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W:TW 3.0 BETA on MMH

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I have uploaded a BETA on to makemehost for public use! This can be used to host online or for single player testing.



Just type WTW3 and the map is the only thing that pops up. :)





Mechanically/gameplay wise the map is very playable. There are a few terrain projects left to do and of course play testing to smoke out any remaining bugs. Happy hunting!

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BETA1 is up on MMH! (You can still find the map just by searching 'WTW3')


-Fixed units not pausing after AvH mode selected and before the initial timer has expired.


-Properly placed Towers/Barrack/Castles at Kul Tiras, Kezan, Gilneas for AvH Mode.


-Touched up Terrain at Kul Tiras, Kezan, Gilneas


-Disabled Jaina going to Kul Tiras for the moment.


-Disabled Sha Madness (it’s development will be ongoing for a while)


-Updated the new Faction Selector Mode tooltip stating it's still in early development.


-Fixed some hotkey errors and other minor bugs.


-Moved the map from ALPHA to BETA.

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WTW3.0Beta2 has been uploaded!


Played 3 games 2 AvH and a Normie. AvH’s were hit by leavers, in the second Me and Talinn were Blood Elves/Forsaken and all 4 other Horde players left...we had to hear everyone on the Alliance roleplay the new cinematic over and over as they swarmed Undercity. In the standard me and Kirby went on to conquer the known world and Bring about the hour



-Kul Tiras (Player 1) now becomes Green while Kor’kron/Garrosh(Player 7) becomes Red.


-Fixed Blood Elves not having ships at the start or being able to build their Priest unit.


-Fixed Naxx Waygate Bug.


-Fixed Broken One tech requirement on a unit.


-Fixed AvH triggers happening in normal mode.


-Begun the process of nerfing Dragons. Dragon breeding will likely get some attention with the aim of updating the system/changing how it works.


-Found more creeps that were Neutral Passive instead of Neutral Hostile.




Still looking into.


-Last Chance Location and other bugs, pretty sure I found it but i'm tired.

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Beta 3 Now on Makemehost!


Ran into very annoying PC troubles after I got off work which wasted a bunch of time. Still got a few things fixed and uploaded the next beta.


-Fixed several Heroes that had the wrong titles.


-Added ‘Carrying Winds’ which connects Zandalar<>Vashj’ir/. Kul’Tiras<>Kezan, and Broken Isles<>Broken Shore. I forgot to disable the Kul Tiras/Kezan one for Alliance vs Horde though. That will be fixed in Beta4. Hopefully my (new...wtf) PC won’t screw around tomorrow.


-Fixed several other minor bugs.



I also uploaded a second file that will auto-activate Alliance vs Horde. It is labeled on Makemehost with the (AvH) tag. Depending on how this goes this may be a thing and can be extended to other game modes like Hour of Twilight upon request. I had the idea to have a ‘featured game mode’ in game which would auto start a different game mode than the standard but this might be less confusing and intrusive. This might be a better route and with how I set it up it's really easy to just change 4-5 things and another version can auto-enable a game mode.





A separate file means I can change the name of the player in the lobby as well. :)



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BETA4 is now on Makemehost!




2 Files have been and will be uploaded. The one with the (AvH) tag will autmatically trigger the Alliance vs. Horde mode with no voting required. In addition to properly name the factions I also changed the player races. (Thanks AngusKirby)






-Renamed Alliance vs Horde to Battle for Azeroth :)




Because this game mode is ‘static’ (no faction swapping :( ). I can actually do a lot with it that wouldn’t work with in the other game modes. Ideally, I would like it to reflect different periods of the Alliance vs Horde conflict from Warcraft 3 TFT up to the current Battle for Azeroth expansion.


-Fixed Various bugs.


-Added Kor’kron Heroes Weapons.


-Icons on Voter/Help!


-Draenei/Faction Swap Icons Icons


The Images
















I’m pretty sure I resolved all the bugs with the Last Chance swapping back into a faction. To be safe I added a waygate out of the Hero Swap Box that leads to the Medivh in Stonetalon. Ideally it will never get used but it at least it makes it impossible for heroes to get trapped there now.





Till next time!

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Wish me luck!

If you're Gilneas your in for quite a surprise between this file and the one we'll have Sunday!! Still Good Luck!

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Well the game is interesting, had problems with brain dead team mates and lost. Tomahul and Mistergod refused to communicate, Mistergod starting roleplaying and went for bosses instead of doing anything. And yeah, War_Man was afk as well for while.

Going to give it another go before I say anything.

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BETA5 and BETA5(AvH) have been uploaded to Makemehost!


-Overhauled Sylvanas and Genn Greymane. The other Gilneas/Forsaken heroes were touched up a little bit as well, but not as fancy as their leaders.


-Ragnaros going neutral passive instead of being captured.


-Faction Swaps getting stuck in the box


-Zandalari Traitors


-Blood Elf Workers


-Sneaky Blood Elf Tower


-Anveena/Mirror Image Tooltip


-Fixed several Demi Worker summons that were broken.




Beta5B was uploaded cause I screwed something up with the auto ally vs horde version.

I did manage to nerf storm bolt real quick though. :D

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New Content!


Anduin has been added as the first ‘succession’ hero (With more to come Baine, Bridget Abbendis)!



The map or at least the parts illuminated by the Alliance vs Horde mode are(is) becoming more and more bug free with each beta patch. It's time to shift the focus to giving the factions more attention. I looked over all the factions that are swapped in for the AvH mode and made immediate changes to several factions.



-Voren’thal the Seer was renamed to Grand Magister Rommath. He replaces Kael'thas in a standard game if someone goes Fel Elves. He is now auto triggered at the start of alliance vs horde as well for lore relevance.


-Antonidas is now the Faction Leader of Dalaran instead of Jaina. Jaina again replaces Mishan Waycrest in Alliance vs Horde mode! #Dismantle


-Draenei lost a silence and gained a storm bolt.


-Silence duration was reduced at level 1 is under observation.


-Kor’krons hero spells changed.


-Thrall has an innate Chain Lightning that also Mana Burns 40 damage from the target.



Other Fixes


-Fixed various Tooltip inconsistencies.


-Fixed Rexxar's stampede animation being Knights.


-Gave Crowley a Stampede that summons Worgen Knights.


-Potion of Omniscience re added to Medivh in the Oracles Cavern.


-Undercity & Gilneas have been touched up in terms of building placement and pathing.



Game Play Update


-Capturing an allies capital from the enemy will return it to the original owner in Alliance vs Horde mode only.

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Nerfed Storm Bolts?


1000 damage on 1200 health Heroes is a bit OP.

Yup that was fixed in beta 5b. Its now 200/300/400/500 damage.

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