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Anduin Wrynn: King of Stormwind

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I was working on the next Beta build and I decided to sneak this in now. :)


Andin can be found in Stormwind and will age as the game goes on until he reaches 18 at which point he can succeed Varian as King of Stormwind.











His abilities are For the Alliance!(Faction Roar), Thunder Clap, Holy Nova, and Divine Hymn(Ultimate). He also has a basic Divine Shield ability.



The model is a King Llane model by Stefan.K




If an Anduin model shows up on the Hive (or anyone has a better suggestion from the current selection) expect a hotfix within 24 hours. :)



Varian can be called out of retirement if a more combative approach is needed. Similar systems will likely be used for Cairne>Baine and Abbendis>Bridget.

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Nice ill check em out later tonight. I already changed varian once based on suggestions. I might organize a google doc that lists all the models for a given character. People can then reference the document to debate which model should actually be in use.

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