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Faction Swap Testing System!

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!fs = will reset your faction swap cooldown (Restore your Purity of Essence)


!tester = gives you control of the tester who has a droppable global blinking item.


!own = gives you control of the entire map and kills off most enemy (and allied) units.




Basically if you type !tester and have the tester hero blink to your ‘Faction Leader’ you can give him the Global Blink Dagger. Type !own to gain control of the entire map and the faction swap area, then you can blink from Faction Capital to Faction Capital. After each swap typing !fs will reset your faction swap cooldown (so you don’t have to wait 10 minutes to swap again).



Here is !tester giving me control of the unit. I also added an item that lists most of the test commands.







I started the game as Player 1 (red) so I delivered it to Tichondrius the dreadlords Faction Leader.










Typed !own to gain control of the entire map.




Blinked to Light Hope Chapel (off screen) and faction swap to the Argent Dawn.




Then Blinked over to the Shadow Hold and swapped into the Satyr. I was on cooldown but as soon as I typed !fs I was able to faction swap again (Normally a 10 min wait).









It’s easy and fast to swap into the different factions all over the map to help improving them and diversifying their skill set. Progress is well under way to draw up overhauls to the skill sets of the Heroes, 2 Elites, and 2 Casters of every faction.


Feel free to use this system to work up suggestions over the the Faction/Mercenary Overhaul thread!


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