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Eastern Kingdoms Massive Reterrain + Argus

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Eastern Kingdom (Best to open 2 windows side by side if you want to compare the before after)













































After (Editor view)





When I started the map I didn’t even think about the Forsaken or including Undercity. Stumbling across a free style faction swap system made adding factions insanely fast and easy... faster than I could terrain or the time/energy to make these many faction diverse. Both terrain and spells have placeholders left to be replaced but Undercity before was definitely just a ‘viable’ (if you can call it that) placeholder.



Since Undercity (like all instances areas) has building restrictions (no towers, and no building on the waygates) it changes the most out of all instances via game modes.



In a standard game there is 7 tower points, Undercity itself, and a Control point. In Alliance vs Horde; Blue gets 4 more towers, all tower points become towers, and they also gain starting structures. Undercity also gains ‘Grand Capital’ status awarding tech every turn.



Here is how it looks in Alliance vs. Horde mode!








Gilneas was in need of a overhaul. I think I may still expanding it down the road but this is a massive improvement in terms of pathing and defensibility.












Ironforge/Dun Morogh




















Terrain comments: Terraining a map this size can only be done in waves. If I tried making all the terrain to the quality I think I can do on the first run the map would have never of been finished. ; Eastern Kingdoms being so large had been ignored since its initial inception until I could launch a proper terrain invasion. I terrained them in the order they were shown (Undercity, Gilneas, Ironforge, Stormwind) and did many other in between areas too. I started running out of gas when I hit Lordaeron so when I’m ready to give it another go I’ll start at Silvermoon.



This is something I wanted to share as I have tons of archived files of the map:



Doodad Count:


Oldest File (Early Alpha) - 5561


1.0 - 12910


2.0 (Added Uldum, Vashjir, Deepholm) - 13000


3.0 (Added Pandaria and Broken Isles) - 14000


Present (3.1) - 13744



You can see 3 new zones were added in 2.0 but the count barely increased. 2 Major zones were added with only a minor increase. Then with 3.1 the Eastern Kingdom was smacked hard with the terrain bat and the doodad count actually went down. The Rock Mountain style was easy to spam but now that I’m able to give them more attention it not only looks better but reduces the doodad count to place them properly. There is still a lot more thinning out I can do I hope to get the count down to 12,000. In addition to thinning them out i'm also making sure ones in the foreground are very low so as no to obstruct player view.





Argus Updated


Argus has been in Total War since the beginning. This is how it looked long before it was shown in WoW:JSwPjxJK4xlV7iNRm8OC757eYi3qVbMNOlJAjFIsDFN4CqHx6mVvkG-bZwPK_kIWvzFFNvjR37_-K3QaQysQ8rBwqhXhB4mgnl5ZfQKjzh-kbOHpSGBp7sUzay-UkifEFdJvKkF4




Having played the current expansion expansion WoW: Legion, Argus was updated to reflect the content a little more accurately.






There are 4 ways to get to Argus. I pretty much figure they are classified as Static or Mobile, and Permanent or Temporary. They are:


Broken Isles to Krokuun (Static/Permanent)


Book of Medivh to Mac’aree (Mobile/Temporary)


Exodar to Vindicar (Static/Temporary)


Nathreza to Krokuun (Static/Temporary)



The Exodar/Nathreza portals may only be open from their side (ability is found on the main base).



Argus’ Content:


2 Factions - Archimonde’s Legion/Kil'Jaeden’s Legion


2 Rare Mercenaries - Lightforged Draenei Paladin, Void Elf Hunter


1 Capturable Mechanic - Argus the Unmaker (Global Resurrection)


The only new things are the Mercs and Argus. The 2 Factions were present before this update.




Moving Instances!


I noticed there was dead space between the game mode area and some instances and there was some rearranging that could be done among the others. All the instances on the right moved down quite a bit eliminating dead space. Tomb of Sargeras swapped with Naz'Jatar and the result was all of the purple area clearing up. There are no immediate plans to add more instances but there is definitely a bunch of room for it now.




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