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In all reality PUBG is probably the most refined, clean, and through game out of all of the current BattleRoyal type games. The main reason being its creator Brendan Greene, creator of the first battleroyal simulator back in the arma/dayz days. Hailing from Korean game studio Bluehole Entertainment, the studio responsible for games like Tera and Devilian, PUBG is an Early Access BattleRoyal simulator that runs on UnrealEngine4 an industry standard for many games; the same engine responsible for games like Paragon, Gears of War, We Happy Few, and even its current FreeToPlay competitor Fortnite.


Don't let the stellar game engine fool you however, like every EA (early access) game, there are its fair share of bugs, glitches, inconsistancies, and a terrible optimization. Bluehole however, has done in my oppinion a pretty good job at keeping the game updated and fixing bugs.


Like most Battleroyal simulators, PUBG puts you against 99 other players with one goal, be the last person standing on a 8x8KM map, while a circular zone becomes small and smaller pushing you closer to the people that are all trying for one thing, Chicken Dinner. On this 8x8 island Erangel, there are a variety of guns, vehicles, attachments, equipment, and random supply drops to help you overpower your enemies. Easy skill floor : Extremely high skill ceiling.


Offering a variety of game modes: Solo, Duo, and Squad modes both with First person and third person perspective modes, every pubg games is unique, item spawns as well as the inital plane flight path is random keeping gameplay fresh and exciting.


Pubg also caters to many different play styles, there is no correct way to play, whether you like looting and camping, running and gunning, or anywhere in between you can still win. I have even won games where i had zero kills!


Triple A game this is not, but even with all its bugs, crashes, and optimization issues, i still find myself coming back. If you are a fan of games like Dayz, H1Z1, CS:GO and Fortnite i suggest you look into buying PUBG, its only 30 dollars!

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Can’t wait to vault through a window and teleport 10km into the ocean


Solid game/10

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How much did they pay you for all that shilling? Honestly, you made cniper look like weak shit.


Also, I can't afford to buy nice things and PUBG runs like anus on anything that isn't a supercomputer, so rip my laptop.

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