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NEO TAF & Taf as we know it

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What are your thoughts on new possible nations, and game-modes for NEO TAF, and what do you think is an appropriate number of players? Please share your thoughts, this is exactly what this thread is for.

And I'll start us off.


Current Issues Facing TAF:

  • Incomplete Game-Modes
  • Income ceilings are too high, snowball effect is still too much
  • Late game slow down and lag, as a result of massive spamming

Now its true, higher incomes allow for bigger, better wars, the aspect of total war becomes so much more enjoyable. But the price for that is simply too high, the slowdown, and lag associated with all this late-game spamming often crashes the game more times than not. Honestly TAF by the late-game becomes horrid, it's one serious issue with Advanced that has been seriously plaguing the game, and a big part of its death. Baron you really need to look towards slashing incomes, and re-balancing the game based on new incomes and unit values.


Another issue are the game-modes, let's be honest the majority of the game modes are either incomplete, or the community is just not into it. As entertaining as super-heroes are, especially late-game against a buncha apocs and all that, it shouldn't be the standard, and it shouldn't be the focus of your attention (I know its not anymore).


Look what I am suggesting is to really look into slashing incomes across the board, and re-balancing the game based on those new incomes and unit values. It may seem daunting at first, but it really isn't and I am more than happy to assist you in this regard. Another issue is you need to re-vamp the game-modes, standard should cater more so to competitive players, and should strictly prohibit anything, but conventional player. As well as an RP mode to cater to the other half of the community, as to what to include you can refer to the suggestions Nodle, and I have made in other threads. Lastly a super-standard which includes a mesh of both game-modes, and sees the return of good old super-heroes, and apocs.



Now then let us talk about NEO TAF. To be quite frank with you, a 24 game player mode seems unrealistic, and will probably lead to mass spam, lag and crashing. I don't see it happening. Even a 16 game player mode seems impossible to me, TAF games are already incredibly difficult to fill, and play out with 12 players, let alone 16. I think the most compatible with TAF, given our community size, and the mechanics of the game itself, a 14 player game, or perhaps even 15 player game would be perfect. Now personally I am weary of a lobby with an uneven number of players, but in TAF it's not that much of an issue.


What I am suggesting is that we introduce three new nations, Argentina, Iran and Australia, although teal will be allowed to keep Singapore and Hong Kong. Red will loose it's central asian cores, except KAzakhistan, and they will become shared cores between Iran and USSR. We may need to re-balance incomes for certain nations/factions such as teal/red to compensate for their loss of cores, as well nations like Pink-LB-Green-Yellow, which traditional spheres of influence are more contested, and there is less room for expansion for them. A possible solution to this would be the removal of space, and all that other non-sense, and simply enlarging the map, and adding more neutrals/resources to compensate for the increase in nations.

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It is the point of view of a TAF Wargamer focused on the frontline.


I usually play the support role, I funds other factions depending my interests and politics.


Now I think another faction could be added to the three you mentionned, South Africa.


For the rest, the size of the map is quite enough frankly, there is place to place new ressources and metropolis. Planets might be unrealistic but at the same time they aren't. The only unrealistic thing it is the benefits for the space race. Colonizing planets should be expensive and barely rewarding.


For the loss of core, Central Asia wouldn't be detrimental. Calculations for UK,India, Arabs, LA and Brazil wouldn't be hard to handle.


However, the game can easily be massed because infantry is cheap but I can assure you that even at 15k income, you have sometimes trouble with teching up.

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decrease lag → less units → more quality units → tech for troops, increase per unit cost


make USSR only Russia, add Poland - cores in traditionally "Second World" countries ie. Central Asian steppes, N. Korea, etc.

make European Union only Germany

  • the idea here is to make Europe more of a contested battleground. Increase the capability of defenders

make Arabic League only Saudi Arabia, add Iran - both cores in Middle East

increase likelihood of colonial independence from British/French colonies

make African Union only Egypt, add South Africa


add Argentina, Columbia, weaken Brasil. Decrease mobility by increasing terrain and trees

  • could have an interesting playstyle here, where the survival of South American countries is to support one another against outside influence all the while trying to gain the upper hand against another

add Indonesia

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