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Faction/Mercenary Overhauls

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Let me start by saying I didn’t choose the faction swap system the faction swap system choose me.


There are 35 factions in this map…


They are organized by appearance based on the Game Mode.




-Initial Only-










Fel Horde


Dark Horde




















Kul Tiras












Blood Elves



-Hour of Twilight-






Dark Iron



-Through Faction Swapping Only-


Scarlet Crusade


Argent Dawn


Knights of the Ebon Blade




Kil’Jaeden’s Legion


Archimonde’s Legion


Shadow Council


Broken Ones


Fel Elves












Each faction has 3 heroes and starts as a complete faction (no memes required). Because reasons, it was prudent to make and model(barely) the factions with the intention of circling back when I could devote more attention to making (and balancing) new spells. Now that the Pandaria and Broken Isles are in the map and it’s relatively ‘caught up’ with Warcraft geography the time has come to give the factions that level of attention.







Red is set in stone. Part of what I call ‘the Core’.


Yellow should be basic skills like Waves/AoE, Stuns, Stomps/Slams, Survival, or Utility. These can be personalized with animations/names to fit the theme of the hero or faction.


Green is full go when it comes to diversity. I would like all 105 Heroes to have unique ultimates (There’s actually 114 heroes with all the ‘substitution’ heroes). The 1,1 (D Hotkey) ability is free for unique customization as well.


Blue is also room for another ability that can be added to heroes but might give really overload the amount of buttons a player has to press. Currently some heroes have an ability related to an event/quest but that will soon be moved to an item slot to free up room for an ability (or just make the hero less bloated).



Elite/Caster Green ‘Ultimate’


The idea for Elites and Casters is to give them each 2 Ultimates that cost 100 mana (100 mana is the cap for all units with mana). After using one the unit will be given a debuff called ‘Exhaustion’ which sets all mana to 0/cancels out all Regen for a duration (10 seconds?). This allows for more tactical decision.




Demis can be revived at a Castle type building and have the following spells. All Demis however have very high health and melee damage. They are powerful Combat units with Utility. Elites are the ones intended for diversity. All Demi abilities are essentially ‘Red’ but that doesn’t mean that they we can’t change up their toolkit. Banner and Colonize are the absolute musts but the rest of their utility could very well change. I’d like to focus on Elites and Caster for now though before trying to overhaul a ‘core’ concept.


Demi 1: Banner, Dispel, Sentry Ward, Colonize (Summon Workers)


Demi 2: Banner, Cloud, Bounty (Faerie Fire), Colonize (Summon Workers)



Faction Overhaul Template




1)Roar/ Ability / Ability / Ultimate


D Ability / F Ability



2)Heal/ Ability / Ability / Ultimate


D Ability / F Ability



3) Ability / Ability / Ability / Ultimate


D Ability / F Ability





1)Heal/Reveal/ Ultimate / Ultimate



2)AoE(Shockwave/Nova)/Stun/ Ultimate / Ultimate





1)Heal/Divine Shield/ Ultimate / Ultimate



2)Bloodlust/Mirror Image/ Ultimate / Ultimate



I am opening the floor for players to suggest any part of a factions skill set (as long as they still have their required spells). People do writes up for games/maps all the time that get ignored/shot down. This is a template to allow players to do just that. I have no doubt that collaboration can help build more diverse and viable factions than a single person can. At least with 35 factions and over 100 mercenaries in the map. :O



Unit’s names, models, and Icons are also open to suggestions. Something as simple as renaming/remodeling a Demi or Infantry/Archer or completely changing an Elite or Hero to fit a new skill set. You can include the link to the model and any image you would like for the icon.




To recap players are free to suggest the following things with the criteria:


-Heroes spells/ultimates provided the Faction Leader has the Roar and one Hero has a heal.


-Elites can be made unique but general should have a Stun/Heal/AoE/Reveal in their toolkit between the two of them. That still leaves room for 4 other spells but their Ultimates could be used to fill those roles.


-Caster Heal/Bloodlust and a defensive for each is a must (this can branch out from Divine Shield and Mirror Image). Their Ultimates should be viable with spammable units. I’m confident the ‘Exhaustion’ system adds some balance to them having stronger or more dynamic spells.


-Name, Model, and Icon suggestions are definitely welcome! I will say I generally try to keep with models that are around or under 200kb. There are already a few exceptions in the map and that's not to say I won’t make more but I like keeping the file size low and the content level high. ^^



You can reply to this thread or I would encourage player to make their own threads if they are overhauling all the skill points of a faction or of a unit type like Elites or Casters. With 3.0 a very easy system was added that allows the player to test any faction quickly and easily.



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