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Eragon Revisit Request by SilenceX

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psst krem so i was like 'ugh i'm so bored' then i wanted to do a terrain change to a map so the first that got in my mind was eragon inheritance final version so i did a few terrain changes without asking you if you want i can change the whole terrain design with not changing the places too much but adding citys,farmsibetter roads,better world design i'll send some of what i have done so if you want me to do for all the map i'll do it just say :D


petrovya gonna expand the terrain where the ship stands to make the units pass from below also the pathing is fine units can pass without stucking




Uru'baen the capital of evil

Gonna expand the city walls to take the city center in and leave the entrance empty for brown to build also gonna build towers in the walls that can be destroyed by both melee and ranged also walls are working in direct order so no one gets in walls and buildings but i can open some space for brown and its tested for bug it has some visual bugs but nothin i can't handle



well this is the noble part of the city and the chapel for people also the tree is a referance to the white tree of gondor also built a dalaran tower to the left up end of the walls where it connects to the other wall this is my own add-on cus i think it looks good and maybe its the warden inn the north to the good forces or the house of the dragon but thats not really up to canon currently it has no effect its just a doodad also there is city center where the cages it used to be for people but now it serves as a example for thoose who oppose the empire and in middle we have a marketplace(which is the most buggy part of the city which i'm trying to get over and i did most of em dunno i maybe i'll clean some of the markets to make the entrance to the bazaar more visible then we have the castle of alagaesia i maded it look like a big castle with more towers towering above the peasents i'll add some more details to it to make more menacing also the biggest tower will be the tower of dragon which he rests and we have the guilds of uru'baen dunno why i choosed to make there a guild maybe a noblehouse or the biggest inn/hotel in the city dunno not sure for now :D



now we have the city entrance,the barracks and the low grounds which its habitants as you can understand is the normal people who serves the city also the crime rate is more upper than noble district :D

it has a large group of houses to make it realistic(which i love when playin strategy also if you could do units smaller i would appreciate cus units are bigger then houses :D)then we have the barracks of the city which holds the city garrison and the army dunno maybe i'll put a tent sea to the gate entrance to the out of the city which holds the army of the empire it would be more realistic to make them out in the city dunno if i'll put a tent sea or a few barrack look like building also i have putted some towers to the walls that can be still destroyed by melee and ranged then we have the statue of the so called savior the leader the tiran the man the legend the lord alagesia :D

[ATTACH=full]7577[/ATTACH] now the last but not least we look to the castle of uru'baen it has a total of 6 towers 1 from town hall that connected to easch other the towers get bigger with each one to look menacing and cool at the same time i'll decorate the towers with more props also gonna make a tower maybe that functions as a real defence tower with stronger attack and things to protect the capital of evil well dunno if i will i willl if you want just say'put the tower and i'll do*


Well here it is my change to the world of eragon if you want me to cont its ur call just say it

and i'll do it.Also respond fast xD

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Wow, I'm blown away. Haha, this looks very sweet. I just uploaded another version today on Epicwar.com with some trigger modification and minor terrain just when urgals enter the beor mountain lake. I would love to have these changes into the real game!

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latest images of terrain remake on eragon




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That's so amazing what you do with those doodads SilenceX! I tried to replicate them into the latest version 10 but I just couldn't get it the same way. :(

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