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Warcraft Total War 3.0 Released!

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3.0a is now available on makemehost! A version that automatically triggers the Battle for Azeroth: Alliance vs Horde game mode is uploaded as well with the tag (AvH). The Filename is:








Download Link: http://www.makemehost.com/ShareMaps/WarcraftTW3.0a.w3x




When I spelled WarcraftTotalWar3.0a out as the filename it was too long (with and without the AvH tag) and the map wouldn’t show up in my Warcraft 3. File name format might change in the future.



-Added the Faction Swap Testing System!




-Fixed various bugs.


-Added an auto-casting Air only Ensnare (Same default Web that Melee Undead have). Applied to Siege and some Mercenaries. Siege is limited to 4 and the Ensnare has a 12 second duration and 6 second cooldown which translates to 8 units can be downed at any given time. Mercs help break that cap but they ones with Ensnare are few and far between.



Editor's Note: I have decided to remove the BETA tag as the map is very stable now and I felt the BETA tag was holding back new content. This is the last ‘Great Leap Forward’ patch (1.0, 2.0, 3.0). As much as I wanted to do a 1.0 series then a 2.0 series each of the patches have added huge waves of content.


2.0 Cataclysm themed added Uldum, Deepholm, and Vashj’ir as well as a ton of new mechanics; Elemental Lords, Mercenaries, Last Chance and 3 new game modes (that Exodus wasn’t even planned).


3.0 was going to have Pandaria and 4.0 Broken Isles but I ended up rolling both of them into 3.0 this also brought 20 new Mercenaries, 3 new game modes.



Now, I can begin with smaller patches that focus on polishing the map, making factions feel and play more unique (While still adhering to the ‘core’ that drives all factions), tuning balance, and adding new content (that's not massive new continents or trigger heavy game modes)! The game modes; Hour of Twilight, Sha Madness, Alliance vs Horde will ideally get a little bit of content each update. Faction overhauls will work there way in as I can start working on abilities over time then when they are all made I can just set about applying them to the units in one of the patch cycles. TERRAIN is also going to be a big focus (finally). Now that the continents (Cata Zones, Pandaria, and Broken Isles) are all in the map I can focus on improving terrain rather than have to make it from scratch. Kul Tiras and Zandalar will be brought in line with BfA once probably once it’s released so I will be leaving those alone for now.



When I was just releasing 2.0 and 3.0 I was hosting games and uploading Beta fixes to battle test and bug fix the waves of content and it kind of stagnated content progress on the map. Switching to a 3.0 series (ex. 3.01, 3.02, 3.02) will allow me to still tune and bug fix the map in a timely manner while working on much more time manageable content. Re-terrain a few zones, add something to each of those game modes, work on some faction/capturable mechanics overhauls, bug fixes, and release. For a while I’ll keep a copy of a release file incase a hotfix file is needed (game breaking only), but at some point (probably by 3.03) any bugs will likely be small enough as to wait to be able to wait for the next release number. I don’t wanna set anything in stone but I would say ideally every 2 weeks at the most. 3.01 is already in progress!

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