacksmith building could however work its way back into the tech tree, but with how the Tech system works there really isn’t a need for multiple blacksmiths. Still making the upgrades take longer and limiting blacksmiths could make hiding/defending them important buildings.



Updating Elites


When I posted the thread about redesigning factions Cazdawg start working this up and did most of it in one sitting. Me and AngusKirby helping at the time back around december.





It was easy enough for the first 12 factions but beyond that it became tedious to faction swap just to see what elites there are. I used the opportunity to reorganize spells and have all the Elite abilities together in addition to placing Neutral Passive ones in a corner of the map to make updating them much easier. When rebuilding the tech tree I realized that Neutral Passive also owns the faction buildings when not occupied by a player so can build there tech. So placing one of each Worker will also help make testing out/developing factions so much easier.






Previously this category had a bunch of other non-elite spells and spells were just labeled (Elite) and (Elite - Ultimate).




With the Neutral Passive placed Elites and new organization it will just be a matter of adding to this pool of spells and Elites will become more unique to help give factions different play styles.

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